At The End of Ambrose vs. Wyatt – A Look At What It Could Have Been

Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt was a feud that the fans have been waiting for since before the end of the Shield. Ambrose, who has more online tributes dedicated to his mic skill, rather than to his wrestling, pitched up against The Eater of World, only the sight of who with a microphone in hand gets people to pull out their phones and light up the room – that was supposed to be a dream rivalry, defined by fascinating story-telling.

Instead, it turned out to be a series of gimmick matches, poorly connected to each other. The feud has become so meaningless that Ambrose himself told Cole that he doesn’t even know where this whole thing started and why he and Bray are fighting each other. He also said that in the end, the reasons for the rivalry washed away and it gradually turned into fighting for the sake of fighting.

The question I wanted to answer to myself is “Why? What went wrong?”. I looked back and sifted through my memories of the feud.  What I found were plenty of good ideas, just thrown in and quickly tossed aside. I have the feeling that the WWE Creative just did some brainstorming on Wyatt vs. Ambrose and decided that that’s just about all they need to go on.

Here are some of the things that were close to happening but never got to blossom.

She still cries for you, Dean!

This, in my opinion, was the most powerful line of the feud, but it was also the one line that never got followed up on.

That “she” Bray was talking about was most probably none other than Sister Abigail.  It’s a shame that the WWE writers themselves don’t know who she is and what she does. It’s just a creepy name used to create a horror movie- like persona for Bray.

However, picture a scenario, where Dean Ambrose’s and Bray Wyatt’s backstories were somehow linked. Imagine that the young Dean in his worst, most delinquent period had met Sister Abigail. What if he was her first fosterling? What if she grew fond of him but then Dean, driven by his rebel nature left without a world and set on a search for recognition?

Bray, as someone, who fanatically believes in every word that Sister Abigail says; as someone who believes himself to have been saved by her, would never let that slide. It would explain why Bray Wyatt at first offered Ambrose to join him  – that would have made Her happy. It would also explain why  Bray was so willing to destroy Ambrose – to avenge Her suffering.

That angle would have given Ambrose the opportunity to unleash his most psychologically distraught persona. Imagine him –once having reached the top, loved at last, having it all consumed by the skeletons of his past.

That would have been a breath-taking spectacle, which would have kept the audience on the edge of their seats. Too bad the WWE decided to just tease us with a nice line and then forget about this altogether.

You have nothing to lose, Dean, even your own father turned his back on you  

That was a below-the-belt line that I found too hard to swallow. I don’t like it when real-life personal issues get dragged into keyfabe rivalries but disregarding my subjective position on this, it could have worked.

If Dean Ambrose had actually been affected by Bray Wyatt’s words, then things would have played out differently. Dean was more annoyed that his personal issues were brought up, rather than distressed about it. This angle should have fueled his hatred. It should have hit so close to home that Ambrose should have lost his mind over it. He should have digressed into a completely and irreversibly unhitched Jon Moxley-like persona.

That would have made Wyatt’s mission of taking down false heroes successful but it would have put him face to face with something way worse than what he would have imagined. Ambrose would have turned into a monster that would have brought fear in Bray’s heart.  That man, who has got nothing to lose, abandoned by all, is the persona that made Ambrose, who he is now. Tapping back into this gimmick would have made him the one force in the WWE that is unstoppable.

Angry and violent, crazed , set on a path of self-destruction, an Ambrose, unrestricted by the rules of the WWE Universe would have been too much for the WWE to contain.  As thrilling as it could have been, it proved to be a step too bold for the WWE to make.


When I go down, I’m going to self-destruct gloriously…If Bray Wyatt wants to go down with me, I hope he’s right, I hope there’s a special place down in hell for both of us.

What I like in this piece is the fatalism. This is the edgiest version of Ambrose that the WWE is willing to use. It’s nowhere near what I was talking about in the previous scenario but it still draws me in.

This Ambrose lives in a cold and dark present; he sees no future and seeks no survival.  Bray Wyatt is so entirely immersed in the teachings of his cult that he cannot stop, he said it himself (although later than the Ambrose promo). In a way those are two men, who are doomed to never experience happiness because of the way they see the world. Seeing them go down together in one last fight would have been both tragic and sadistically compelling.

It should have all gone down in flames at Survivor Series. The match should have been bloody and brutal. It should have been the final stop. I can see how this pay-per-view isn’t fit for this sort of a match, so I would understand why the WWE would drag it out onto TLC. But that should have been the end.

They should have both either been carried out on stretchers or they should have “fought off” into the audience and outside to the unknown as they’ve  done  once before. They should have both disappeared for a while and then returned at different times, involved in different feuds but darker and more terrifying than ever. This match should have ended Ambrose and Wyatt as we know them.

Instead, the fans’ approval of the TLC match between Ambrose and Wyatt only led to a series of gimmick matches over a few weeks’ time, leading to yet another one of those on RAW tomorrow night.  The lack of consistent story-telling and the WWE’s poor taste for cheap spectacles, turned Wyatt vs. Ambrose from one of the most promising rivalries on the roster to a feud that we all just want to end.

This Ambulance match needs to be the final chapter. No questions asked. It’s been too long and too badly developed by the creative team. Such a waste of a perfect opportunity!

How do you feel about the Ambrose vs. Wyatt feud? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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