WWE NXT – Review, Highlights and Analysis From 01/01/2015

The Lucha Dragons vs. Tye Dillinger & Jason Jordan

I would have been much more excited about the first match of 2015 if the Lucha Dragons had had better opponents.

Tye Dillinger & Jason Jordan might as well be the weakest team on NXT.  They did a lot of showboating throughout a mediocre match, carried by Kalisto & Sin Cara, but provided very scarce amount of good wrestling.

In the end, Sin Cara put an end to it all with a sunset flip from the top rope and picked up the win.

After the match the Vaudevillains ambushed the Lucha Dragons to the sound of wild cheers from the audience. These heels will be some loved champions once they get the titles.

CJ Parker & Bull Dempsey

CJ Parker was in his locker-room getting ready for a match against Baron Corbin when Bull Dempsey came to let him know he was going to be by ringside. Bull also gave CJ some advice – it’s not just about winning the match, Corbin must be humiliated.

Bull’s reasons for picking on Baron Corbin are obvious – Dempsey can’t stand Corbin’s success and wants to demolish the legacy Baron’s building.

Carmella vs. Blue Pants

When Enzo introduced Blue Pants I was asking myself how many times a joke match can be recreated over and over again before the audience stops caring.  I guess, that the only competitor Carmella has the skills to go up against is a rookie like Blue Pants.


The NXT Universe was supporting loudly Blue Pants and Carmella wasn’t happy. Enzo climbed on the apron to coach Carmella, so she slapped him but the distraction gave Blue Pants an opening and she won.


Carmella was furious and Enzo needed to be saved by Big Cass but I was content. Carmela hasn’t yet shown anything but a lot of attitude and one flashy submission move. She needs to be brought back to earth.

CJ Parker vs. Baron Corbin

As you can imagine, the match wasn’t too long. The audience counted to 24, I was on 29 but either way in less than half a minute Baron had disposed on CJ Parker with the End of Days.

Bull Dempsey was staring down Corbin from the audience once again. The Lone Wolf had had enough, he picked up a microphone and asked the question we all wanted to hear: “Are we going to stand and stare or are we going to do this?”.


Baron pulled Bull over the barricade as if he was a small child. It gave off the impression that this was going to be a proper beat down, pub style. However, referees got involved and nothing exceptional happened.


The first exchange between Bull and Baron felt a bit anticlimactic.  Bull was too passive and Corbin wasn’t too keen on going after him. The moment lacked some passion but on the bright side, I’d like to think that it could only get better.

William Regal & Curtis Axel

Mr. Regal was backstage, announcing Sami Zayn’s return next week when he got interrupted by Curtis Axel. Axel once again asked to be on NXT and Regal gave him a match against Hideo Itami next week.

It’s being said that Axel is to take on the role of Tyson Kidd, playing the professional amongst the rookies. I have my doubts that Axel will manage well, those are some big shoes he has to fit in. Tyson had raised the bar very high with his impeccable wrestling while Curtis Axel has never really shown anything exceptional between the ropes.


Charlotte gave credit to Sasha Banks for being the toughest diva she had faced but when the champ reached the part where she mentioned Sasha’s losses, The Boss and Becky Lynch came out with the intention of giving Charlotte a beating.


Natalya entered the scene before any altercation had occurred.  She joined Charlotte in the ring and the other two divas just retreated.


This was another underwhelming segment. Nothing really happened. We could have at least seen a few punches being exchanged. What is coming next? A tag team war until Natty turns on Charlotte and asks for the Women’s Championship?

Sami Zayn

A homemade video, sent by Sami Zayn, was aired. It was dark and snowy and he was outside some shed in the woods. He still had nothing to say. He wasn’t able to enjoy the moment of winning the NXT title because of Kevin Owens’ betrayal.

The raw footage made Sami’s promo feel real. Very smart move.

Kevin Owens

We saw a scene form a backstage interview of Kevin Owens. He was very touchy. When Renee asked him about stealing Sami’s momentum, Owens got offended and left. I guess he doesn’t like being told the truth.

The Ascension vs. Hideo Itami & Finn Balor

Finn carried the bulk of the match for his team. He was doing some leaping around when Viktor caught him midair and after that Balor was in the Ascension’s hands the whole time.

When Hideo made the hot tag, he had so much energy that he could have taken out the Ascension on his own. The audience was teased with yet another GTS set up that never amounted to anything. When/ If Hideo finally does it, the building will explode.

The Ascension lost, as the tradition dictates.  Now the main roster awaits them. This might have been the last faceoff between these four men.

I found the first NXT of the year a bit underwhelming but I know that my guys in developmental will make wrestling worth watching in 2015.

What did you think of the latest NXT episode? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


4 thoughts on “WWE NXT – Review, Highlights and Analysis From 01/01/2015

  1. I am so mad that the authority came back. Its not funny. And does anyone know if they leave again because I hope so.


    • It was to be expected that the Authority would come back eventually, since the “only Cena can bring them back” stipulation was added.

      What’s strange about the whole situation is that they were gone for only a month. It feels like a very small prize for all the effort that Ziggler and the rest of Team Cena put in.

      Sorry to say that but I don’t think they are leaving any time soon.


  2. I hate the stupid authority returning. It’s just more of the same bad authority beating everyone else into their submission. BORING!!! So sick of Triple H and Stephanie!! Must stop watching


    • The WWE Creative was so lost without the Authority that they had them come back in just a month.

      The Authority is a clutch for the creative team. It’s easy to build a face underdog when you have a heel boss. Triple H and Stephanie make the life of the creative team simpler.

      However, I absolutely agree that the Authority needs to somehow change, in order to make the show interesting. We’ve seen Triple H and Stephanie in power for the most of 2014. Watching the same thing over and over again in 2015 as well, would be too much.

      My guess is that the WWE will get their money’s worth with Sting and will have him face Triple H, probably at WM 31. This time around, it shoudl be the era of anti -authority faces – Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler, probably Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns.


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