Assault Charges Against Heath Slater Dropped But Will The WWE Forgive And Forget?

The assault charges against Heath Slater, raised by a security guard (Corrine Oliver) at the WM 30 after party, have been dropped. The court says that the reason for dropping the charges is that the statute of limitation has expired.

People close to Slater claim that the night of the alleged incident, Slater not only was with his girlfriend, but also proposed to her. This is why many doubt the genuineness of Oliver’s allegations.

How WWE will treat Slater afterwards is another topic. Drew McIntyre’s WWE career was practically over after he and his wife at the time got involved in a loud domestic dispute in a public place. Dropped or not, assault charges are a scandal serious enough to put a superstar on the shelf.

Hopefully, Slater will get a chance. After all, when the news about the arrest warrant broke out, the WWE Universe was just starting to warm up to Heath, largely because of his involvement in the JBL (not Cole) Show.

If the WWE is willing to forget about the whole situation, this would be the perfect opportunity to have Slater make his return as Clem Layfield at the Royal Rumble. The only downside to that is that the WWE will probably keep Slater in the same jobber position he was in before, regardless of the name he’s given and the response of the crowd.Then again, being a comic act is better than being fired, I suppose.

How do you think the WWE will handle the situation with Heath Slater? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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