WWE Main Event – Review, Highlights and Analysis From 25/11/2014

Miz & Mizdow vs. Los Matadores

Before the match started, Miz graced the audience with one of his speeches. But before he could even open his mouth, the crowd started chanting WE WANT MIZDOW.


The A-lister tried to paint himself as an underdog and then gave credit and respect to his most valuable partner – the Money Maker. Mizdow looked disappointed.

The match made me think of how dysfunctional Miz & Mizdow’s team is. They rarely ever work as a team. The Miz wants to do everything by himself because he doesn’t want his stunt double to get any attention. When Mizdow’s in the ring, the Miz isn’t there to help him. The only team work those two produce is when Mizdow is trying to aid the Miz. It actually is surprising that they managed to get the titles with such a one-sided strategy.


When Mizdow finally tagged in, the audience erupted. The stunt double was feeding on their reaction, got his momentum going and hit the Skull Crushing Finale. Miz, however, tagged himself in and stole the pin.


During the post-match celebration, Miz tossed away the stunt titles so disparagingly that I almost pictured Mizdow being Cinderella – exploited, bossed around and underappreciated by someone less competent.

Fandango & Rosa Mendez

Fandango was supposed to have an interview with Renee but he and Rosa were all over each other. It’s as if they don’t see anything and anyone apart from each other.

This is disturbingly passionate but somewhat romantic in a dramatic way.

Fandango vs. Adam Rose

Adam Rose was in a bad mood. He was absolutely frustrated and went after Fandango aggressively.

However, Fandango felt much more dangerous. At one point, he caught Rose and slammed his back on the apron. It looked painful.

Meanwhile, the Bunny was creeping on Rosa but she, unlike Natalya, had absolutely no interest whatsoever.

Fandango had to work for it more this time but still won the match.

I like this new Fandango, mainly because he doesn’t care about anybody outside his and Rosa’s world. It’s poetic. If given the right push, it could be a successful gimmick.

Natalya / Tyson Kidd/ Summer Rae/ Layla

Natalya and her husband were discussing spending Thanksgiving with the cats when Summer and Layla came to bully Natty. They basically told her that she nags Tyson too much and he laughed, which didn’t impress his wife.

Then Michelle…I mean Summer, and Layla threw a cake in Natty’s face.  No, seriously, this combo between Layla and Summer Rae is straight up LayCool 2.0.

Natalya vs. Layla

Natty had her revenge match but the fans were mainly occupied with Tyson Kidd. They kept chanting NATTY’S HUSBAND to him and he just put his headphones on.

To be fair to Tyson, though, when Layla waved flirtatiously at him, he shook his finger to say “No”. He isn’t that bad.

In the end of a forgettable match, Layla missed with a crossbody, which led to Natalya locking in the Sharp Shooter and getting the win.

As entertaining as the “Natty’s husband” gimmick may be, I don’t see Tyson getting an opportunity for a title any time soon and it’s a shame. The guy is actually great in the  ring.

Dean Ambrose vs. Kane

It was an entertaining match but it wasn’t the most exciting fight we’ve seen because it had no meaning. Kane’s not a threat, since the Authority’s not in power any more. Ambrose has a feud with Bray Wyatt, who has no connection to Kane. This match doesn’t further Ambrose and Wyatt’s rivalry in any way.

But as I said, the match was fun to watch. Kane, as a veteran, was making it difficult for Ambrose. It took the Lunatic Fringe three attempts to finally manage to get in one of those clotheslines from the ropes.

In the end, Ambrose slid underneath Kane’s legs. Kane hit his face in the corner and Ambrsoe rolled him quickly for the win.

There was no interference from Wyatt and no promo from Ambrose in response to Wyatt’s attack on RAW. It was a bit disappointing. Again, not the match itself, but the lack of storyline development.

What did you think of this week’s Main Event? Share your thoughts in th comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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