WWE NXT – Review, Highlights and Analysis From 14/01/2015

Finn Balor vs. Tyson Kidd

Finn Balor started with a drop kick right off the bat and the energy levels in this match didn’t drop at all until the very end.

Finn seemed to be too much at first for Tyson, but then the veteran, outsmarted his opponent, tossed him out of the ring and drove him through the barricade. The sound of flesh hitting metal made would either make you flinch, or get you excited.

It was one of those matches that you can’t stop watching. Tyson Kidd’s confidence and taunts, paired up with his outstanding delivery sure were enough to fire up his opponent. And Finn Balor made the fight feel special. His in-ring presence does that. The way he moves, his posture – every single moves he makes from his entrance to the exit feels surreal.

After getting away from the Sharp Shooter by grabbing the ropes, Finn Balor hit a flying under hook DDT, followed by a kick off the top rope and pinned Tyson Kidd.

I can’t say that there was a loser in this match. I believe both men came off looking brilliant, but the biggest winner was the audience for getting this as an opening match.

Bull Dempsey Promo

Bull was backstage and he was angry. The fact that Baron Corbin’s undefeated streak was mentioned, but his was not, made Dempsey burst out with jealousy.

Bull promised to deliver Baron Corbin’s End of Days but Bull’s in the position of a bitter man, who sees he’s being outdone. There is no way he’ll prevail with this attitude.

Bull Dempsey vs. Baron Corbin

Despite talking big, Dempsey was quickly overwhelmed by Corbin and slid out of the ring. The Lone Wolf wasn’t about to give him any breathers, though.

Bull tried to hit The Diving Headbutt but missed and then got flattened by the End of Days.

Baron Corbin won this in about 2 minutes. Although it is relatively long, compared to his other matches, it was still a surprise to me that the fight ended so quickly. I thought Bull would have been a challenge for Corbin.

Natalya & Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks & Becky Lynch

If Natalya’s matches were anything like that on the main roster, people would be queuing to watch her. She was unbelievable. Her chemistry with Becky Lynch was so strong that it was almost tangible.


Charlotte displayed power and agility, while Sasha was vicious and cunning. It was the Boss’ ability to play despite the rules that gave Banks the win. Sasha held Charlotte’s tights and left victorious.

I don’t know where exactly this is going because I thoguth that the Sasha vs. Charlotte war was over. Regardless of what the WWE goes for, all four women in the ring would be great champions.

Adrian Neville vs. Sami Zayn

I don’t think that a bad match between those two could exist. They are both just that good.

The tension in the beginning of the match was so thick that I could cut it with a knife. Zayn and Neville were hesitant. They didn’t want to hurt each other out of friendship and respect but at the same time they both wanted the title. Great storytelling in the ring!

The fight broke out when Neville slapped Zayn across the face. He did apologize and looked sincerely sorry but Sami wasn’t having it and slapped him back. Then the real competition began.

Both men countered each other’s best moves and then delivered something on top that we haven’t seen before. Adrian Neville wrapped his ankles around Sami’s neck and then tossed them both in the air, planting Zayn on his back and neck. It looked like something taken out of a video game.

I feel their pain every time they have to face each other. After that spectacular maneuver, Sami was out. Adrian Neville had him beat but wouldn’t take advantage and hurt Sami because they are friends.   After that it was too late, Sami Zayn saw an opening and retained his championship.

And of course there was Kevin Owens to ruin it all. He ambushed Sami after the match and stepped on his face to add insult to injury. Adrian Neville was too hurt to be of any help.

I was thoroughly impressed with the match. As for Kevin Owens, if the aim was to get people to hate him, I think it might be working.

What did you think of the first Wednesday edition of NXT? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter.


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