WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 09/01/2015

Seth Rollins/ Roman Reigns

RAW had been so preoccupied with John Cena and the Authority that Rollins’ inclusion to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at the Rumble got lost in the shuffle. Last night, Seth made sure to remind us of it, without missing the opportunity to mock John Cena as he goes, of course.

Rollins also took credit for bringing back the Authority and by proxy, getting this title opportunity, as well. I have to say, Seth Rollins really can’t lose. Even if he just stays out of the match and lets Cena and Lesnar take each other apart, he’ll win. The MITB briefcase guarantees that.

Rollins orchestrated a 10 seconds mourning bell ringing for Ziggler, Rowan & Ryback. Before the end, Roman Reigns had already come out. He took out both Rollins and his security.

Before clearing the ring, Reigns not only delivered a remarkably good promo, but also had the confidence to rub it in the haters’ faces with a wink. Priceless.

However, Big Show came to take care of Seth, big brother style, accompanied by Kane, who set up a handicap match – Reigns vs. Rollins & Big Show. Anyone, who wished to become Reigns’ partner, was warned that helping Reigns would make them an enemy of the Authority.

Reigns looked troubled there for a moment but for the fans the suspense came from anticipating Ambrose’s inevitable appearance, rather than worrying about Roman’s fate.

Also, the Big Show has never been that entertaining.  The manner in which he threatened to KO everybody in the audience made me laugh.  A funny version of the Big Show – enjoy it, it’s rare and won’t last!

Kane/ Miz & Mizdow

Miz was sucking up to the Authority with the skill of a professional. The A-lister wanted to get himself a tag team rematch against the Usos, without the inclusion of Gold and Stardust in the picture.

Kane seemed to be inclined to agree but Mizdow accidentally spilled water all over him and the Director of Operations decided to go with the triple threat.

The “thank your stunt-double” line was a sign that Miz & Mizdow’s break up is underway.

Big E vs. Adam Rose

Tyson Kidd and Cesaro looked on as Big E and Adam Rose had their rematch but didn’t get involved. This makes me think that those two are not really buddies with Rose. Their interest is in the New Day.

As for the match, it wasn’t too long and Big E won by catching Rose, while Rose had momentum and overpowering him. However, I was once again impressed by Adam Rose. Despite the loss he looked great and felt like a threat.

Before I couldn’t take Rose seriously, now his presence has changed and alongside it – the atmosphere of his entire matches. Exterminating the Bunny and turning aggressive was the smartest thing that Rose could have done.

The Ascension vs. Local Jobbers 3

I had my doubts about the idea of having the Ascension trash-talk legends to get heat. However, it seems to be working just fine.

A squash match against a couple of unnamed jobbers usually wouldn’t trigger a heated response but last night, the crowd drowned Viktor & Konnor in BOOs. Surprisingly, this old trick actually worked.

The Usos/ Byron Saxton

The Usos made it clear that they find the decisions of the Authority unfair, which is not a smart move. This triple threat match they were complaining about is going to be the least of their issues if the bosses decide to pay attention this promo.

There’s one other thing that bothers me thought – is it me or were the Usos actually calling Byron “Sex”?! It probably would be spelled “Sax” but it totally sounded like “Sex”.  Jokes that defy the PG era…

Alicia Fox vs. Naomi

I was pleasantly surprised by the divas match last night. Naomi was impressive. She started off with great energy and kept it until the end.

The audience cheered spontaneously with a lot of excitement. How often can you say that about a Diva’s match?

In the end, Alicia Fox picked up the win by using the ropes for leverage, while the ref wasn’t looking. Regardless of that, Naomi’s performance last night made her the real winner. There must be someone backstage who takes notes of performances like that and distributes brownie points afterwards.

Bray Wyatt

To begin his promo, the Eater of Worlds dismissed Ambrose as just another “insect, crawling up a glass jar”. This leaves the Lunatic Fringe the opportunity to restart this feud whenever he wants to.

When Bray moved on to the topic of beginning a new journey, things turned darker in a beautiful way. He is entering the Royal Rumble and all other should fear him.

