WWE Survivor Series – Review, Photos and Analysis From 23/11/2014

Kick Off

Fandango vs. Justin Gabriel

Fandango debuted with a new look, a new dance partner and a new theme. Two out of those three were a good idea. I’m not so sure about the new theme though. Fandango’s old entrance was catchy and the crowed engaged with it.


Apart from that Fandango looks more badass, fitter and more dominant. I can see the WWE has decided to give him another chance. The guy is really invested in his gimmick so I’m all up for it.


Ah yes, Justin Gabriel got pinned in a very dramatic way. The cover position was almost cinematic, as if Fandango was dancing with him.

Miz & Mizdow

Miz was sucking up to himself, while looking through an empty frame on the other side of which stood Mizdow. Do you need to hear more?

Bad News Barrett

BNB is back and he had some bad news for the Authority. We learned two things from that – the crowd still responds to Barrett well and also he’ll be face once he’s back.


Bad News mentioned something about the era of BNB coming after the Authority’s gone but that might have been just thrown in like that. We’ll see. But a BNB RAW GM would be fun.

Cesaro vs. Swagger

The match was really short and I was surprised to see Swagger win. Cesaro had just aligned himself with the Authority and I’m sure he’s had more momentum than Swagger if you could say that either of them had any momentum to begin with.


Regardless, this win means nothing at this point. The WWE just filled in the last few minutes before the main show.

Survivor Series

Vince/ Triple H / Stephanie/ John Cena Segment

Vince came out and while Trips and Steph were sucking up to him, he decided to call out Cena and let him know that if the Authority loses, Cena would be the only one who could bring them back to power.


This segment made me wonder if I’m not watching RAW by any chance. Talking segments like this one should not be happening during pay-per-views. Pay-per –views are events created to show the culmination and the conclusion of a storyline. They are not meant for build-ups.

Los Matadores vs. The Usos vs. Gold & Stardust vs. Miz & Mizdow

Having four teams in this didn’t really help the match. The Usos were the most exciting team out there but as expected the crowd still wanted MIZDOW  and MIZDOW only.

There were a couple of chaotic moments. Each team ,expect Miz’, had a high-flying moment but in the end ,as I predicted, Miz and Mzidow picked up the win.


The way they did it was funny though. Miz was just about to go for the cover when Mizdow tagged himself in and pinned Goldust for the win. I laughed out loud when I saw Miz’ face of disbelief.


During the celebration, Miz held both titles, leaving Mizdow empty handed. Mizdow won’t be happy. This reign may not last long but it will give the rebirth of Mizdow. `

The Bunny / Adam Rose / Slater Gator

Adam Rose and the Bunny were playing with some WWE merchandise while Rose was telling the Bunny to know his place. Heath Slater and Titus O’Neil showed up and made fun of Rose for being outshined by a bunny. Rose wasn’t happy and demanded a match, which Slater Gator accepted.

The funny bit in this segment was that while Adam Rose talking about being God and the Exotic Express having to worship him, Titus remarked that Rose must be spending loads of time with Jesus or Kanye West. That was a good one, I admit.

Divas Elimination Match

This match was marked by WE WANT MIZDOW and RANDY SAVAGE chants. You can picture the quality of the action in the ring by that.


Probably the one thing I got wrong in my predicitons about this match was who was going to be eliminated first. I expected Summer or Emma but got Cameron. I guess I completely forgot about her existence while I was taking my picks.

  1. Naomi eliminated Cameron

Summer tagged in after that. I’m always impressed by how animated she is in the ring. Summer is almost cartoonish when you think about it.

Alicia Fox was on a roll. At one point she took out all three remaining members of the opposite team on her own.


  1. Alicia Fox eliminated Layla

Summer did her best to hang in there but the one time she rolled outside to take a breather, Paige threw her right back in the ring. I was confused about Paige’s motives, having in mind that Summer was her last remaining teammate.

  1. Emma eliminated Summer

Paige wanted to just walk away but she got dragged into fighting. She didn’t have to stay long though.

  1. Naomi eliminated Paige

I thought that there wouldn’t be a sole survivor for Natalya’s team but I didn’t expect a clean sweep. That was a bit of an overkill.


