WWE RAW – Review, Highlights and Analysis From 24/11/2014

The Authority / Daniel Bryan

Stephanie moaned and complained about losing. She claimed it was all Sting’s fault. However, we didn’t get any explanation as to why Sting did what he did; was his appearance a one off thing or something more permanent; nothing at all.

HHH tried to convince the crowd that without the Authority the WWE was soon to meet its demise. Then Daniel Bryan appeared and the fans went crazy. It was a satisfying feeling to have Daniel Bryan see off the Authority.

With the Beard in power, Team Authority got punished. Seth Rollins was to have a 3 on 2 match against Cena and Ziggler. Rollins’ opponents were to be chosen by the WWE Universe but the clear outcome was Mercury and Noble aka J&J Security. The one thing to note here is that Rollins was right – he still is Mr. MITB.

Kane was demoted from Corporate Kane to Concessions Kane and was sent out to sell popcorn and hotdogs. This is not really fair to Kane. It pains me to see his legacy ruined by storylines like this one.

Rusev was given the choice to either face the entire locker room in a company-wide battler royal for the US title or to pledge allegiance to the USA under the American flag.

Luke Harper was told that he’ll defend his title against Dean Ambrose. This feels odd. It’s slightly out of the blue and I don’t see the Lunatic fringe winning the title just like that.

Mark Henry was set to face Ryback as a favour to the Big Guy, who wanted to put his hands on the World’s Strongest Man.

Mark Henry vs. Ryback

The Big Guy attacked Mark Henry before the match even began, so the match itself didn’t last even 2 minutes. Ryback hit a Meathook Clothesline and won.


That wasn’t much of a fight and really didn’t accomplish anything. I’m not surprised that Henry isn’t getting a good storyline out of Survivor Series but I expected to have more direction for Ryback.

Triple H/ Stephanie / Vince

WWE’s power couple met Vicne in the parking lot. He was disappointed in them and told them off. He was especially angered by the fact that Stephanie was saying she was sorry. Mr. McMahon is ruthless.

However, Vince said something else that caught my attention. He told his daughter and son-in-law that they had to somehow find a way to fix things. Persuading Cena to give power back to the Authority will be difficult. I’m curious to see how it will happen but I know it will.

Luke Harper vs. Dean Ambrose

When these two competitors faced-off back in the indies, it was considered one of the greatest rivalries and the fans loved every single bit of their insanity-filled matches. However, the crows in RAW didn’t seem to appreciate it.

Ambrose’s usual style is very much grounded. He picks apart his opponents bit by bit methodically. However, the WWE Universe has grown accustomed to big flashy moves and slow torture doesn’t fit their expectations. It’s a shame but I even heard BORING chants at one point. The attention span of the fans has dropped. They expect everything to happen right now and always in the fast lane.


Realistically, the match was really good. Both competitors had their moments to shine. In the end, however, Luke Harper felt pushed into a corner and wanted to leave. Ambrose launched himself through the ropes to stop him. Back in the ring, Harper pushed Ambrose on the referee. So the ref decided to end the match. We never found out if he DQed Ambrose or Harper.


Regardless, after the match, Ambrose delivered the Dirty Deeds on a char. The audience asked for tables. The Lunatic Fringe brought in a table and a ladder. He was still fiddling with stuff under the ring when Bray Wyatt attacked him from behind.


The Eater of Worlds hit Sister Abigail and then tossed Ambrose over the announce table. Then Bray piled up chairs on top of Ambrose. I think this is the first time I hear the fans properly booing Bray Wyatt.


The feud between Ambrose and Wyatt is meant for TLC. Actually Ambrose himself is born to do TLC. This pay-per-view will give the Lunatic Fringe the stage he needs to unleash his insanity. Bray Wyatt will facilitate and amplify his madness.

Jingle All the Way 2

Santino and Larry the Cable Guy were out to promote their cheap comedy. I wonder how these things get signed up for sequels. I was glad to see Gold and Stardust scare off these two goofs and get them off my screen.

Gold & Stardust vs. Miz & Mizdow

Miz is still carrying both titles and Mizdow has two fake titles, which Cole called “the stunt titles”. I feel a bit sad for Mizdow. I hope he gets the opportunity to hold the actual gold backstage.


Miz started the match and the crowd chanted for Mizdow as usual. Not long after that, Miz got hurt and had to tag in his stunt double.


So Mizdow carried on the match all alone while the Miz was getting checked out by a doctor on the outside. The Money Maker was hit and the Miz was concerned about his nose. Meanwhile, in the ring, Mizdow was keeping it up against Gold and Stardust in what had become a 2 on 1 handicap.


In the end, the Miz flew in, stole the pin and won the match on the back of Mizdow’s suffering and skills.


Life isn’t fair but the Miz is absolutely crossing the line. The love for Mzidow will grow more and more. At least now we see Mizdow wrestle, which is good.

Kane Backstage

Kane was shown looking miserable on a concessions stand. A tiny bossy woman came up to him saying she’s his manager and told him off badly.

I (and probably Kane as well) could only think one thing – this bi*tch is gonna get it when Kane puts the suit back on. I’m not a fan of the Authority and I would have slapped her. If my manager acted like that I’d have quit ages ago.

