WWE Slammy Awards 2014 – Winners, Photos, Analysis

Insult of the Year Award

The Rock insults Rusev and Lana


Rusev once again claimed that he was going to “Crush the Rock”. The WWE has hinted about this match quite a few times now. The Rock might have picked the opponent for his next WWE match already.

Fan Participation of the year Award

“You Sold Out” chant at Seth Rollins


Here comes the first of Seth Rollins’ awards. I’m going to count those. There will be loads. It’s Rollins’ year this year.

Double Cross of the Year Award

Seth Rollins turns on The Shield


A second one already for the Architect of the Shield. No one could have come even close to outdoing Rollins’ betrayal. Not that that’s a good thing…

Animal of the Year Award

Adam Rose’s Bunny


The Bunny is without the doubt the animal with most personality in WWE at the moment. Whether I like this personality or not is a completely different question.

Best Actor Award

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson


I thought Mizdow was going to win this one but Miz stealing the spotlight from him twice would have been too much, I guess. And I don’t know what the Rock gains by winning this award but never mind, stroking Dwayne’s ego is important to the WWE.

NXT Superstar of the Year Award

Sami Zayn


Sami deserves this. He might not have a championship around his waist yet but he has a firm grip on the WWE Universe. The fans love him. His down-to-earth character and the smile that never goes away, paired with his incredible in-ring work have helped him achieve that.

Faction of the Year Award

The Shield


Ah, the Shield. They win this Slammy for a second year in a row and they are not even a faction any more. The Shield is what got my interest back in wrestling when I was just about to quit after years of being a hard-core fan. It was a sad moment when they split up but the Shield went out, being on the top. They were amazing and they deserve being called the Best Faction in the WWE.

By the way, a third Slammy for Rollins.

Tag Team of the Year Award

The Usos


As I said in my predictions, the Usos are the worthy winners of this Slammy. They have been on top of their game throughout the year. Their run as WWE Tag Team champions had no shortage of amazing title defenses. The fans grew to love the Usos and cheer for them each time they see them. Well done, Jimmy & Jey!

Twitter Handle Award

Dolph Ziggler


Again, another winner I voted for.  Because of what I do, I spend a lot of time on Twitter. Dolph Ziggler is always engaged with his fans. He has his Ask The Heel hashtag ( #ATH) where he does Q&A and he shares a lot on his social media profiles.  That’s partially the reason why his popularity has grown so much.

Breakout Superstar of the Year Award

Dean Ambrose


Who doesn’t love the Lunatic Fringe? Unlikely as it may have seemed, Ambrose didn’t struggle the slightest after the breakup of the Shield. Dean is a guy with so much personality that there’s no way he could stay unnoticed.

Guest Star of the Year Award

Hugh Jackman


To be honest, I couldn’t care less about this award. It does absolutely nothing for the WWE or storyline development in any way. But, yeah, good for Hugh Jackman!

Couple of the Year Award

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella


I was rooting for Triple H & Stephanie here because they had actually achieved something as a couple this year but I can understand why DB and Brie won. They surely are more popular than the Authority amongst the fans.

Anti-Gravity Moment of the Year

Seth Rollins Dives Off Balcony


One more for Rollins! That balcony dive was epic! And Mr. MITB is on a roll.

Rivalry of the Year Award

Daniel Bryan vs. The Authority


I disagree. Rollins vs Ambrose should have won. Bryan portrayed the traditional underdog who wins against all odds but by the end the feud the fans were already getting tired of it. Ambrose and Rollins on the other hand delivered until the last moment. And also, their rivalry gave the birth of two bright superstars.

Hashtag of the Year Award


Well, Orton did take Twitter over for a day or two. That # was going wild.07_RAW_12082014ej_0101b-2975434551

But this might count for a fifth award for Rollins because, well, because he just took it.  Also, if we have to be fair, the RKO that started the craze was exactly to Rollins.

“This Is Awesome” Moment of the Year Award

Sting’s WWE debut at “Survivor Series”


Really, there wasn’t much choice left there. Sting of curse wasn’t there to receive the award. He’ll be appearing even less than Brock Lesner.

That’s why Rollins came and stole another Slammy. What’s that 6?

Surprise Return of the Year Award

Ultimate Warrior


That was a tribute to the Ultimate Warrior.  The WWE took the opportunity to acknowledge a legend.

Most Shocking Moment of the Year Award

Brock Lesnar ends The Undertaker’s undefeated Streak at “Wrestlemania 30”


Well, that was the OMG moment of the year. It’ll be THE OMG moment for many years to come. Mr. Heyman has done well this time.

Diva of the Year

AJ Lee


Second year in a row, AJ takes this Slammy home. She gave thumbs up to the NXT divas, saying that they could dethrone her one day. AJ really doesn’t like the mainstream divas, does she?

I would also like to know what Titus O’Neil was doing with the divas backstage. Is he trying to slip into a pimp gimmick?

LOL Moment of the Year Award

Damien Mizdow as The Miz’s stunt double


Mizdow is undeniably funny with his ridiculous antics as a stunt double. He deserved his award but Miz stole it. Nothing, new there!

Match of the Year Award

Team Cena vs. Team Authority at “Survivor Series”


I would have given it to the Shield vs. Evolution but I can already hear you guys, telling me that I’m biased towards the Shield. My actual reason to dislike the SS match is Sting stealing the spotlight from Rollins & Ziggler.

However, I can accept that Shield vs. Evolution was a very close second. Ziggler really was incredible at Survivor Series. He made the match worthy.

Extreme Moment of the Year Award

Chris Jericho jumps off the top of a steel cage


From the moments nominated that probably was the only extreme moment and it was beautiful.

Fandango, stealing the award, came a bit out of the blue. Knowing that the only other person to steal awards that night was Rollins, Fandango might be on the list for a treat.

And one more thing, Fandango’s slow breathing into the microphone, paired up with Rosa’s sexual expressions on the side, made this acceptance speech terribly uncomfrotable to watch.

Superstar of the Year Award

Roman Reigns


Reigns. Really? I’m sorry, I like Roman, but that was not his year. The award should have gone to Rollins or Ambrose. Out of all three members of the Shield, Roman is the one who’s achieved the least as a singles competitor. His injury definitely played a part in this but facts are facts.

But I get it, Reigns needed to make his triumphant come back and the Slammy gave him a stage. Although, coming back with a bang, rushing to the ring to attack Rollins this Sunday would have been much more fitting for Roman. It would have actually made him look like the badass he claims to be. This is way too…corporate.

I support Roman but giving this award might be perceived by some fans as a way to “shove Reigns down our throats”. That’s not a clever step when making a return.

Did your favourites win at the Salmmies? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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