Darren Young Back in Action – Analysing His Chances For Success

After 9 months of sitting on the shelf, due to an injury, WWE superstar Darren Young finally made his return to in ring action last night (20/12/2014) during a WWE live in Winnipeg. Mr. No Days Off defeated Justin Gabriel, only to get decimated by Seth Rollins after the match, setting up for a Rollins vs. Ryback main event.

As much as I like seeing superstars getting a renewed run, I’m struggling to get excited about Darren Young. I was much more optimistic back in September when he released his hype video. Back then, with this new, more serious gimmick and his devotion to it, success seemed plausible.

However, it’s been 3 months since Mr. No Days Off tried to sell his new “Freedom Fighter” gimmick to the audience and the WWE has done absolutely nothing to promote it. If they really were interested in Darren Young, wouldn’t they have invested in a vignette or two for him? In stead, it was up to Darren Young to try to push his hype video once again. When a superstar needs to promote himself because the WWE won’t, it’s never a good sign.

Another point that fuels my scepticism is the way Brad Maddox has been handled. In October, he also made an in-ring appearance at a WWE live show. The character he portrayed got me excited as an intriguing return for Maddox seemed to be on the table.

Sadly, the idea seems to have gone nowhere. Many superstars returned in the last 2-3 months, but Brad wasn’t one of them. Since I’m a big supporter of his and I was totally sold on his “man with nothing to lose” gimmick but the WWE let it all simply fade into oblivion, I find it hard to believe that Darren Young’s appearance last night will have any real significance.

Then again, Darren is shown, sporting a new  NO H8 hoodie, in the vine. Having your own merchandise is usually a step in the right direction.

Am I being too pessimistic about Darren Young’s return? What do you think his chances are? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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