Tyson Kidd was the most entertaining person there. Through the match you could catch a glimpse of him checking his phone with his massive headphones on. I’m surprised he even found out that the match ended. And when Tyson jumped in front of Natalya on the ropes while she was celebrating to steal her spotlight I was in stitches.

SUR14_Photo_123-3195926877This gimmick is so ridiculously obnoxious that I can’t help but love it.

Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt

I was slightly bored with an unimpressive first half of Survivor Series but this match woke me up.

I think it was JBL, who called it, but those two weren’t trying to block or reverse anything, they were just taking punishment full on and charging straight back.


Dean Ambrose was doing suspiciously well throughout the match. He was dominating way too obviously. The Lunatic Fringe mocked everything that Bray usually does from his signature hanging from the ropes head down to his kiss before a strike.


At one point, Bray got some momentum going after a mean-looking clothesline to Ambrose on the outside and after planting The Lunatic Fringe, spine first on the steel steps. Ambrose still kicked out. Wyatt looked distressed,as if about to cry, and called for a microphone.


Bray asked Dean why he refused to team up with him. The Eater of Worlds wanted to be one with Ambrose and apologized for having to do what he was about to do.

Wyatt brought chairs in the ring. Ambrose got his hands on one. The ref threatened to disqualify him. Bray asked to be punished and Ambrose was happy to oblige. Dean’s love for chairs got him DQed.


After the match Ambrose brought in more chairs, drove Bray through a table and then piled up more chairs and another table on him. In the end the Lunatic Fringe brought in the biggest ladder he could find and climbed on top of it to stare down his fallen opponent.


The only disappointing thing about this match was the fact that Ambrose didn’t jump off that ladder. It would have been the cherry on the cake.  I guess, the Lunatic Fringe is saving that for TLC.


I just wonder what brining the monster out of Dean Ambrose gives Bray Wyatt. I want to know where this story is going.

Team Authority

Triple H gave his last speech before the battle. A win would mean more titles, more money and more fame but a loss would mean persecution, losing what they have and never winning anything ever again.

I think his team got fairly motivated out of that talk.

Adam Rose & The Bunny vs. Slater Gator

Adam Rose was getting his ass kicked in the ring so he had to tag in the Bunny. The Bunny was on a roll, he took out everybody and although Rose was sticking his hand out for a tag, the Bunny ignored him and pinned Heath Slater.

The Bunny not only refuse to give Rose the win, but he also did the trust fall and got carried out by the Exotic Express, leaving Rose hanging in disbelief.


The Bunny’s gotten too bold. This will escalate soon.

By the way, the commentators finally acknowledged the resemblance between this storyline and the Mzi vs Mizdow animosity. It was about time, I’ve been talking about it for weeks!

Roman Reigns Interview

This was one more of Roman’s satellite interviews. For some reason it looked as if he had borrowed Dean Ambrose’s leather jacket for this segment.


In the beginning Roman tried to play it cool and badass and as we know, it’s not something that comes naturally to him. However, when he was asked about Seth Rollins, he got serious. That part of his interview felt sincere. The Shield still does wonders for all three of its former members.

Team Cena

In another locker room Team Cena was prepping for their match. Dolph was hyping up his teammates when Cena walked in.

Cena didn’t know what to say and just stood there looking guilty. Ziggler gave a passionate speech that made everyone want to go to war. Honestly, this should have been Team Ziggler, no Team Cena!

Nikki Bella vs. AJ Lee

The bell had barely rung when Brie climbed on the apron with AJ’s title in hand. AJ got distracted; Brie grabbed her and kissed her on the lips.


Nikki used the distraction, hit the Rack Attack and won.

The commentators noted that this is the way Daniel Bryan lost his title because of AJ. This might have to do something with Brie’s eager involvement in the match. Also, Brie was more than satisfied to see Nikki win and celebrated with her.


The Bellas are meant to be heels and nothing can change that.

Team Cena vs. Team Authority

The match literally opened with an elimination. Big Show walked in an KOed Mark Henry right off the bell.


  1. The Big Show eliminated Mark Henry

Ryback got in the ring and no one could stand up to him. He cleared all members of Team Authority except Rusev.

The two men stared each other down, exchanged some blows and The Big Guy was about to deliver a Shell Shock to Rusev when Kane attacked him.

