WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights and Analysis From 28/11/2014

Miz TV

This Miz TV was more boring than the usual, mostly because it was totally uneventful.

Big Show was the guest and as you can imagine he took the opportunity to moan on and on about people misunderstanding him and being unfairly judged. Frankly, nobody cares. Big Show betraying Team Cena wasn’t a shok, although it wasn’t expected either. It just felt apathetic and Big Show’s excuses are of even less interest than that.

Luckily, Daniel Bryan interrupted Big Show’s tirade. Bryan made two title matches – one for the US title – 20- men battle royal and one for the IC Title – Luke Harper vs. Dolph Ziggler.

The Miz and Big Show didn’t have much time to complain about being interrupted because the Battle Royal was just about to start and they were going to participate in it.

I want to say – props to Rusev. He might be a heel but he’s not a coward. He could have taken the easy way out, took the embarrassment and kept his title. He was willing to put all on the line to protect his pride and his beliefs, regardless of how inappropriate they might be. I respect a man of pride, honour and dignity.

20 Men Battle Royal

At the beginning of the match Big Show was the obvious central player. At first he was awkwardly rubbing his behind in Los Matdores, who were both stuck behind him in a corner. After that one, Big Show started the eliminations

  1. Big Show eliminated Justin Gabriel
  2. Big Show eliminated Sin Cara

And then the eliminations just kept coming fast:

  1. Erick Rowan eliminated Heath Slater

Slater looked so clumsy when he fell out that it almost looked like a botch. Then Cesaro just slapped Curtis Axel out of the ring.

  1. Cesaro eliminated Axel
  2. Los Matadores eliminated Adam Rose

Even without the Bunny to screw with his matches, Rose still lost ingloriously. However, Los Matadores didn’t get to celebrate their win for long.

  1. &  7 Big Show eliminated both members of Los Matadores simultaneously

Erick Rowan and the Big Show had a little face off in the middle of the ring, while everyone else was down. It ended in favour of Rowan.

    8. Erick Rowan eliminated the Big Show

Almost immediately after that, Rowan was eliminated as well

     9. Rusev eliminated Erick Rowan

    10. Goldust eliminated the Miz

    11. Mizdow eliminated himself

That last one was ridiculous, honestly. After seeing Miz getting thrown out, Mizdow grabbed his own neck and threw himself outside. This guy is devoted to the point of retardedness.

12 & 13. Swagger eliminated Gold and Stardust

     14. Titus eliminated Jimmy Uso

     15. Jay Uso eliminated Titus

     16. Tyson Kidd eliminated Jay

With this beautiful elimination from Tyson Kidd, the last four men in the match were Rusev, Cesaro, Tyson Kidd and Jack Swagger.

The crowd was firmly behind Swagger, who was the only face left and who, as a Real American, would perfectly fit in the US Champion role. However, I found myself rooting for Kidd. He always gives the best performance in title matches but never seems to get the win. I want to see Tyson a champion sometime soon.

Cesaro and Swagger kept going after each other fiercely every time they had an opportunity to. I guess, old rivalries are not so easily forgotten.

It killed my dream for the night but after a quick exchange

  1. Jack Swagger eliminated Tyson Kidd


  1. Jack Swagger eliminated Cesaro

 But before Swagger knew what was going on he got hit with a super kick.

  1. Rusev eliminated Swagger

And so Rusev retained the US title against all odds.

I’m impressed with Rusev. The WWE have given him the ball and he’s running with it! He’s a strong heel and that’s what I like to see. Coward heels that run away all the time are not my thing.

Kane Backstage

We saw another short video of Santino trying to buy things from Concessions Kane unsuccessfully.

Again: Santino is NOT funny.

Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt addressed Dean Ambrose once again. He said that when Dean climbed that ladder at Survivor Series he looked almost like an angel but men like both of them were destined to go to hell.

Bray said that the pain he felt was euphoric and he thought that he had failed Dean, when in fact, he had failed himself. So he vouched to use the tables, ladders and chairs match at TLC to finally bring Ambrose down.

