Nikki Bella’s Promo Before the Censorship /Transcript/

Last week on SmackDown, Nikki Bella’s promo to AJ Lee was edited quite significantly before being aired. Both Nikki and John Cena addressed the issue on Twitter. Nikki challenged the Twitter community to find the original promo. All I can say is: Challenge accepted!

As you know, nothing stays hidden on the Internet, so here’s the transcript:

I’m not going to say trashy, classless things like Ms. Lee did because unlike Ms. Lee, I actually care about the kids that sit in this audience. It’s time that everyone heard the real truth about AJ Lee. Yes, we heard over and over and over again your sob story. Yes, we have heard over and over about how hard you worked. But you wanna know what? I have worked harder. The biggest difference between you and me is that I don’t have to go tell everyone so they like me. And most important, that is what makes me fearless.

You wanna know why you don’t have any friends? It’s because you’re so threatened by anyone who doesn’t like you. AJ, I want you to take a good hard look at what a woman is, a real woman, a classy woman! I want you to take a look at what a real Divas champion looks like. AJ, I want you to know that forever, through these fearless eyes, you will always be that pathetic manipulating little girl from New Jersey.

(Source: WrestlingNews)

I don’t see anything wrong with the content of the promo per se. I can think of three possible reasons for editing bits out.

First, someone backstage didn’t like the delivery. Second, the promo sounded too face for a heel character. Or they were just running out of time and decided to cut out  the divas, as usual.

In any case, the script for the promo sounds nice and focuses on developing the Fearless gimmick. This is a good thing.I never really paid attention to the world “fearless”. It was just a word to me. Now this promo puts meaning into it and makes it an actual character trait.

The divas division needs more promos like this one. Also, it would be good if they get aired as well.

What do you think of Nikki’s promo? Should it have been aired in its original form? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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