WWE RAW – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 15/12/2014

RAW is Jericho

There’s no other, who get the same reaction as Y2J. I’ve seen him live more than once and the energy in the room when he talks is incredible.

The narration revolved around Jericho’s Extreme Moment of the Year Slammy. Y2J wanted it back from Fandango and Paul Heyman wanted it for himself.


Then Heyman talked about Rollins “failing at TLC”. Rollins wasn’t impressed and came out to confront Heyman, which obviously attracted John Cena, who joined them in the ring to tell off Rollins.


Jericho solved all the issues by  putting Rollins and Cena in a steel cage match and giving himself a match against Paul Heyman.

It was more than obvious that the whole idea of making Paul Heyman pay by putting him in a match he can’t win was leading to a Brock Lesnar appearance. It’s been done before. Many times.


Apart from that, I’m ever so impressed with Seth Rollins. He’s become THE man in the company. He’s comfortable on the mic and he’s amazing in the ring. The WWE obviously has trust in him as they’ve invested a lot in Rollins being “the future”. All is going incredibly well for Rollins.

Dolph Ziggler & Erick Rowan vs. Big Show & Luke Harper

The crowd’s reaction to Ziggler is insane. He was welcomed as a hero on RAW but he still got dominated by Big Show and Luke Harper, both in and out of the ring.

Erick Rowan came to the rescue but before I could start properly contemplating the missed opportunity for a feud between him and Harper, the whole match had dissolved into chaos.

Luke Harper drove Dolph Ziggler and himself over the announce table while the Big Show knocked out Erick Rowan.

I have a problem with the way Erick Rowan is being booked. Harper and Ziggler both look strong, regardless of who wins or who loses. They are portrayed as so equally good that I don’t really care who holds the titles, since they both seem to deserve it.

Rowan, however, is a different story. Wrestling Big Show doesn’t allow for a showcase of potential and talent. Constantly losing clean also doesn’t help Rowan look credible. I’m concerned that his character won’t catch on with the fans if the WWE mishandles his case like that.

Fandango / Y2J

Jericho just told Fandango to “shut the hell up” and that’s pretty much all you need to know about this segment.

The New Day

Kofi, Big E and Xavier Woods were backstage with Renee Young and their promo made me raise an eyebrow a few times.

First of all, the whole “Sister Renee” and “My brothas” talk is really disturbing. I suddenly feel as if it’s Sunday and I’ve somehow ended up in a church.

Second, did they really bring up Big E’s sweating issue? I’m really trying hard to be accepting of this gimmick but I’m struggling.

The Bella Twins vs. Alicia Fox & Natalya

Brie dominated Alica Fox in the ring until Natalya tagged in, pushed Nikki off the apron and won by locking Brie in the Sharp Shooter. That’s the whole match in one sentence.


However, the match itself wasn’t the main focus of the segment. It was Tyson Kidd, being way too concerned for Nikki and checking on her. Then Tyson was suspiciously eager to celebrate with his wife, while just a week ago he’d hog her spotlight any chance he had.


The WWE could be hinting at Tyson & Nikki affair. It always amazes me how storyline get dropped in the Divas Division. The Brie vs Nikki thing seems to have passed for now and Natalya is up for a title feud, revolving around her husband. Then again, the whole thing could simply be a Total Divas add.

The Highlight Reel w./ Rusev & Lana

Y2J annoyed Lana by hinting not so subtly that she and Rusev have a sexual relationship. And then he fed Rusev to Ryback.


Althouhg, Rusev retreated without getting hurt, I can see the end of Rusev’s streak coming. I wouldn’t have given it to Ryback but nobody asks me.

The Ascension Promo

I’m just waiting for Konnor and Viktor to come in and destroy everything in their way. There’s no one quite as vicious as them in the main roster Tag Team Division.

The Ascension is a vicious and brutal team that really has no competition. The division is mild and soft at the moment. It lacks the edge the Ascension have.

The New Day vs. Gold & Stardust

This match was a disaster. Kofi Kingston on commentary was trying desperately to save it for his team but the crowd in Detroit completely destroyed the New Day.

I felt seriously bad for Xavier Woods and Big E. It is true that the gimmick is stupid. I’m not sure it even sounds good on paper, let alone real life. However, all three memebers of the New Day are really trying hard to make a crappy gimmick work.


There were various chants from NEW DAY SUCKS, through JBL and CM PUNK to NXT. It must be really hard to work a “stay positive” gimmick under those circumstances.

Xavier Woods still pinned Goldust but I’m not sure the New Day actually won last night.

Adam Rose vs Kane

Kane ran into the Exotic Expres backstage and challenged Adam Rose to a match.

Rose had some success in the beginning but his premature celebration gave Kane the opening to finish him off. The Bunny tried to help out but got chokelsammed alongside Adam Rose.

Kane pinned Rose and gave a Tombstone to the Bunny after the match.

Can’t explain why but it felt good to see the Bunny get floored.

Y2J/ Paul Heyman

Y2J was waiting to see what stipulation the fans picked for his match against Heyman on the WWE App but the choice didn’t matter since Paul Heyman had no intention to fight.Brock Lesnar made a “surprise return” and hit Jericho with the F5.

That part of Lesnar’s return wasn’ surprising at all. Every time Paul Heyman’s in trouble and someone wants to beat him up, his clients save him. Nothing new there.

Fandango/ Roman Reigns/ Big Show

I think that Fandango came out to gloat over the fact that Jericho got taken out by Lesner. However, Reigns didn’t give him the opportunity to do so. He interrupted Fandango, hit him with the Superman Punch and finished it off with a spear.


Then Reigns got interrupted by Big Show, who wanted to “teach the pretty boy a lesson”. But he got Super Man punched as well.


The Big Show didn’t get knocked down by Reigns’ Superman Punch but was embarrassed and that will lead to a mini feud to re-introduce Reigns.


This segment was actually quite good. This is how Reigns needs to be. Big Show didn’t allow him to talk and it was for the better. Roman Reigns is at his best when he doesn’t talk and just clears the ring. His presence is strong. All he needs to do is punch people and look good. That’s what works best for him.

Jimmy Uso vs. The Miz

The Miz was trying to run, while Jimmy was trying to smash his face off.

This time Mizdow’s mimicking annoyed the Miz. The Stunt double’s work actually provided a distraction that harmed the A-lister, rather than help him and Jimmy won.


After the match Miz invited Naomi to Miz TV and asked her to not tell her husband. I guess the Usos don’t watch RAW and have no friends, who do, since this segment aired live.

Seth Rollins vs. John Cena

This match compensated for the horrible TLC match on Sunday. It was brilliant! The wrestling was much better, the interferences were much less and the LET’S GO ROLLINS chants were even louder.

What’s even better is that after and an amazing match, Brock Lesner walked into that cage, delivered 3x German Suplex & an F5 to Cena and gave him to Rollins. Paul Heyman offered Mr. MITB his hand and Rollins took it.

But Rollins wasn’t done. He could have simply walked out or pinned Cena without lifting a finger. However, he decided to deliver a final curbstomp. This makes Rollins special. He truly wants to prove himself as The Future.

Rollins is so successful because he makes the right choices and aligns himself with the right people, in order to succeed. There were hints of this relationship between Heyman and Rollins forming but to see it actually happen was simply beautiful.

This makes things so much more interesting. Well done, WWE!

What did you think of this week’s RAW? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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