The Eater of Worlds talked about changing Ambrose forever. I talked about that too, right here.

Nikki vs. Emma

Nikki was boasting from the get-go.

Emma tried to be funny and slapped Nikki’s ass. Again: Emma is NOT funny. Wait, now I can see why she and Santino got put in a team at one point.

Nikki quickly hit the Rack Attack and won.

After the match she gave a weak promo, calling AJ a “pathetic, manipulative, little girl”. Aj came out and tackled Brie but both Bellas managed to escape.

Nikki pushing Brie in AJ’s way shows that those two haven’t sorted out their issues yet. They are not equal. I’m telling you, Brie’s playing Nikki until her time as a servant is over. That’s all. Expect a “shocking” turn at TLC when Brie attacks her sister.

Seth Rollins vs. Ryback

Before the match started we saw Kane’s merchandise stand, which had been demolished and Kane himself was missing.

The match itself was long. It took about 1/3 of SmackDown. Seth Rollins was doing an amazing job. I think this is why the audience was a bit confused. The chants were weak and short. I think they just didn’t know who to cheer for.

Then Seth made it easier for the crowd to hate him. J&J Security caused a distraction a couple of times. Even so, Ryback managed to overcome the odds and was about to deliver the Shell Shock when Kane attacked him with a chair, causing a DQ.

The Authority might be gone but Kane’s still taking care of Seth, I guess. The chair ended up in the Big Guy’s hands. Rollins tried to take it and almost got beaten for it but Kane got involved as well and Ryback was taken down.

Seth Rollins handed the chair to Kane and Kane used it to beat down Ryback and then to chokeslam him on it.

Ironically, Kane was wearing a Ryback t-shirt. That was a nice touch, WWE!

Heath Slater, Titus O’Neil & Curtis Axel vs. The New Day

In their debut match, the New Day faced 3MB 2.0. It’s just sad how Heath Slater always ends up in a position like this.

Anyway, Kofi, Woods and Big E were all fired up. They were full of energy and they couldn’t wait to show what they could do.

I have to say, this is probably the longest time Xavier Woods has spent in a WWE ring during a match and that’s considering that he had a singles run. He was the guy who took the punishment for his team.

Kofi Kingston was all over the place. It felt as if he was just extremely excited to be finally allowed to show what he can do when he gets the opportunity to fly.

Big E, who by the way has grown even bigger, was the link in the double moves for the team. He tossed and threw his teammates around to create some impressive spots.

Obviously, the New Day picked up the win after Xavier Woods pinned Curtis Axel.

The New Day gimmick seems to be something that all three members of the stable enjoy very much. The crowd sang with them as well. The debut was energetic. We’ll see how they do from now on.

Daniel Bryan Interview

Daniel Bryan spoke to Renee and made his last decisions as a GM.

He gave Ryback a chairs match against Kane at TLC.

When asked if he was coming back soon DB answered YES!

Gold and Stardust Promo

Remind me again, why didn’t we get any of those awesome promos while those two were champions?

I always enjoy listening to the cosmic talk. It’s enchanting.

Stardust welcomed us to the black whole and Goldust finished by saying that darkness falls on the new day”. Could he be talking about THE New Day? This should be interesting.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Luke Harper

Do I even need to say that the match was electrifying?  It’s a Dolph Ziggler title match. Obviously, it was.

The match featured a Famouser, an epic power bomb, a superkick and an announce table brawl but no pin. The fight outside the ring caused Luke Harper to be counted out and although Dolph made the count, he didn’t get the title.

However, Harper was still angry. He attacked Ziggler after the match. Then he took his title and went after Dolph with it but Dolph evaded him and hit the Zig Zag.

The night ended with Dolph Ziggler standing tall. However, he has no title and no feud at the moment. I hope he doesn’t get lost in the shuffle the next couple of months.

What did you think of this week’s SmackDown? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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