WWE Super SmackDown – Review, Highlights and Analysis From 16/12/2014

Roman Reigns vs. Fandango

I had forgotten how over Reigns is. The crowd was roaring with ROMAN REIGNS chants. Hearing that makes me think that most of the people who comment online don’t actually attend live shows.

I was happy with Roman’s performance. Yes, he did his superman punch and his spear and won. And yes, he looked strong but the match wasn’t one-sided. Fandango was actually in control for a long time.

It’s not shown in the highlights video but Reigns allowed himself to look vulnerable for a bit and the audience got behind him. If the WWE realizes that a superstar can have weaknesses and still look badass, Reigns will prosper.

Dean Ambrose / Bray Wyatt

This segment wasn’t either man’s best. Ambrose pretty much repeated what he said after TLC and Survivor Series – he went to hell and he loved it.

The cool touch in Ambrose’s promo was the moment he said that Wyatt was afraid of him because he just didn’t care. It wasn’t the Lunatic Fringe’s most original line but it still caught my attention.


As for Wyatt’s promo, it was weak. Usually, you can sort through his rambligns and find some essence. Last night, it was all spooky words and no real meaning.

Well, there is one thing we learned from Wyatt yesterday and it’s that he can’t stop. He feels obliged to chase down all heroes. I like that.

Erick Rowan & The Usos vs. Luke Harper, the Miz & Damien Mizdow

I think I’ve seen so many six-man tag team matches to care anymore.

The one interesting spot in the match was when Harper did the Gator Roll and Mizdow started mimicking him. Both Miz and Harper weren’t impressed.

The fans were screaming for Mizdow but Harper and the Miz were tagging each other.

I have no idea how Harper refrained from punching his own team mates and leaving. Miz & Mizdow’s comedy act doesn’t suit Harper at all.

In the end of the match, the Usos urged Rowan to do their top rope splash and he obliged willingly. This gave us a sight that we wouldn’t usually see and also gave Rowan a victory. It’s not a one on one win but it’s still something.

To the commentators, who were saying on Main Event that Rowan manhandled Kane, no, he didn’t but he definitely did manhandle the Miz on SmackDown.

Naomi & Jimmy Uso

Jimmy wanted to congratulate his wife on the great opportunity she received. He also wanted to come down and support her during her championship match but she asked him to stay away. As if that was going to happen!

Seth Rollins vs. Ryback

Seth Rollins was supposed to fight Ryback but Rusev attacked the Big Guy before he could even get down the ramp. Rusev superkicked Ryback off the ramp and over some containers. It looked brutal and the commentators claimed Ryback was checked for a concussion.

Rollins took this as a free win and an opportunity to take the night off. However, Dolph Ziggler had other plans. He challenged Rollins to match and out of pride, Rollins agreed.


I love watching those two fight each other. They are possibly the two best in-ring performers on the main roster at the moment.

Naomi vs. Nikki Bella

Nikki dominated Naomi for most of the match, which makes me think that even without interferences Naomi would have struggled. However, it was an interference that caused her the match.


Miz came out to cheer for Naomi midway through. He was so invested it was funny. Jimmy, however, didn’t find the humor in it and came out to attack the Miz. Naomi got distracted and lost.


The look on her face after that match made me feel bad. She was on the verge of bursting out in tears and poor Jimmy seemed to feel terrible about it.

Adam Rose vs. Kane

This was the exact same match that we saw on Raw. Adam Rose did well for a minute, got too excited and lost.

Then Kane tombstoned the Bunny just for the fun of it.


I don’t know if this story has any purpose other than making Kane look evil and giving us the pleasure of seeing the Bunny suffer.

Gold & Stardust

We saw a pre-recorded promo by Gold and Stardust, who apparently hate Christmas and will want to ruin Hogan’s festive RAW.

Seth Rollins Promo

This promo was bold! Seth Rollins claimed that he “orchestrated” Paul Heyman’s and Brock Lesnar’s actions. I’m not sure that Heyman would be happy to hear that.

Also, Rollins vowed to stand in Cena’s way until the Authority gets put back in power.  It’s not in Cena’s character to give up and bring back evil for his own good. However, it needs to somehow happen. Rollins achieving that would be impressive.

Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler

The match was a treat, as expected. I’ve said it many times before – if you put two of the best in the ring, you’re guaranteed a good show. Also, Ziggler’s and Rollins’ styles match perfectly. They have very similar strengths and weaknesses so an exchange between the two of them is just a pleasure to watch.

Since J&J Security have become a permanent part of Rollins’ gimmick, they had to be involved in the match. Actually, they were too involved and got sent off, which provided the distraction that allowed the Show Off to pin Mr. MITB.

As good as this match was, it’s nothing compared to what it could be if you put a title on the line between Ziggler and Rollins. I hope that one day we’ll get to witness that.

What did you think of this week’s Super SmackDown? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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