WWE RAW- Review, Highlights and Analysis From 22/12/2014

Hogan/ Cena/ Rollins

Hulk Hogan, dressed as Santa got the crowd going and chanting Ho Ho Hogan. Cena came out and said he wanted Seth Rollins for Christmas.

Rollins came out, talking about the Authority deserving to be back and as expected, Hogan responded by putting Cena and Rollins in a match.

I was surprised that that was the match to open the night but I’m not complaining.

John Cena vs. Seth Rollins

Watching the action in the ring, I was thinking about the fact that Rollins has obviously toned down his style to fit in a heel role and he still serves up exciting action between the ropes. He just can’t not fly.

Rollins brought wrestling to the table and Cena had to step it up too.  Cena did all in his power to look strong – from a standing dropkick, through a double AA to J&J Security to 2 STFs.

However, the ending of this match was just pathetic. There was no suspense as nobody pins Cena clean. Rollins had to receive help from his security and then still get pinned by Cena clean.

King was overjoyed by the outcome, saying “Cena did it again”. Yeah, he did. He did his best to kill a bright, young superstar’s momentum. Regardless of how incredible Rollins may be, being unable to get a win over Cena ruins his image of “the future”. It’s disgusting to watch.

Fandango vs. Jack Swagger

Anyone who deiced to take a toilet break after the Cena/Rollins match would have missed this one. It was that short.

Fandango won. I guess, he’s supposed be perceived as a threat in the lower midcard field.

RAW_1126_Photo_076-815788576 (1)

As for Swagger, the WWE really just uses him only as a jobber or a filler feud for Rusev. It’s sad.

Dolph Ziggler Promo

I like that description Ziggler gave Luke Harper –“ a nightmare come to life”. It has a cool sound to it.

If nothing else, at least the IC match between those two should be good.

Adam Rose vs. R-Truth

There was even less fighting in this match. R-Truth started a dance-off. Rose joined in and got pinned.


After the match Adam Rose finally lost it and decimated the Bunny. The rabbit got beaten in the ring, driven in to the steps and into the barricade.

The Exotic Express was in shock and horror, while the audience was chanting ONE MORE TIME. I can see I’m not the only one, who really can’t stand the Bunny.

Big Show vs. Roman Reigns

The audience was harsh on Reigns. He generally got no support whatsoever last night. It’s ironic, having in mind that this was a match where he actually did look believable in the underdog role.

I have to disagree with the crowd here. I think putting Reigns against Big Show is a very good decision. Roman actually looks small and vulnerable in this feud. He seems to be struggling against the Giant.


Reigns even had to resort to a count-out to win. There was no superman feel to the match. I think this is a clever move from the WWE and the fans are somewhat prejudiced when it comes to Reigns right now.


The general feel is that people expect him to receive a mega push and are already annoyed before it even began. Give the man a chance, he’s trying to look normal and still be a strong face!

Dean Ambrose Promo

Here’s another guy with a weird Christmas wish. Ambrose wanted Wyatt for Christmas and his wish was to be granted in a Miracle on 34th Street, anything goes main event.

Brie Bella vs. Natalya

This match was all Brie but Natalya still won. By a roll up, but it still counts!

Tyson Kidd was way too eager to celebrate with Natty. Something’s going on there. He can’t genuinely be that happy for the wife he didn’t care about a week ago.

Natalya attacked Nikki, who fell off the apron and hurt her leg, reminding us of her shin injury.

We can see Natty wants the title but I think Tyson might turn on her in the process.

Los Matadores vs. Gold and Stardust

I don’t even want to talk about this match. El Torito pinned Goldust. A little men, dressed as a bull, dressed as a reindeer pinned Goldust. Make your own conclusions…

Luke Harper Promo

This is the first time we hear Harper speak after the split from the Wyatt Family.

Harper seemed to be in more places than one in his head as his attention was torn between his thoughts on Ziggler and something only he could see in the nothingness.

Harper plays a psycho disturbingly well.

Luke Harper vs. Dolph Ziggler

Harper attacked Ziggler before the match but Dolph still wanted to defend his title, which led to the best match of the night. It was brutal but also fast and technical.

Luke Harper was in control almost the entire time. Ziggler seemed to barely survive.

The Show-Off had to put in two superkicks and a Zig Zag to successfully pin Harper and retain.

After the match Dolph delivered a promo on doing it all for the audience and wanting to be “THE guy” in the company.

I wonder why he’s given so much mic time to talk about the value of the title for him. Is it to give more prestige to the IC championship or is it to set up for a far more painful loss for Ziggler once Bad News Barret is back?

Piper’s Pitt w./ Rusev & Lana

Roddy Piper and the Russian duo kept going  back and forth over the love/hate for America. It was no surprise when Piper’s “surprise” gift for Rusev ended up beign Ryback.

The Big Guy got some retribution over the Bulgarian Brute. Rusev’s streak, for once, is in real jeopardy. If the Big Russian comes out of this still undefeated, I’ll be thoroughly impressed.

Paige, Cameron & Summer Rae vs. Emma, Naomi & Alicia Fox

This match was more about eye-candy and Christmas outfits rather than fighting, as one could have expected.

The action was so unimpressive that Alicia Fox pinned Cameron without even losing her Santa hat. The commentators tried to make it sound as a positive. I don’t see why.

I also want to point out that last week poor Naomi was in a Diva’s title match and now she’s doing this. Last Tuesday probably seems very far away for her now.

Jey Uso vs. The Miz

The crowd spent their time chanting for Mizdow although he wasn’t even in the match. Funny enough, Miz was actually doing quite well in the ring for once.

The A-lister got frustrated by the chants but it fueled his creativity and he won by a roll-up, combined with some tights grabbing.


I want to bring your attention to something that JBL said – “Without Miz, there’s no Mizdow”. This is true. I wonder what Mizdow will do once he won’t be able to feed off Miz’s heel power.

Bray Wyatt vs. Dean Ambrose

Bray discussed the false sense of security that the Christmas Holidays bring in a pre-match promo but the fans didn’t get into it.

The match kicked off with MERRY CHRISTMAS chants to the sight of the Lunatic Fringe launching Wyatt into a Christmas tree or two.

Ambrose seemed to be a bit pissed off by how useless most of the props were. Why would you set up so many wrapped boxes around the ring if they won’t have any weapons in them?

Ambrose wanted to put Wyatt through a table outside the ring but Bray wasn’t having it. The fight moved on top of the ramp where Bray threw Dean over the edge and through a table. That was the turning point in favor if the Eater of Worlds.

The match went back to the ring for a bit and then it was Ambrose’s turn to go through Christmas trees. The Lunatic Fringe managed to turn things around and was doing well until he turned his back to his opponent once again to fix some props and Bray took advantage.

Ambrose still climbed a ladder, wanting to jump with a chair form it on the Eater of Worlds but Wyatt tossed a chair in Ambrose’s face and then drove Ambrose’s eye into a kendo stick. Wyatt won again.

After the match, Wyatt wanted to attack Ambrose but the Lunatic Fringe pulled out a fire extinguisher, blinded Wyatt and then finally put him through a table.

The show closed with the image of Ambrose’s happy face, shining from underneath the ruins of what used to be a table.

I know that hard core is Ambrose’s thing but I feel that he and Wyatt have had too many gimmick matches. The audience will get bored with it, if they haven’t already.

Also, what is with Ambrose’s losing streak? I;d like to see him win from time to time.

What did you think of this week’s RAW? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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