WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights and Analysis From 21/11/2014

Triple H / Michael Cole Segment

So Michael Cole and Triple H discussed the magnitude of the possible Survivor Series outcomes and it took them a LONG time. Honestly, it felt like this interview dragged on for hours. They kept going on and on, and on about things we already know.

Simply put, Cole was emphasizing on the fact that everyone hates the Authority and that a potential win for Team Cena would make everyone practically ecstatic. Triple H obviously wasn’t happy about it and he decided to add something more to the stipulation on Sunday. If Team Cena loses, all of its members, except Cena will be fired.

Frist of all, it makes sense to exclude Cena because we all know Cena’s not getting fired and if any hope for suspense is to exist, Cena can’t be involved in this.  Second, I don’t think Triple H is unreasonable or evil for putting Team Cena’s careers on the line. After all, it’s only fair to do so, if Triple H’s career is in jeopardy as well.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Rusev

If there’s one guy on Team Cena the Authority really hate, it’s Ziggler. He was the sacrificial lamb once again.

It’s true that a potential loss for Rusev was teased quite a few times during the match but logically it wouldn’t make any sense to kill Rusev’s streak right the night before a pay-per-view.

It has to be noted, that Dolph was impressive against Rusev. Ziggler’s the first guy I see escaping the Accolade by simply being much faster than Rusev.

However, the Big Russian was too big for Ziggler and just overpowered him. Then a super kick finished Dolph off.

Rusev wasn’t done though. After the match he put Ziggler in the Accolade just to watch him suffer.

It’s obvious by now that Ziggler’s not going to quit. Torturing him at this point is just pure sadism by the Authority.

Kane / Cesaro Backstage

Cesaro was incredibly servile, swearing his loyalty to the Authority, although they don’t even consider him worthy of being on their team.

Kane decided to use Cesaro’s eagerness for approval by the bosses and delegated the task of facing Erick Rowan to the Swiss Superman.

Los Matadores vs. Miz & Mizdow

The Usos, Gold and Stardust were on commentary and it just made the whole situation more bizarre.

Mizdow was the center of attention, as he’s been quite often lately. At one point, he tagged in and seemed to enjoy the attention from the audience but Miz wasn’t impressed and tagged himself in, as soon as he could.

Mizdow’s stunts were crazier than ever. Miz got thrown onto the Usos, so Mizdow went on and launched himself onto Gold and Stardust with a spectacular flip. It was one of those “What the hell?!” moments.

In the end, Los Matadores won but I’m not sure even they know how they did it. Diego undoubtedly stole the win from the Miz.

There is no doubt in my mind that Miz and Mizdow will be champions this Sunday.

The Dean Ambrose Survival Kit

The Dean Ambrose survival kit turned out to be Dean Ambrose himself – his own body, turned into a weapon for survival. It was a story based on Dean’s childhood. Bray Wyatt counter an amazing promo with a chilling mind game that easily made me uncomfortable.

The Lunatic Fringe claimed to have become the hunter, turning Bray into the pray. However, it seemed like the Eater of Worlds got much deeper under Ambrose’s skin than Dean was willing to admit. I still believe that Bray Wyatt might have found Ambrose’s weak spot. Check out my article on their feud, if you want to know why.

AJ vs. Brie Bella

AJ, dressed as Nikki, faced Brie. The champ made fun of Nikki’s fake breasts and did a great job of acting as slutty as Nikki.

Brie missed a missile drop kick in the end and from there AJ quickly picked up the momentum and won.

Nikki was frustrated and took it out on Brie.

I don’t really get how dressing up as Nikki helped AJ. Nikki made Brie dress up as AJ, so that Nikki could make it look as if she’s beating AJ. However AJ, winning a match, dressed as Nikki doesn’t make any sense to me.

Erick Rowan vs. Cesaro

We are used to seeing the Swiss Superman having the upper hand when it comes to sheer strength. However, this wasn’t the case against Rowan.

Rowan tossed Cesaro around and overall manhandled him. Cesaro had to resort to tactics, reserved for the smaller, weaker opponent, such as the Sleeper Hold.

In the end of the day, Rowan won as expected. He used a torture rack submission move as his finisher. I don’t think it has a name yet.

After the match Luke Harper came to the ring, walked around, climbed up and down the steps and basically teased Erick Rowan but a physical altercation didn’t take place.

I’m really curious to know why Harper and Rowan are feuding. It will be difficult to find out, though, because both of them don’t seem to speak a lot. Crazed stare downs won’t give us the reasons why form a cohesive unit they suddenly turned on each other.

Team Cena with Renee Young

Renee questioned Cena’s teammates about their possible firing. Neither of them wanted to quit. It’s true that all of them have gone too far to turn back.

Dolph’s answer was the most influential one. Ziggler just knows how to make the audience feel his pain. He made it so that losing the title felt like something has been ripped away not only from him, but from the fans, as well.

Erick Rowan’s comment was “Freedom” and his teammates echoed the word, putting their fists together Shield style.

Kane & Seth Rollins vs. Ryback & Big Show

The Authority was at ringside and it was more than clear that this match wasn’t going to end clean.

Big Show absorbed punishment for some time. Ryback tagged in and got his momentum going but the rest of Team Authority ganged up on the Big Show on the outside, causing a DQ.

Then all hell broke loose. Dolph Ziggler and Erick Rowan stormed out to the ring to try and even the odds. However, the Authority had double the manpower so Team Cena got decimated in the ring.

Triple H lost it completely and gave a beating with a steel chair to each and every one of them. He focused the most on Ryback. This could potentially be setting up for a Ryback vs. The Game feud. After all, Triple H will need something to do once he’s not in power any more.

If I was a Team Cena member, I’d be pissed off. Not by the Authority, not by getting beat up, but by Cena. He got them all into this and he’s nowhere to be found when it gets tough. He’s always conveniently missing when the Authority launches an attack.

What did you think of the last SmackDown before Survivor Series? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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