A Look at Titus O’Neil’s Standing in the WWE

Following a Bleacher Report article, stating that the WWE has underutilised Titus O’Neil, Batista made a comment on Twitter, supporting his friend:

It is true that Titus has had a bumpy career within the company.

After the NEXUS fell apart, he has been jumping from one unimpressive tag team to another.Titus pushed for a heel singles run and finally was granted the break-up of the Prime Time Players, only to end up tagging with Heath Slater as the new version of 3MB – Slator Gator. For a 6’6″ (1.93m) guy, who tosses around grown men like rag-dolls and could easily be a monster heel, this is a very underwhelming career path.

Time is running out. Titus might not look like it, but he’s already 37. On the doorsteps of his 40s, a wrestlers is not very likely to be yet to turn into a break-out star. However, if O’Neil is to push for a character change and a good storyline, now is his time. Heath Slater’s unfortunate dealings with the law, are a blessing for his partner. With Slater gone, there is no Slatrer Gator and Titus is free to venture onto something new on his own.

Recently, we’ve been seeing Titus backstage in bizarre situations. The first time was during the Slammy Awards Ceremony where O’Neil was lurking backstage around the divas with a bow tie on. Then, on Main Event, he entered a game of chess with Erick Rowan to impress Paige and failed miserably.


It is not impossible that the WWE is trying out a new heel gimmick for Titus. However, it doesn’t seem to be the glorious top tear standing Batista’s rooting for. Titus seems to be playing a guy, who thinks he’s smooth and believes he  deserves all the female attention but then gets bitter when women ignore him. This doesn’t sound too promising to me.

How do you see Titus O’Neil’s future in the WWE? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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