NXT Takeover: R Evolution – Matches and Predictions

NXT Takeover: R Evolution is just a few hours away, so I’d like to have some fun with it. I’ll look at the confirmed and speculated matches; and of course – make some predictions. But first, just to put some color in, here’s the official promo for the event:

Here are the confirmed matches for the show:

The Lucha Dragons vs. The Vaudevillians

downloadI’m expecting the Vaudevillains to win.

The two teams are more or less equal, regardless of their difference is style. However, a lot of effort has been put in building up the Vaudevillains – new entrance, new music, silent movies, mini wrestlers as props. The WWE has big things in mind for Gotch and English.

The Lucha Dragons are faceless. They’ve been entirely passive in this feud. They are exciting to watch in the ring, especially with the scarce amount of luchadors in the WWE.  However, they have no voice and no character. No one cares about them being champions.

The Vaudevillains are simply the better characters and they will make a show out of having the WWE Tag Team Titles.

Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks

20141120_EP_LIGHT_takeoverrevolution-match-home-womensSasha Banks is the typical heel, bullying, mean girl. This sort of a stereotypical gimmick is not my cup of tea but I believe that she’ll go over Charlotte for the title.

Charlotte is the better wrestler and the better champion. She’s dominant. She won’t allow anyone to get under her skin and her respect is actually worth fighting for. However, the cards seem to be stacked up against her tonight.

Sasha will win by cheating. She has a side-kick, who’ll undoubtedly get involved. I’ll even go further and guess that the Boss and Becky Lynch might find a way to hurt Bayley, in order to distract Charlotte and take her title away.

Finn Bálor and Hideo Itami vs. The Ascension

download (1)

Here’s a face team that will win at NXT Takeover: R Evolution!

Balor and Itami are new and fresh on NXT. They’ll start their rise to the top by defeating the Ascension, who are on their way out to the main roster.

It’s been sort of a tradition for superstars to lose the feud/title just before they move up. The one exception I can think of is Paige, who was still a Women’s Champion when she won the Divas Championship.

However, Konnor and Viktor are very likely to follow the usual pattern by losing tonight and then debuting on Raw/Smackdown.

Adrian Neville vs. Sami Zayn

20141120_EP_LIGHT_takeoverrevolution-match-homeIt’s not easy to call this match. Logically, Zayn should go over because the alternative would be to leave NXT and that doesn’t seem probable. But as unlikely as it is, it’s not impossible.

There’re options in which Sami loses and turns heel or where Neville wins by cheating and this sends Sami on a wild hunt for his former best friend, or simply – Sami could move to the main roster. All of those would be equally entertaining but wouldn’t fit well in the storyline arch of Zayn and Neville’s relationship.

I’m picking Sami as the winner, because it’s the safer choice. It’s much easier to write the scrip after that. Adrian Neville has already done some heel-like moves. It won’t be hard to make him turn fully out of bitterness. Losing the championship to Zayn won’t end the feud, it will just start it.

No matter what happens, this match will be the highlight of the show. It will be breath-taking, I can feel it.

Now, there are a couple of matches that haven’t been officially advertised but are expected to take place.

Kevin Steen vs. ???

download (2)

We’ve seen the promos and we know Steen will debut.  He said he would fight anyone, so a clam induction isn’t likely to happen.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s an actual match or just an altercation ala the Ascension vs. Hideo Itami at NXT Takeover: Fatal 4 Way.

Tonight, Kevin Steen will fight and will come on top.

Baron Corbin vs. Bull Dempsey

nxt_250_photo_08-1012108376We saw hints of this match setting up the last couple of weeks. If it does happen, I firmly stand by Baron Corbin.

The whole issue between those two is that Bull Dempsey is jealous of Baron Corbin’s success. If they face each other, Corbin needs to win because it would fuel even more anger in Dempsey and would make the rivalry bitter, hence better.

However, it doesn’t make sense to me to just throw those two into a match without a proper build up. I have another scenario. It’s possible that Corbin and Dempsey will have spate matches. Corbin will outdo Dempsey as usual and then Bull will attack Baron from behind.

We could see the Lone Wolf hurt for the first time and it would make him angry. This would start a real rivalry between the two, which would then escalate and result into a match at the next NXT special.

Who are your favourites to win at NXT Takeover: R Evolution? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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