WWE Main Event – A Look at TLC – Reviews and Analysis From 09/12/14

I was on the fence as to whether to write something about Main Event or not. The whole show was basically a few packages and video recaps stitched together. Nothing much to review really.

So instead I decided to talk about the TLC rivalries in the order they were presented in on Main Event.

Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt

b38d40360fe157efdc20bcb16bb8003e_crop_northThe package was beautifully done, I admit. The storyline of the Ambrose/Wyatt rivalry reminds me of the type of a movie that I’d watch on my own late at night. It’s dark, gripping, violent, personal and overall a psychological mindf**k.

In the beginning, I thought that Bray Wyatt would make the monster in Ambrose surface. However, it has developed in the completely opposite direction. Wyatt’s elusive words have become more and more hateful. He’s losing his cool and his followers.

This match will steal the show at TLC for sure. Every other match still revolves around Team Cena vs. Team Authority. Ambrose vs. Wyatt is unique and the violence that will be used is deeply personal. I won’t be able to skip a minute of it.

NXT Takeover R Evolution

They played the promo for the show on Main Event and I decided to give it a few words.

I’m excited about the next NXT special edition. NXT might as well be my favourite WWE show at the moment. The wrestling is great and the storylines are crisp. What else can you want?

Nikki vs. AJ Lee (Recap)

5472be8a7e468.imageAfter watching the recap of this feud, I can say that Nikki has done her job well. She’s not the best on the mic but she’s a natural heel and the gimmick works for her.

AJ has been in tougher situations against tougher opponents and has come on top but I don’t see her winning at TLC. It doesn’t make sense from a booking point of view. The Bella Twins storyline hasn’t fully blossomed yet.

Luke Harper vs. Dolph Ziggler (Recap)

f9f3ec956c3e7e052a4682b0b4c206c8_crop_northI’ll summaries this feud for you.

There’s Dolph Ziggler – a guy, who gives it all and fights till the last breath, while devoting everything to his fans.

And then there’s Luke Harper – a guy, who’s always in a rush to get himself DQ-ed so he doesn’t need to put anything on the line and then pretends to be upset for being DQ-ed.

The match will be great to watch with a lot of close calls. It’s clear to the fans who they’ll cheer for. Just a perfect, clear-cut, good vs. bad fight.

Big Show vs. Erick Rowan (Recap)

Big-Show-and-Erick-RowanThe Big Show is still complaining about the fans not being able to forgive and forget his “mistake” at Survivor Series. It’s hard to do so with him reminding us about it all the time. Nobody would have cared otherwise.

Erick Rowan has no real reason to fight the Big Show, apart from Show’s actions being morally wrong. Also, Rowan is presented as a super genius.  How come then he was with Bray Wyatt for so long? No explanation? Oh, well….

I don’t expect much from the actual match. It won’t be the main event for sure.

Slammy Awards Recap

For all the winners of the Slammys, click here.

For the review of the rest of RAW, click here.

Seth Rollins vs. John Cena

928dd16fea0ba469a63da46144458a50_originalThe package covered everything from Night of Champions till now.

Cena is very much like the Big Show. He keeps calling the fans’ attention to himself and the big drama of his legacy, which nobody wants to hear about at the moment. Cena’s character is not adaptive at all. Great storylines come from the personalities involved evolving, chaining but Cena never ever changes. This is why people don’t like him anymore.

My impressions are that Seth Rollins brings the flavor to the feud. His character is what created the rivalry. He is convinced that he’s the future and he believes he’ll destroy Cena to prove it. Rollins is not afraid to go against anybody. That’s one match where I’ll support the heel.

What do you think about the TLC feuds? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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