Rusev/ Lana/ Sgt Slaughter/ Jack Swagger

Rusev didn’t want to make a choice and he refused to be “brainwashed”. He wanted to leave but Daniel Bryan popped up on the screen, reminding Rusev that the choice was still the same – a company-wide battler royal US title match or pledge of allegiance to America.


Sgt. Slaughter came out to make Lana recite the pledge. She was struggling so Rusev told that she didn’t have to say it and pushed the microphone away.

The the Bulgarian Brute threatened to beat up Sgt. Major. Jack Swagger came out and chased Rusev away.


In the end of the day, Rusev didn’t have to do either of the things that Daniel Bryan said. This was a pointless exercise but it shows how important Rusev is to the WWE. They are pushing him hard.

Kane/ Santino/ Larry the Cable Guy

This segment was supposed to be funny. Kane had to serve Larry and Santino but ended up squirting mmustard over Santino’s head instead. Cheap.

Fandango vs. Justin Gabriel

The new version of Fandango is much more seductive and erotic. Rosa Mendez plays a huge part in it. She brings up Fandango’s credibility with the way she worships him.


The audience had a mixed reaction. Some were singing Fandango’s old theme at the start of the match. But by the end, some started chanting CM PUNK. It was disrespectful. Give the man a chance, it’s his debut!


Fandango won with his impressive leg drop from the top rope and the majestic dance position cover he does now.


I miss the old theme of Fandango but I like this new, heavier persona of his. I’m still unsure whether he’s heel or face. His opponent is heel but it doesn’t necessarily mean that Fandango would be face. I want him to succeed though. He’s really invested in what he does and I respect him for it.

Big Show/ Erick Rowan

The Big Show came out to give a whiny apology and ask the fans for forgiveness. The crowd responded with YOU SOLD OUT chants so the Big Show got angry. He said that the fans had no right to judge him and that if anyone backstage wanted to say something in his face, they were welcome to come to the ring.


Erick Rowan accepted Big Show’s invitation. Big Show made fun of him, mocked him and told him to leave. However, Rowan didn’t leave. He said that he didn’t like bullies and attacked the Big Show.

I’m surprised that Erick Rowan got paired up with the Big Show. I thought that it was only natural for Rowan and Harper to clear out the issues that arose during Survivor Series. However, the WWE have some other plans. Probably, they are leaving Rowan vs. Harper for later.


On a side note, Big Show calling Erick Rowan a “reverse Sheamus” was funny.  I can’t believe he was actually allowed to say that on TV.

Seth Rollins/ J&J Security / Dolph Ziggler

Mercury and Noble were trying to convince Rollins that the three of them would make Shield 2.0. Ziggler came to tell them that he asked his 1.4mil Twitter followers to vote for them. Mercury and Noble were happy. Rollins – not so much.

Brie vs. AJ

Before the match, AJ told Brie that she was a “bigger skank” than her sister.

The match itself wasn’t long. Nikki got a cheap shot in and Brie won off the distraction.


After the match, AJ told the Bellas that “talent is not sexually transmitted”. That must have hurt.


The issue is that we didn’t hear anything from Brie. Why is she all of a sudden helping Nikki? This is a strange twist. Also, how should I take the fact that Daniel Bryan’s in charge but he doesn’t do anything about his wife’s cheating?

Adam Rose & The Bunny vs. Tyson Kidd & Natalya

This was simply horrible. If I wasn’t writing these reviews, I’d have probably skipped the match altogether.

The Bunny spent his time being obnoxious and shaking his ass/front towards Larry the Cable Guy, who was at the announce table with Santino.


Natalya tagged in only once and it was to check up on the Bunny. I can already see Natty falling for the Bunny and divorcing Tyson for him. This storyline is going terribly wrong.


Adam Rose got screwed over again. The Bunny held his leg so Tyson won.


Even I’m starting to get annoyed with the Bunny. I don’t like Rose either but this rabbit is obnoxious and it plays on my nerves.

Ryback/ Kane

Ryback was hungry so he ordered food from Kane. This ended with a food fight at the stand.

Sigh. Am I really supposed to find this funny?

New Day

Xavier Woods, Big E and Kofi Kingston finally had a vignette together. They are debuting next Monday on RAW.

Dolph Ziggler & John Cena vs. Seth Rollins & J&J Security

As expected, Mercury and Noble were Rollins’ partners. Poor Seth had his hand sfull trying to coach those two.

It was terrible in the beginning. Mercury and Noble just took each other out. However, Seth regrouped them and believe it or not, those two were dominating Cena at some point. This comes to show how great of a strategist Rollins is.

Noble got so cocky that he actually taunted Cena while beating Ziggler. This cost him though. The match went downhill for “Shield 2.0” from that moment onward.

Rollins interfered, trying to save it for his team but ended up between Cena and Ziggler. Mercury and Noble came to the rescue. Seth ran away, while J&J Security got hit by an AA and a ZigZag and lost the match.

Daniel Bryan caught Rollins on the ramp and threw him back in the ring where he received a superkick from Ziggler and an AA from Cena.

While DB, Cena and Dolph were celebrating, the Anonymous GM returned. In his latest email, obviously read by Cole, the Anonymous GM will be back next Monday,

I guess we can expect Teddy Long, John Laurinaitis and Brad Maddox to have a night too. I’m starting to miss the Authority already. When there’s no evil to fight against, the good guys will have no purpose. There’s no story where good rules.

What did you think of last night’s RAW? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!



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