WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights and Analysis From 02/01/2015

Edge & Christian

On Monday Edge was wearing a Sami Zayn t-Shirt, and now – a Cesaro t-shirt. I give it to the Rated R Superstar, he doesn’t give a damn what the bosses would say, he makes his opinion known.

To counterbalance the events on RAW, which made Edge & Christan look weak, on SmackDown, they had to deal only with J&J Security, which made them look dominant.

Mercury and Noble read a letter by the Authority, in which Triple H denied any responsibility for Rollins’ actions and apologized to Edge. J&J were extremely happy to announce that they were to observe and oversee Edge & Christian’s work on SmackDown. Edge & Christian made fun of them and Jamie Noble’s voice didn’t help J&J’s case.

In the end, Mercury and Noble did their job of making the guest hosts look strong.

Bray Wyatt vs. Erick Rowan

I swear, I love Ambrose but a Wyatt vs. Rowan feud would have been million times better. In just this one match there was more meaning and psychological tension than in the whole Ambrose/Wyatt feud put together.

Seeing Bray order Rowan to lie down and the struggle on Rowan’s face when he had to go against his mentor, made it clear to me what sort of an opportunity the WWE missed by not capitalizing on the Wyatt Family break-up.

It was Rowan’s loyalty to Wyatt that cost him the match. I still think that the WWE might have a chance of playing the Wyatt Family card if they decided to do it now.

After the match Wyatt cut a promo on Ambrose, saying that the ambulance match would be their last. I agree with him, it should be their last. The feud didn’t get nearly as exciting as I expected and it’s about time it ends.

Edge & Christan / J&J Security

Edge and Christian were happy to lead Mercury and Noble into doing the 5 seconds pose. I’m not sure what that achieved but I guess it was supposed to somehow make J&J look stupid while putting Edge and Christian over.

The Usos & R-Truth vs. Adam Rose & Gold & Stardust

Adam Rose tried to compete for popularity with R-Truth and failed miserably.

However, he was the one, who gained the most of the match. Rose doesn’t really get to have long matches. In this 6-man tag, he had the time to wrestle and showcase his abilities.

Rose still took the pin, which corresponds to his low standing in the WWE.  Still, we saw more of Rose last night than in most of his singles matches on the main roster, so I don’t think he should be complaining.

The interference from the tree rosebuds was baffling to me. From what I understand, Adam Rose has a god complex and no one actually likes him; the rosebuds are afraid of him. Why did they interfere then?

The Big Show vs. Ryback

I liked the way Ryback treated the Big Show. He wasn’t fazed by the Giant’s size. The Big Guy, even though he was the smaller guy in this case, had just one strategy – power. He kept launching himself at Show until he was able to take him down.

The WWE played the old injury card by having Show attack Ryback’s injured leg. It was a strange scene for me because usually Big Show is the one, lying on his back with his opponent, working on his leg.

Ryback had just gained momentum when the Russian flag rolled out above the ring and Rusev came out. The Big Guy got distracted, Big Show delivered the KO punch and Ryback got counted out.

In the post-match exchange, the Big Guy came on top of the Big Russian. However, the Authority’s coming back, so Rusev will again be protected, so he might save his streak now.

Edge & Christian / J&J Security

Edge tricked Jamie Noble into barging into the female toilet and embarrassing himself.

I find these segments too staged. They don’t feel realistic to me.

Cesaro & Tyson Kidd vs. Los Matadores

Cesaro and Kidd impress me more and more each week. It’s not news to anybody but I can’t not mention how ring savvy they are. They are always perfectly placed and the action just flows.

Los Matadores are mediocre competitors and that’s a fact. I thoroughly enjoyed one of them diving through the ropes, only to land on an uppercut by Cesaro – simply perfect! Unsurprisingly, Los Matadores lost.

I enjoy Cesaro & Tyson Kidd’s ridiculous bormance at Natty’s expense, it’s a fun gimmick.  I want to see them champions but with the Ascension having just come up to the main roster, they might struggle as a heel team.

Dean Ambrose vs. Curtis Axel

The match never started. Ambrose ran into the ring and wiped the floor with Axel before the bell rang. There was a short brawl outside the ring , featuring the use of the barricade, the announce table and the steps.

Once the Lunatic Fringe had disposed of Axel, he cut a marvelous promo on Bray Wyatt. This mic work is the reason why Ambrose found a way in the WWE.

The Ascension vs ????

The Ascension quickly demolished a couple of local jobbers in a squash match.

Apparently, the WWE has decided to tkake the monster heel route with the Asencion. Konnor and Viktor will run over nameless tag teams for a few weeks and then they’ll get into a feud, probably for the titles.

This is not the most impressive or creative option for character development but we’ll have to accept it.

Edge & Christian / J&J Security

Mercury and Noble took Edge and Christian’s stuff out of the office to put up the latest Muscle and Fitness poster, featuring Stephanie and Triple H.Edge and Christian responded by taking out markers and vandalizing the poster.

Aren’t they too old for this sort of behavior? I’m not convinced it builds any credibility and as I mentioned earlier, it feels staged, which kills the funny vibe.

Rusev vs. Roman Reigns

It was fairly obvious from the very beginning that this match was not going to have a clean finish. Rusev has a streak to keep and Reigns is on a rise. It was no surprise that the Big Show got involved and caused a DQ.

What interests me more is the Big Show vs. Reigns feud. It’s the best thing creative could have written for Reigns at the moment. Roman benefits greatly from looking like a victim and just barely managing to fend off Big Show. This is going well.

What did you think of this week’s Smack Down? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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