Total Divas Recap & Highlights – Season 3 Episode 11 – 1/4/2015

Trouble With The Bellas

Following a conversation with Brie, her brother and her mum, John Cena decided that he and Nikki needed to take some time off.

John didn’t tell Nicole that her family was involved but that made Brie realise that John was a stand-upguy and she started having second thoughts. Supported by her mum, Brie came clean in front of her sister.

Nikki was upset. She argued wit her family and told them she was happy in her relationship. Then she rushed to John’s place to make up.

In the end of the day, Nicole and John got back together just on time for Summer Slam when Nikki was about to make a huge heel turn that would skyrocket her career.

Natalya & Paige –Not the Best Party Buddies

Paige made her presence felt in her very first episode on Total Divas. She invited Natty to a party to help her forget her issues with TJ.

Once at the party, Natalya didn’t feel comfortable, although Fandango and Wade Barrett were there. Paige decided to lift her spirits with a prank. She told Natty that the brownies she ate had pot in them.

However, Paige’s joke got out of control when Natty started to panic over the next few days. To top it off, a surprise drug test at work drove Natty insane. She crashed her car on purpose, while driving Ariane (Cameron), in order to avoid the test and save her reputation.

Paige visited Natalya at her place and confessed that she lied about the brownies. The presents that Paige brought for Natalya’s cats as an apology didn’t impress Natty enough for her to forget the issue. She did say that she wasn’t mad at Paige but still asked her to leave.

Do you think Nikki’s family was wrong to talk to John? Do you think Paige crossed the line with her joke? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


2 thoughts on “Total Divas Recap & Highlights – Season 3 Episode 11 – 1/4/2015

  1. I am sorry to say I have been a huge fan of WWE wrestling for many years but tonight topped all the stupidity I have ever seen. I will no longer be watching this program in my home if the authority remains on the show they are to vulgar and disrespectful for people to be watching and it disgusts me to have behavior like that in my home.


    • Don’t worry, Tammy, I’m sure that if you stop watching, the one thing you’ll miss will be seeing the Authority get taken out for good.
      All that happened last night was only setting up the beginning of the end for the Authority. Firing Dolph, Ryback and Rowan just sets them free. They no longer have to obey the Authority.
      A man with nothing to lose is dangerous, three of them and Sting as their leader – Triple H and Stephanie will regret their actions on RAW


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