In the chaos that followed, Seth Rollins curb-stomed the Big Guy behind the referee’s back and led to the second elimination.

  1. Rusev eliminated Ryback

I was surprised that Ryback was the first member to be eliminated form Team Cena, knowing how long it took them to get him to join the team.  Ryback will probably go on to challenge Rusev for the US Title.

Dolph Ziggler, as the leading man on Team Cena, took matters into his own hands. He almost took Rusev out but Rusev’s streak was saved once again, this time by Luke Harper.

The action moved outside of the ring. Dolph got tossed on practcalyl everybody. Rusev, under the direction of Triple H, cleared both announce tables, put Ziggler on one and then, screaming Lana’s name, he launched himself across the announce table on Ziggler. Dolph, however, moved away and Rusev crashed badly.


  1. Rusev gets counted out

Oh, well, at least Rusev’ streak lived to see another day.

Seth Rollins delivered a curb stomp to Cena but Kane was the legal man and was totally out so he couldn’t capitalize. Then Erick Rowan and Luke Harper faced off but Seth Rollins was on a roll with his curb stomps so he delivered one to Rowan as well.

  1. Luke Harper eliminated Erick Rowan

At this point, Dolph was still out cold outside the ring, Cena was down on his knees and Big Show was the last man standing. So Big Show looked around and KOed Cena.

  1. Seth Rollins eliminated John Cena


Cena couldn’t have lost clean but he was totally useless as a captain and in the match, so this was a good way to get rid of him without jeopardizing his superhuman status.  Also, Rollins and Cena’s underlying feud got another strike on the chart for Mr. Money in the Bank.

Big Show then shook hands with Triple H and left.

  1. The Big Show eliminated himself by walking out

And there he was, the last man standing – Dolph Ziggler. I told you this team should have been called Team Ziggler!

Dolph got manhandled badly by the whole Team Authority and on top of that got mocked by Seth Rollins.


However, Dolph found himself on the top rope against Kane, launched himself on his opponent, then did a super kick + Zig Zag combo and knocked Kane out.

  1. Dolph Ziggler eliminated Kane

Luke Harper went after Ziggler and threw his arsenal in. A superkick and a power bomb couldn’t fnish Ziggler off. Quite the opposite:

  1. Dolph Ziggler eliminated Luke Harper

If it was Cena instead of Ziggler, the audience would have bored to death,booing, thinking “same old, same old” but in this case, they were all on their feet screaming for Ziggler.

Dolph Ziggler vs Seth Rollins. These are two men I was happy to see standing as the lone survivors of their teams against each other. They are both bright, young, talented and simply put they are the future!

It was epic. A Zig Zag,a roll and a Famouser couldn’t take out Rollins but Ziggler was too close to winning. Triple H sent Mercury and Noble in. They distracted Rollins more than they helped him so he got hit by another Zig Zag.

This time Triple H KOed the ref so Rollins wouldn’t lose.


Then Mercury and Noble were tasked with taking out Ziggler again. He fought the off and they accidently pushed Stephanie, who fell on Triple H.

Seth Rollins missed a curb stomp, Ziggler hit a ZIg ZAg once again but there was no referee. Once a ref was out, Triple H attacked him as well.  Then the Game started beating Ziggler on his own. Finishing up by a pedigree.


Triple H rolled Ziggler on his back, dragged Rollins on top of him and called out Scott Armostrong. While the Authority’s favourite official was counting, Sting’s music hit and the count was broken.

Sting came out, knocked down the ref and then had a long stare down with Triple H. The Game threw the first punch and missed. Sting took him down spectacularly.


Then he rolled Rollins on his back and put Ziggler on top of him. A ref came out and counted to three, giving Ziggler the win.


The show closed with Stephanie throwing a temper tantrum and screaming IT’S NOT OVER while the crowd was chanting YOU GOT FIRED.


Boo me if you want but I didn’t like this ending. I was so excited about Ziggler and Rollins, two young stars, representing the future, finishing this up. In the end, an old relic of a star had to come out and decide the ending. I get Sting is a big deal and I don’t have anything against him but I think Ziggler and Rollins should have been left to fight it out. This moment should have belonged to them.

Did you like the outcome of Survivor Series? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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