The Bunny Unmasked? /PHOTO/

UPDATE: The video is back up on the WWE website and youtube channel but the last few seconds where you could see the Bunny have been cut out.

ORIGINAL: A man wearing the bottom part of the Bunny costume was spotted in a backstage video on the WWE website. It was the fallout footage of Ryback being taken to the back after Rusev’s attack.

You can barely see anything and it could only be speculated who the Bunny is or if it really is the Bunny. However, the video is no longer available on youtube. This is equivalent to a confession from the WWE. This is the Bunny unmasked.


Some say it’s Hunico but it’s not 100% sure. Also, it is possible that different people play the Bunny at different times.

It is a fact though that the WWE wanted this image gone. So let’s spread it!

Who do you think is the Bunny? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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