WWE Main Event – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 23/12/2014

Tyson Kidd & Cesaro vs. Los Matadores

Cesaro and Tyson Kidd were impressive. They became a team about two weeks ago and they are already better at working together than Los Matadores. Just compare the amount of innovative double team moves from both pairings and you’ll see.

My explanation to Kidd & Cesaro’s brilliant performance as a team is that they are both incredible singles performers. When someone is as good at something, as they are, it shines through, no matter what.


That finishing move from Tyson Kidd was beautiful. I’d love to see him and Cesaro tag team champs but Tyson is going to probably end up involved in a divas’ drama storyline, rather than with gold around his waist.

New Day/ Gold & Stardust Promo

The New Day were giving Renee an interview backstage when Gold and Stardust appeared on the TV monitor behind them and delivered a bizarre promo.

I’m sorry but the New Day gimmick is not working at all. When you’re sitting at home, watching your weekly WWE show, leaning back comfortably in your sofa with your feet on the table, the exaggerated emotion of the New Day’s mic work could have two possible effects – it could either draw you in or just look out of place. Unfortunately, it’s the latter. The New Day’s promos sound forced. I don’t buy them for a second.

Also, whoever’s responsible for Big E’s “sweating issues” storyline is probably the same guy, who came up Natalya’s farting gimmick. Fire that guy!

Summer Rae vs. Brie Bella

Just like on Raw, this match was all Brie.

Summer looked clumsy. Her overly animated moves looked fake. I wasn’t impressed at all.

Although, there was no face in this match, the crowd still chanted for Brie.

Brie won and Nikki seemed to be very happy for her. A few months back Nikki told Brie that she wished she had died in the womb. I’ve given up on getting wound up over the inconsistency in the storytelling in the WWE.

Big E vs. Stardust

I wasn’t impressed by this match either. It was weak.

I think partially, the issue comes from the fact that nobody cares about this storyline. The WWE made no effort whatsoever to sell the feud between the New Day and Gold & Stardust. It could actually have been awesome.

Sadly, I need to note that Big E’s signature taking off of the straps is now replaced by dipping his sweat with a handkerchief. So badass… Why, WWE, why!?

Goldust cost Stardust the match. Actually Goldust distracted Big E and Stardust was just about to take advantage when Goldust somehow managed to accidentally pull the ropes from underneath his feet. Seriously?

Just throwing this in, in case the WWE is thinking of creating a rift between Gold and Stardust : Don’t even think of breaking up Gold and Stardust. There’s no way, both of them can do well as singles competitors with such similar gimmicks. Dropping the Stardust gimmick would be a terrible idea after all the effort Cody put in it.

Luke Harper vs. Jack Swagger

This was the night of one-sided matches. Luke Harper dominated Swagger throughout the entire fight.

Harper has been great recently. Correction, he’s always been great but his recent standing in the spotlight is allowing him to show it.  Nothing seems to faze Luke Harper – not Ziggler’s agility and certainly not Jack Swagger’s size.

Talking about Swagger, his position in the WWE is just sad. Last night, the WE THE PEOPLE and USA chants were the weakest I’ve ever heard him. It’s a shame that the WWE didn’t capitalize on the Real American gimmick while the fans still believed in it.

To save face, Swagger attempted to win the match with the Patriot Lock. Luke Harper tried hard to sell it by failing to reach for the ropes two times…and then he just reached to the closer rope and forced a break.

Luke Harper won with a killer clothesline and left looking strong.

I think Main Event was weaker than the usual. It could be the holiday season. What did you think of the show? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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