Discussing the Royal Rumble Match – Highlights & Talking Points

Whatever questionable moments the Royal Rumble Match had, it can’t be denied that the 30-Men Battle was worth the time and the money. It had everything from unthinkable spots, such as the legendary Bubba Ray Dudley, teaming up with R Truth, through the fantasy realm face-off between Bray Wyatt and the Boogeyman, to an expected ending with unexpectedly strong backlash.

This year’s Royal Rumble match didn’t go without the usual Kofi Kingston crazy survival moment. He crowd surfed the Exotic Express. The Rosebuds put Kofi back in with complaisance but were nowhere near when Adam Rose needed saving. This must be the most useless entourage in the entire history of wrestling. Rose needs to ditch the Rosebuds soon.

Another break up that needs to happen is Miz vs. Mizdow. I think everybody expected it at the Rumble but for some reason it didn’t, they are still at the stage of bickering. Mizdow’s defiance towards the Miz was completely wasted on a Royal Rumble run that lasted less than a minute. It wouldn’t have hurt the WWE if they had given Mizdow at least one elimination. It would have been something that the fans would have enjoyed too.

We did get a glimpse of a rivalry that we all wanted to see but it didn’t last long. We were teased with the Wyatt Family face-off we never got to see. In a couple of minutes we saw Luke Harper betraying Rowan for Bray and Wyatt turning on Luke Harper. If the WWE had played their cards well, we could have been watching this for the past two-three months. Now, we could get Rowan vs. Harper at best and it’s not certain yet.

Bray Wyatt proved that he has to offer much more than just beautiful words. With 6 eliminations, including that of Daniel Bryan, the Eater of Words left last night as the guy who single-handedly put the largest number of competitors over the top rope. While doing all of that, Bray had the time to take a microphone and claim 2015 as his year. I’m inclined to believe him.

Daniel Bryan got eliminated far too early. The audience couldn’t get over it for a while. The Daniel Bryan chants kept reoccurring long after he was gone. Crushing the fans’ favorite that early was an odd decision from the WWE. Another example that comes to mind is Dolph Ziggler who came in at #30 and got eliminated by a KO punch and dumped over the top rope as a dead body.

The WWE did well at pulling some heart strings in the match. A bloody Roman Reigns and a beat-up Dean Ambrose uniting for a last brothers’ stand off against Kane & the Big Show was an emotional scene. Seeing Ambrose’s lifeless body get dumped out seconds later was devastating.

Then we got to Roman Reigns’ victory. The crowd was so strongly against him that they chanted WE WANT RUSEV. I never expected the hate to get that bad but maybe I should have. After all, what we saw last night was the exact same response as last year, just Reigns took Batista’s place. The Rock came out to endorse his cousin and the fans, who usually go crazy for the People’s Champion, still weren’t pleased.

Things got to the point that #CancelWWENetwork has become the top trend on Twitter and it is ridiculous. I don’t like the fact that a large portion of the WWE fans are acting as a bunch of spoiled kids. Last year, Batista deserved the negative reaction he got because he was a part-timer and he jumped over people who wrestle on daily basis. This year, Roman Reigns got the same treatment, although he’s a full-time worker and has done nothing that would turn around the good opinion that the crowd had of him a few months ago.

Is it that difficult to pick your favourites and stick by them through thick and thin? People wanted Reigns but when they finally got him, they booed him. What’s with all the hate band wagon jumping and constant mood swings? The WWE Universe seems to change their preference more often than wrestlers do character turns.  I feel that there’s a lot of nitpicking going on and many fans have become so preoccupied with finding things to complain about that they’ve become unable to enjoy a good match.

To end on a lighter note, if someone really has the right to complain, that’s Curtis Axel. He never got eliminated, so technically the Royal Rumble match is still going on.

Did you enjoy the Royal Rumble match? Which moments stood out to you? What were the good and the bad sides of the match in your opinion?

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2 thoughts on “Discussing the Royal Rumble Match – Highlights & Talking Points

  1. I liked the part where roman reigns won . if it weren’t for the rock stepping in, then the authority coming out, the authority doesn’t mind interfering, but they don’t like when some one else does it. it should go both ways.


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