WWE RAW – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 19/01/2015

Brock Lesnar/ The Authority/ John Cena

There is a reason why Brock has Pual Heyman talk instead of him and we were reminded of it last night. Lesnar’s mic skills are unbelievably bad. People complain about Reigns but this, this is far worse.  Brock though is a beast in the ring and he doesn’t really need talking to be his strong point.

Brock wanted Seth and since Triple H, in the most patronizing way possible, refused to give him to Lesnar , the Beast was ready to settle for beating the boss. Paul Heyman almost lost it, seeing his mail ticket in danger but Steph, accompanied by Kane & Big Show came to talk Brock out of attacking her husband.

Seth Rollins popped up on the screen. It was an understandable choice, knowing that standing in the ring would have probably gotten him run over by an angry Beast. However, it  felt awkward, having this on screen presence on the giant TV monitor, throughout the rest of the segment, especially knowing that Rollins was actually somewhere backstage, less than a minute away.

Obviously, the segment couldn’t have gone without Cena. He went back and forth with the Authority until Triple H gave Cena a way out to bring Ziggler, Rowan & Ryback back. To get them rehired, Cena had to win a match on RAW but if he was to lose, he’d lose his shot at the title as well. The WWE Universe was to vote whether Cena should accept or not.

The moment this stipulation was added, we all knew there was no way Cena would lose. Being unbeatable is never entertaining for the audience. I agree with Seth when he says Cena’s time should be over soon.

Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt

Bryan’s big return drastically lost importance from Thursday to Monday.

He only got a short match against Wyatt, in which the Eater of Worlds dominated most of the time. Once Bryan started bulding some momentum, Kane came out to distract him and Bray won with Sister Abigail.

After the match Kane attacked Bryan to prove a point and build up some suspense ahead of their match on Thursday.

It seems like Daniel Bryan’s struggle will be a SmackDown storyline. This was just a filler match to keep Bryan in the picture.

It was at least somewhat useful to Bray, who won his first match after the Ambrose feud. However, I think it’s a wasted opportunity, knowing that the Rumble’s just around the corner and Wyatt’s appearance could have been saved for there.

Legends Backstage

Triple H, HBK and the NWO were catching up backstage when Miz and Mizdow arrived for a cameo with comic purposes only.


Mizdow was so good in the role of X PAc  that if Miz hadn’t intervened I wouldn’t have known it was him. This School of Performance is really doing wonders for Sandow.

Legends Panel

Ric Flair, HBK and Hulk Hogan were back on the Legends Panel. They first discussed whether Cena should put his WHC opportunity on the line for his friends and the Nature Boy was the only one to be against the idea.

Then the conversation moved onto the Royal Rumble. HBK’s favorite is Bray Wyatt. Hogan picked Daniel Bryan and Ric Flair chose Ambrose as the winner. After this segment, it’s clear that neither of them will win. Logically Hogan should have picked Reigns and yet no one even mentioned the guy, who last year broke the record for most eliminations in a Royal Rumble match. The WWE might be trying to make Roman’s win a surprise, but we already know it’s coming.

The Big Show was upset that no one picked him as his favourite. He started bullying the Legends Panel.  HBK was hilariously hiding behind Hogan’s back. Ric Flair, who earlier was struggling to speak, for some reason decided that attacking the Giant is a good idea and got knocked out.

Roman Reigns came out to defend the legends and before anyone knew what was going on, he had already single-handedly put Big Show over the top rope.

It was impressive, if you think about it. Usually 5-6 people gang up on the Giant to eliminate him and sometimes fail. Reigns did it on his own just by building up some speed and momentum.

John Cena App Vote

John Cena found out the results of the WWE Universe vote. 85% said YES to Cena putting his WHC opportunity on the line. Anyone surprised? Yeah…

Dean Ambrose vs Bad News Barrett

Barrett seemed to be completely overwhelmed by the Lunatic Fringe in the beginning but then the two of them produced a very nice wrestling match. That’s until Ambrose’s bad knee gave out. I expected it to cost him the match but Ambrose hit the Dirty Deeds out of nowhere and won. A victorious Ambrose is an image we haven’t seen in a while.


