WWE NXT – Review, Highlights and Analysis From 27/11/2014

Tyler Breeze vs. Marcus Luis

I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of this pairing before! It’s just so perfect! Prince Pretty vs. “The Uggo of All Uggos” (only Tyler Breeze could come up with something like this). Seriously, that’s some headline material right there!

Tyler Breeze did all in his power to embarrass and humiliate Marcus Luis. Anything from name-calling, through public shaming to telling the guy that no one will love him, ever.  And somehow Sasha Banks comes off as the biggest bully on NXT! I guess all is allowed when you’re Prince Pretty.


The whole match consisted of one surprise Beauty Shot and a win for the Gorgeous One.


After the match Marcus Luis lost it once again and retreated screaming. I hope this gimmick gets the time it deserves. Marcus is so into it that it’s disturbing.

Tyler Breeze is gold when it comes to delivering creative insults. And by the way, he just seconded my LOTR reference. Now I feel less geeky.

Carmella vs. Blue Pants

Carmella had a rematch against the jobber known as All Blue Pants. Much like the previous fight of the night, the “face-off” had one move in it and it was Carmella’s finisher.


It’s a fact that the crowd kept chanting BLUE PANTS. When the jobber you face is more over than you, you have an issue.

I don’t buy into Carmella. All she’s dellivered by now is one move and Enzo’s mic skills.

Finn Balor Backstage

Balor was asked to comment on his match against Tyson Kidd. When the idea of getting “excellently executed” by Kidd got mentioned, Balor just laughed. That’s pretty much the essence of his attitude towards the match.

The Lucha Dragons vs. Tye Dillinger & Jason Jordan

Dillinger and Jordan’s performance was an example of how not to wrestle in a tag team. They had miscommunication issues and it cost them the match.

Kalsito and Sin Cara, on the other hand, showed us why they are the NXT Tag Team Champions. Both of them are such smooth workers in the ring. It’s a shame that the WWE is not a good ground for growing as a luchadore. Style diversity is very limited once you enter the main roster.


Bear in mind that if Kalisto doesn’t make it in the WWE, he’ll always have a place on Lucha Underground.

Bayley Segement

Bayley wanted to address the NXT audience, regarding her issues with Sasha Banks. The promo was a generic anti-bullying speech, finishing by “all bullies are cowards”.

This triggered a response from the Boss. She and Becky Lynch came to the ring and attacked Bayley. Since Charlotte wasn’t there to protect her, Bayley took a beating and had to get checked by the doctors.

Sasha Banks seems to be unable to progress with this bully gimmick. The only thing that changes is her sidekicks.

Tyson Kidd / Natalya Backstage

Tyson and his wife gave another one of their dysfunctional interviews. Natty began by answering a question for her husband.

Tyson elaborated on his own excellence and blamed Justin Gabriel for their loss last week. Then Tyson left because he had to “Face Time with the cats”. This gimmick never ceases to amuse me.

The Vaudevillains Silent Movie

A promo, done in the form of a silent movie. That’s a first.

The Vaudevillains were the heroes in the film and faced their evil enemies – the Lucha Dragons. The whole production had an old-school Looney Tunes feel to it with all the TNT traps.

The Vaudevillains are certainly something new.

Finn Balor vs. Tyson Kidd

Here we go – the only worthy match of the night. That’s a bit disappointing, knowing that we’re talking about NXT here.

The match started slow and technical. Tyson Kidd was his usual brilliant heel self. The moment Balor started gaining momentum, Kidd took a breather and hid behind Natalya.

The second time Finn Balor accumulated some energy and quickened the pace, Tyson upped his game as well and the match got red hot. The audience started chanting THIS IS AWESOME.

However, the match didn’t have a clear winner because the Ascension ran interference. They attacked Finn Balor 2 on 1 but Hideo Itami wasn’t late to even the odds.

The show ended in chaos. Referees weren’t enough to pull those four apart, so other people spilled to the ring in attempt to calm things down.

I like the fierceness of the rivalry between the Ascension and Itami & Balor. The intensity is thick in the air every time they get in the same ring.

What did you think of this week’s NXT? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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