WWE TLC – Review, Photos & Analysis

Pre Show

Naomi & The Miz

Miz’s point was “ I win, you win”. Making this kind of a segment suggests that the WWE’s planning to use Nomi against the Usos but I don’t really see her interfering on Miz’ behalf.

The New Day vs. Gold & Stardust

The one memorable thing about this match was Stardust’s new green outfit and facepaint. I was thinking more of the Green Lantern, rather than a Martian or the Green Goblin but you’re free to make your own associations.


The point is that this match was completely forgettable and the ending was botched. I don’t think Kofi actually made the tag he was reaching for but the ref thought he did and decided to pull Big E off of Stardust, screaming at him that Kofi’s legal, which led to Goldust trying not to look awkward while intentionally “not making it on time”.

I agree with JBL’s comment on the New Day – “ No one who’s that happy is not fake”. They look absolutely high.

Main Show

Dolph Ziggler vs. Luke Harper

Well, with that being the opening match, I couldn’t imagine what could possibly happen to outshine Ziggler and Harper.

For most of the match, there was no such thing as Ziggler building momentum. There was only Ziggler desperately trying to survive, just to get hurt in an even more brutal and excruciating manner.  The Show Off’s body was covered in bruises and swells, his face was bleeding profoundly.


By the time Ziggler started to make attempts to climb for the title, Luke Harper had built an image of a sadistic, merciless, violence-thirsty psycho for himself. When Dolph finally barely managed to push Luke Harper off of the ladder and reach for the title, I yelped. I was genuinely excited to see Ziggler win.


This match deserved the THIS IS AWESOME chants it received.

The Usos vs. Miz & Mizdow

This wasn’t really a PPV match. It was a Mizdow comedy show.

While the Miz was trying to save his skin from Jimmy Uso the crowd wad chanting WE WANT MIZDOW…in Miz’s hometown.


Also, this is probably the only tag team in the world where it’s absolutely ok to not help your partner, in order to not steal his spotlight. To be fair to Mizdow, he does provide some distraction.


Although, Naomi was heavily involved in the build-up to this match, she wasn’t involved in the outcome whatsoever. The Miz simply got himself disqualified by using his Slammy as a weapon.

That’s not how you end a PPV match. Disappointing, to say the least.

Seth Rollins Promo

I was intrigued by the focus of Rollins’ promo. He said he wouldn’t stop until Cena agreed to put the Authority back in power. I wonder what Mr. MITB could do to force Cena to break.

Big Show vs. Erick Rowan

Ok, this match was slow, very slow. That is due to the fact that Big Show’s no gazelle, as you might have noticed.

The crowd was too harsh on Rowan and Show. There even were some NXT chants but to be fair, the match wasn’t too bad.

Yes, it was no Ziggler vs. Harper or Ambrose vs. Wyatt but it was the best it could have been, knowing the competitors and the stipulation.


The match was violent and both men used the stairs with enough rage. In the end the Big Show chokslammed Rowan on the steps, KOed him and still felt the need to put the steps over him so that Rowan won’t be able to kick out.


That made Erick Rowan look strong in defeat.

John Cena vs. Seth Rollins

It pains me to even think back to that atrocity of a match.

The WWE writers just butchered this fight. There was not a single dirty trick or unfavourable odd that hadn’t been stacked up against Cena, as if he’ll ever look like the underdog.


Honestly, there was absolutely everything- blatant interferences by Mercury & Noble, the MITB briefcase, a knocked out ref when Cena put Rollins through a table, a restarted match, the Big Show, trying to KO Cena and then to top it off, Reigns had to come out and sort out the match.


As you know, I usually try to look things from both perspectives and save Cena some of the trashing but this time it was completely over the top. The WWE did all in their power to make Rollins look incapable, compared to Cena but in the end of the day, the crowd still chanted LET’S GO ROLLINS, so guess who won the fans!


Obviously, in the end, superman Cena prevailed with the aid of the unstoppable Reigns and all that did was turn more people against Roman Reigns, who deserves better.

This match is what’s wrong with the WWE at the moment.

AJ vs Nikki Bella

Before the match, the Bellas cut a promo, which made them look on the same page. Did the WWE drop the idea of turning Brie face?


The match itself was no match at all. Brie distracted the referee, Nikki sprayed hairspray in AJ’s eyes and delivered the Rack Attack for the win.


That was a lame excuse of a match and the ending was ridiculous. This booking was offensive not only to the audience but to the competitors involved!

Roman Reigns Promo

What is the WWE doing?! If they book Reigns to be defined only by being an indestructible superhero he’ll only be hated.

I truly believe that Roman Reigns has a lot of potential in him but WWE’s writers are going to ruin the guy’s career!

Oh, and also Reigns has already enlisted himself as a Royal Rumble entrant.

Ryback vs. Kane

This match was a complete and utter bore. It was predictable and overall useless.Dean Ambrose makes chairs more entertaining in a regular Smack Down match.


The action was generic and Ryback predictably won.

Rusev vs. Swagger

Were the WWE in a hurry or something? This match felt rushed.

The whole match can be summed up in one sentence:  Swagger did the Patriot Lock, which Rusev reversed in the Accolade, which Swagger reversed in the Patriot Lock again but Rusev got free and locked the Accolade once more time, getting Swagger to tap out.


As I said, nothing exciting.

Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt

If you were looking for extreme, that was your match. Ambrose and Wyatt were last in the show so they had to find ways to outdo everybody else in every other stipulation. They sure found a way to do that.


Ambrose and Wyatt got a ladder involved, started a fight on the ramp, Ambrose dove thought the ropes, then the fight  moved through the barricade, through the time keeper’s area, into the audience, over Alex Riley’s commentary table and back to the ring in the first 5 minutes of the match.


Bray Wyatt almost poked Ambrose’s eye out by launching his face into a kendo stick, attached to the ring post. The Lunatic Fringe took a lot of punishment after that.

Throughout the match, Ambrose kept climbing higher and higher, which meant that he kept flying higher and higher. I lost the count of the tables Bray Wyatt went through.


At one point the Lunatic Fringe had nothing left under the ring but a TV monitor but when he tried to use it as a weapon, he pulled the cord and the thing exploded in his face. That allowed Bray Wyatt to hit Sister Abigail and win.


It was smart to give Wyatt the win as he needs to keep some credibility. Ambrose blowing himself up was a realistic idea and totally fits Ambrose’s persona.

The good part is that both men are not done with each other!

TLC had some amazing matches and some terrible matches but overall, I enjoyed most of it. What about you? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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