It’s frustrating that Ambrose only gets to fight various champions but never really feuds for the title. He’s in a strange sport right now. He’s too popular to be a midcard champion but he’s far too unorthodox to be considered as a main event star. Also, his incredible connection with the audience makes it easy for the company to book him to lose without Ambrose falling out of favor with the fans. Still, this is a terrible way to utilize a gold mine, such as the Lunatic Fringe.

Tyson Kidd & Cesaro vs. Kofi Kingston & Big E

Adam Rose’s reason for hanging out with Cesaro and Kidd turned out to be their common feeling of being mistreated and underappreciated by the WWE. I think many will agree that those three are actually right.


Kofi Kingston got beat up in the most creative ways, courtesy to Kidd and Cesaro. Their styles match so well.

Then again, Kofi rolled up Cesaro and got a surprise win, so Cesaro & Kidd’s brilliance didn’t pay off.

This 6-man feud had some chances of looking good until Xavier Woods suffered an ankle injury last week. Now, I don’t see this ending well. In a 3 on 2 situation, favoring the heels, the faces will undoubtedly have to win, burying their opponents. Sad.

Raw Reunion

Scott Hall, X Pac and Kevin Nash were back in the ring…promoting the WWE Network for just 9.99$.

The Ascension coming out to confront them was to be expected. The bad outcome for Konnor and Viktor was also predictable.

I admit, it was fun, seeing JBL take his shirt off and enter the ring, side by side with Ron Simmons, in their APA t-shirts. The New Age Outlaws ganging up on the newcomers was a definite overkill.

I’m not sold on this segment. Was it worth burying the Ascension, only to have the pleasure of seeing the Clothesline From Hell one more time?

I think, the WWE thought that throwing 7 men against the Ascension would save Konnor and Viktor’s momentum. However, that momentum was non-existent and this entire reunion stunt only hurt the Ascension.

The Authority

In a backstage segment with some comic drumroll misuse, Triple H and Stephanie announced that Cena was to face Seth Rollins, Kane & The Big Show in a handicap match. I was hoping for something a bit more original….

Paige & Natalya vs. Summer Rae & Alicia Fox

The Bellas were on commentary and they were awful. Nikki was delivering lame one-liners and Brie agreed to everything. Terrible.


In the ring, Alicia Fox was practically in a handicap match because Summer was utterly useless.

Paige locked the PTO on Foxy and won.


The whole charade took place only to give the opportunity to announce the Bellas vs. Paige & Natalya at the Royal Rumble.

Rusev vs. R-Truth

I think no one doubts the outcome of this match.


Even though it was Truth’s birthday, he was squashed with the Accolade.

Seth Rollins/ Brock Lesnar

Lesnar found Rollins backstage and made it clear that he was going to take him out. Mr. MITB looked too scared.

Jey Uso vs. The Miz

Miz was on fire because of his jealousy. In the beginning of the match, he got mad over the fans’ love for Sandow and took it all out on Jey Uso.

Although the Miz was on a roll, Jey still won after the A-lister took himself out by hitting the post with his shoulder.


In this feud Miz has been putting more in, in terms of wrestling. He should be given some credit.

John Cena vs. Seth Rollins. Kane & Big Show

As expected, this was a 3 on 1 beat down. At some point, the match turned into Rollins vs Cena and it was good but then it slipped back into the predictability of the handicap stipulation.

Since we are talking about Cena here, three opponents weren’t enough. Triple H, Stephanie and J&J Security all had to get involved.  And Cena was still winning after that.

When the numbers game finally seemed to get to Cena and Rollins was setting up for the curb stomp, Sting made his RAW debut.

It was pay-per-view worthy. The clothes, the titantron and the way Sting pointed at Triple H, it was the glamorous beginning of the Clash of the Titans!

In all the commotion Rollins got distracted and Cena took the opportunity to pin him.

Then to make matters worse, Brock Lesnar came out to attack Rollins. Big Show and Kane stood up to defend Seth and both got treated to an F5 each. Meanwhile, Rollins ran for his life.

I get that Lesnar needs to re-establish his position before the triple threat match. Still, this terribly inconsistent booking of Rollins is killing me. Last week, he was so bad ass that his speech on its own gave me chills. This week he’s running for his life, tail between his legs. Rollins deserves better!

What did you think of this week’s RAW? Share your thoughts in the comment section, FB or Twitter!


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