Adrian Neville Forced Into A Mighty Mouse Gimmick?!

Reports claiming that the WWE is planning a Mighty Mouse gimmick for Adrian Neville have been circulating the internet at a dangerously high frequency these days. When I first read this I thought: Did someone have one too many servings of eggnog this Christmas?! Because, honestly, only someone under some sort of an influence would come up with this idea and think it sounds even remotely logical.

And then I thought – this is the WWE Creative – anything is possible. My heart sunk deep into my stomach when putting this costume on Adrian Neville became a realistic option:


Neville is the next superstar set to debut on the main roster after the Ascension. He is an incredibly talented young man with a bright future ahead of him. Even considering forcing him into this dead end gimmick is outrageous!  What would he do, dressed as a cartoon character – tag/feud with the Bunny?

I remember Neville saying in an interview once that he loved NXT because it was “the wrestling show” in the WWE. He also said that on the main roster gimmicks sometimes are given more importance than skills in the ring and he was against it. For the WWE to go and suggest forcing Neville into a Mighty Mouse costume is unacceptable and disrespectful!

Wake up and get sober, WWE Creative, you cannot afford to screw up Adrian Neville, he’s gold!

As you’ve probably gathered, I’m livid and ready to organise a protest/petition if this ludicrous gimmick somehow gets a green light. How do you, guys, feel about it? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


One thought on “Adrian Neville Forced Into A Mighty Mouse Gimmick?!

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