WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights and Analysis From 05/12/2014

Let’s just start with the fact that Santino was announced as the SmackDown GM for the week and my reaction to the news, which was “Oh, no!”. At least, I was given heads up for the crappy quality of the show that was to follow.

Luke Harper vs. Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler looked amazing and he had countless opportunities that could have made him the new Intercontinental Champion but it somehow didn’t work out. Does this sound familiar to you? It’s because we’ve seen this before. Putting a guy that people like in title matches that we know he’s not going to win, doesn’t make your show more exciting, WWE!

Anyway, Dolph was doing too well and the match was going his way so Luke Harper delivered a deliberate and blatantly obvious low blow right in front of the referee. Harper got DQed again and kept his title. Having a sadistic psycho maniac cheap shot his way out of matches because he thinks he’ll lose otherwise, doesn’t help the said guy’s credibility as a threat, WWE!

So after the match, Luke Harper brought in a ladder but as he was trying to power bomb Ziggler through it, the Show Off countered midair and bounced Harper’s head off the table. That was a nice move!

Santino came out and announced a tables match for the IC title between Ziggler and Harper at TLC. Those weekly GMs do nothing but announce matches that would be announced on the WWE website anyway.

I still believe that Luke Harper does not benefit from using cheap shots to get out of matches. Yes, it gives him heel heat but it makes him look cowardly. I thought he was supposed to be a ruthless maniac, who only wants to inflict pain.

Seth Rollins / Kane / Big Show

After a long RAW replay, the remaining part of the Authority, who are no longer called “the Authority” came out.

Rollins talked about his tables match with Cena and reminded us the stipulation – if Cena loses, he’s no longer the #1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. After Seth’s promo, I was left with 1 thought: He must be really determined to stay the top heel of the company if he’s willing to add “I hate Christmas” to his resume.

Big Show is still angry and believes he’s misunderstood. He promoted his own Steel Stairs match with Erick Rowan by smashing the stairs with the stairs. I was confused as to why Big Show talked about Rowan being a genius. Since when is that part of Rowan’s gimmick? Have I missed something?

It’s funny how Kane made the link from Big Show’s promo by connecting “Ryback” and “eating”. Before Kane could come up with another gem, Santino interrupted him to announce the main event – Seth Rollins & the Big Show vs. Ryback & Erick Rowan.

I’m fed up with those tag team matches. It’s just lazy booking, provides no storyline development whatsoever and if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m doing wrestling news and reviews, I’d have switched to a different channel before the main event.

Also, Tables, Ladders and Stairs just sounds odd. I hope this is not a permanent renaming.

New Day vs. Tyson Kidd & Cesaro

After another very long replay from RAW and Main Event, a rematch this rematch from Monday took place.

This time the New Day were represented by Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston. This means that the three members don’t have clearly defined roles and will switch all the time. I’m not sure this is a good idea. With the Shield and the Wyatt Family, the tag team in the trio was clear so there would be no grounds for jealousy when/if the tag team titles are won.

The New Day picked up the victory after some good team work from Woods and Kingston. This is another defining characteristic of the New Day. They don’t have single finishers, they seem to always want to win by a team work technique.

The good part came after the match. Gold and Stardust appeared on the big screen with one of their brilliant promos. They talked about darkness, the never ending abyss and the black hole that surrounds them. This promo was out of this world and I loved it! I’ll always say this – it’s a shame that as champions Gold & Stardust didn’t really get to give promos like this one.

The New Day’s mic work is unusual to say the least. It makes me wonder what those three are on and how long I’d have to be in prison for if I get caught using it. Their energy levels are so high that they look bizarre compared to everybody else. I’m not saying whether it’s a bad or a good thing though. I’ll need to hear more to decide.

Am I the only one, who noticed that there’s 3of the New Day and only 2 of Gold and Stardust? The numbers game doesn’t add up for the heels.

Naomi/ Jimmy Uso

Backstage Naomi received a bouquet of red roses. She thanked Jimmy for it but it was from the Miz. Although the A-lister left an apologies note, Jimmy was furious and demolished the flowers. Naomi wasn’t happy.

Dean Ambrose/ Bray Wyatt

The Lunatic Fringe came to the ring and made an incredible promo out of Bray Wyatt’s broken chair. That’s something that only a promo god like Ambrose could do so naturally and with ease.

Rusev and Lana appeared on the ramp. Lana announced that Rusev wasn’t able to compete against Ambrose because of Swagger’s attack. Ambrose wasn’t going to have any of it and headed towards Rusev with the intention of picking up a fight but got ambushed by Bray Wyatt on the way.

Bray was out of control. He was furious over Sister Abigail’s chair being broken and broke Ambrose in return. Wyatt put a chair to Amborse’s throat and bounced him off the steel steps, which led to Ambrose being carried out on a stretcher with a neck brace. The spot looked ugly and painful. Ambrose agrees to the weirdest things in the name of wrestling.

This was the most engaging segment of the night. I’m sure this going to be the case at TLC as well. Ambrose and Wyatt will steal the show there, I guarantee it!

Miz vs. Jey Uso

Before the match Miz elaborated on how he was going to help Naomi get a movie deal with a Hollywood agent. He added a few comments about Naomi’s “sumptuous body”.

Obviously, Jimmy Uso, as jealous as he is, lost it. He never allowed his brother to have a proper match. Jimmy kept interfering and trying to get in the ring until the ref finally sent him off.

Jey was distracted. Mizdow distracted him even more and Miz won with the Skull Crushing Finale.

This storyline is actually exciting because Jimmy is absolutely brilliant in his role. Also, Miz gets to show off another layer of his “movie star” heel gimmick. The only downside is that Mizdow is getting lost in the shuffle. This jeopardizes his momentum.

Brie vs. Naomi

This match was more about Nikki and AJ, who was on commentary, than the two women in the ring.

AJ attacked Nikki, who was trying to interfere in the match and Naomi won.

AJ came on top isn’t likely to do so at TLC.

As for Naomi, I find it strange that she doesn’t say anything about the issues between Jimmy, the Miz and herself.

Seth Rollins & Big Show vs. Ryback & Erick Rowan

I wasn’t particularly excited about this match. What good could possibly come out of another tag team main event?

As expected, Kane ran interference. However, the ref got him escorted backstage. Rollins and Big Show made a tag but the ref didn’t see it so an argument occurred and Ryback took advantage, pinning Rollins.

This is not only lazy booking but plain stupid booking. Why would you have Rollins lose by a pin fall to Ryback?! Yeah, you could argue that it wasn’t a clean victory because Rollins wasn’t legal and so on but it still is a match that puts Ryback over Rollins.

What did you think of this week’s SmackDown? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter?


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