My prediction is that Wyatt will either be eliminated by Ambrose for a little bit of vengeance or by Rowan to start a new feud. The second would be more beneficial for the future, whereas the first would bring more satisfaction.

Miz & Mizdow vs. The Usos vs. Gold & Stardust

This match was so good I don’t know where to begin. It’s hard to pick out the highlights when the entire match was awesome.

I know that Mizdow was the favourite in the match. The audience kept cheering for him. I think the crowd wanted Mizdow to become the Tag Team ChampionS. Even the Usos were cheering for him loudly and they are the reigning champions!

We were treated to a lot of fast tag action and highflying. The one dive that made my night, though, was Stardust’s Falling Star, accompanied by him screaming “MAKE A WISH”. Great touch by Cody there!

Back to Mizdow, the stunt double tagged himself in, leaving the Miz in shock. The A-lister wasn’t having it and started screaming at Mizdow. This distraction killed Mizdow`s momentum and effectively became the beginning of the end.

Miz had been taken out by Stardust, so Mzidow had to tag the Usos in. Miz will never ever let him forget that this tag cost them the match. He’ll make Mizdow’s life hell.

Stardust and Goldsut seemed to have smoothed out their issues. Goldsut did a really nice, well-placed save by pulling Stardust out of the way from outside the ring. That was until Stardust decided to help his brother, pulled down the rope to get Jimmy to fall out, but Goldust was the one, who ended up getting tossed over it. This team is not going in a good direction either. There are way too many miscommunications between the Cosmic Brothers.

In the end Jimmy pinned Goldust to retain the titles. We need face tag team champions, so that the Ascension can make a move and look even more evil.

Bad News Barrett vs. Sin Cara

BNB came out in a good mood, delivering “good news” – his renewed championship run and the firings on RAW. However, he left in a much fouler mood.

His opponent was Sin Cara and I hardly paid any attention. I was fully convinced that BNB would just squash Sin Cara and leave. And then – senton, cover and Sin Cara pinned BNB. Just like that.

Barrett was frustrated, as expected and ambushed Sin Cara after the match but a win is a win.

This was the upset of the night. I haven’t been that surprised by a match outcome in a very long time. Very well booked, WWE! After all, BNB needs a feud while Ziggler is “fired”.

Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins & The Big Show

It was hardly a surprise to anybody when Ambrose’s music hit but everyone was on their feet. This mini Shield reunion has made a lot of hearts race, I guarantee it.

The Lunatic Fringe had barely entered the ring when he was all over Seth Rollins. The Ambrose vs. Rollins feud is immortal and will always be as entertaining every time it happens.

Ambrose was on a roll, making life difficult for Seth Rollins, until the Big Show pulled his partner out of the ring and…gave him a hug?

Once Rollins had had his breather, protected by the Big Show, he got his game back on. Rollins went after Ambrose’s injured leg and after that the match turned into a punishment for the Lunatic Fringe. He couldn’t stand up by the end of it and everybody had a go at him, including J&J Secuity, who drove him into the barricade, while the ref was busy with something else.

When Roman Reigns finally got tagged in, the expected thing would have been to have a quick finish, delivered solely by the hot tag. I was overjoyed to see the match unfold in a much more Shield-esque manner.

Chaos ruled the ring, Reigns was in trouble and then out of nowhere Ambrose literally flew in the camera shot from the top left corner and took Big Show out. Then the Lunatic Fringe dove over the the ropes and took out everybody else, clearing the ring for Roman. Reigns evaded a curbstomp and speared Rollins for the win.

First thing Reigns did after the match was to rush out of the ring to pick up Ambrose. Both of them retreated, leaning on each other, to the sound of the Shield theme. That was an image that many were longing to see.

When the Shield is in the ring, even one man down, magic happens. I can’t explain it but the chemistry in that stable is non-replicable. The Authority now has a big issue on their hands and the fans will enjoy watching that opposition in action.

What did you think of this week’s SmackDown? Share your thoughts in the comment section ,on FB or Twitter!


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