WWE Main Event – Review, Highlights and Results From 13/01/2015

Gold & Stardust vs. Los Matadores

This was a complete joke. It was because Goldust couldn’t handle El Torito that the Cosmic Brothers lost. It’s the second time the bull has Goldust beat.

This is not building up neither Los Matadores, nor the Cosmic Brothers. The first are apparently so bad that they need their mascot to win their matches and the latter are apparently so bad that they can’t handle a mascot. What kind of a booking is that?!

The Cosmic Brothers were over just a few months back but the WWE completely ruined them. The tag team division’s literally limping with the Usos being one of its legs and Miz& Mizdow – the crutch that fills in for the missing second one. It’s bad.

Also, the commentators didn’t stop discussing how likely it is for the Cosmic Brothers to turn on each other in the Rumble match. Yes, that is a normal topic before the Rumble but the conversation was too focused on Gold & Stardust to be coincidental. In addition to that, we can’t forget the recent misunderstandings that have been causing the Cosmic Brothers’ losing streak. Gold and Stardust might not survive past the Royal Rumble.

The Ascension vs. Local Competitors

In their pre-match promo the Ascension moved on from “we are better than the legendary tag teams” to “there are no legendary tag teams of the past”.

The match itself was slightly longer than the previous 3 or 4. Konnor even had the opportunity to toss around the other guy outside the ring. And the poor unnamed competitor got hit not only with The Fall of Man, but also with the Nuclear Fall before that.

JBL was once again picking the Ascension apart throughout the match. I hope there is at least, some sort of a misguided plan behind this because as things stand at the moment, Konnor and Viktor are sinking, rather than rising and it’s the Creative’s fault.

Rusev vs. Justin Gabirel

This was a breather from all the frustrating matches on the show. Not that Gabirel had any chance of winning this, but it wasn’t a squash match per se.


Gabriel put up a fight and the audience cheered for him. Actually, they might have cheered against Rusev, rather than for Gabirel, having in mind that the USA chant doesn’t necessarily apply to a South African. Then again, Justin Gabirel was happy with the chant. He acknowledged it during the match and seemed to feed off it. He’s normally a heel, so getting a facer reaction for a change must have been nice.


Rusev caught Gabirel midair and slammed him before locking him in the Accolade. Gabriel quickly tapped out but the Big Russian wouldn’t let go.

This didn’t further any storyline but Rusev got to remind us of his dominance and Gabirel got to fight as a fan favourite, so no one’s complaining.

The New Day vs. Tyson Kidd, Cesaro & Adam Rose

How come this match happened on Main Event? I was expecting it to be booked at least on a SmackDown. Starting a feud and having all people involved face off for the first time on the least watched show (excluding Superstars) is an example of bad planning.

Xavier Woods took most of the punishment in the match. Once tags were to be made, both teams tried to create an exciting atmosphere by having everyone get involved and try to help their partners.

However, the New Day’s double moves don’t work for me. It looks too staged. Big E picks up Woods, he stops midair, screams “New Day”, Kofi yells back “New Day” and then Woods gets to hit his opponent? Tell me this seems real to you! If we had to be realistic, the opponent would have rolled away sometime between Xavier and Kofi’s exchange of motivational screams.

I’ll give it to the New Day though, that triple dive over the ropes was impressive. Mostly, because of Big E’s flying tackle. I thought he broke Adam Rose in two.

Xavier Woods pinned Adam Rose. I guess that was the safe way to book the ending. It gives the New Day a win without harming Tyson Kidd and Cesaro. Rose, unfortunately is perceived as the bottom player here. I do hope that he’ll get a decent role in this feud at least.

What did you think of this week’s Main Event? Share your thoughts in the Comment Section, on FB or Twitter!


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