WWE NXT – Review, Highlights and Analysis From 20/11/2014

Bayley vs. Becky Lynch w./Sasha Banks

The bullying against Baley continues. The match didn’t last long and Baley didn’t get her retribution this week, either.

Sasha Banks distracted slightly the referee, Becky Lynch grabbed the tights and got the win.

The Boss and her latest sidekick were taunting Baley over her loss when Charlotte came out and chased them off.

Backstage Charlotte said that she wasn’t going to be around next week and warned Bayley to stay away from Sasha Banks because she’s dangerous.

I can see trouble brewing from here. Bayley is going to get hurt next week. She’s going to get hurt badly and Charlotte will go on to avenge here.

The Vaudevillains vs. The Mini Lucha Dragons

It seems that the Vaudevillains had gotten too close to being takes as face so they had to do something “heelish”.

In attempt to mock the Lucha Dragons’ size, the Vaudevillains brought out a couple of short people, dressed as Sin Cara and Kalisto, and had something that should have resembled a match against them.

The bell rang, English and Gotch played around for a few seconds with the mini Lucha Dragons and then obviously squashed them like bugs.

There was nothing original or funny in this segment. It was over the top and it was obviously aiming to reduce the popularity of the Vaudevillains. The audience was cheering too much for English and Gotch so the WWE employed a really old school heel move to establish the heelishness of two old school wrestlers.

Kevin Steen Vignette

The official Kevin Steen vignette aired for the first time.

Steen said that he’d fight anyone and that he was the future. Why is everyone obsessed with claiming that they are the future these days? Rollins started it and then everyone, who shows up starts claiming they are the future. Seriously, there must be other things that wrestlers could say to sound confident and overall badass.

Kevin Steen will make his debut on 11 December 2014 at NXT Takeover: REvolution.

Baron Corbin vs. Elias Samson

These two faced off for the second time on an NXT televised show and the outcome was exactly the same.

Baron Corbin squashed Elias Samson in exactly 20seconds.


I was starting to miss Baron Corbin. I’m surprised he’s not on NXT more often. After all, his matches don’t take too long.

Bull Dempsey vs. Steve Cutler

I might have been happy to see Baron Corbin but Bull Dempsey surely wasn’t. Bull came out to the ring fuming.


He didn’t take well the fact the Baron Corbin looks more dominant at the moment. Dempsey also didn’t take well the BARON’S BETTER chants that the crowd started after he didn’t manage to beat his opponent in less than 20s.

A rivalry between two large and impressive men is on the horizon. Bull Dempsey is jealous of Baron Corbin and will definitely go after him. However, Corbin is just a different breed. Bull won’t come on top of this feud.

CJ Parker vs. Tyson Kidd

CJ Parker is another face I hadn’t seen in a while. He actually had some sort of a match. It’s an improvement since last time when Parker had one of those 20s matches against Baron Corbin.

However, Tyson Kidd still won. He used the ropes, outsmarted CJ and looked the Sharp Shooter.

After the match, Tyson issued a challenge to Fin Balor.

I can see that Tyson Kidd is going to elevate yet another young and upcoming superstar. I wonder when someone’s going to give Tyson the credit he deserves.

Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder vs. Enzo Amore & Big Cass w./Carmella

What’s the deal with all the new tag teams on NXT? There seems to be a new one each week.

There’s no way Enzo and Big Cass were about to lose to Wilder and Dawson. It’s obvious though that Big Cass does 90% of the work. Enzo usually takes a beating, tags in Cass, Big Cass clears out the ring and gives the pin to Enzo as well.  This match didn’t change the pattern.


After the match, as Enzo and Big Cass were retreating up the ramp, they got ambushed by the Ascension. Konnor and Viktor decimated them and then went to the ring and demolished Dawson and Wilder as well.


The Ascension also threatened Finn Balor and Hideo Itami.

Way to go, Finn Balor! He’s been around for two weeks and already has two different rivalries going on. Impressive.

Sami Zayn/ Adrian Neville Segment

The loss last week really got to Sami. He now asked for a rematch and announced that if he wasn’t able to beat Adrian Neville this time, he was done with NXT.

The champ said he’d gladly give his friends a second shot at the title, as long as the NXT GM was fine with it.

Regal came out and booked the match for NXT Takeover: R Evolution.

Neville tried to talk Zayn out of putting his career on the line but Sami wasn’t going to back down.

It really is the end of the road for Sami Zayn. In January, it’ll be 2 years since he joined NXT. For a man with his experience, it’s about time he gets the NXT title and moves on with his career. Expect him to end Adrian Neville’s reign in December.

What did you think of this week’s NXT? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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