WWE NXT – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 28/01/2015

Lucha Dragons vs. Wesley Blake & Buddy Murphy

NXT started on a light note. In a very short match, Blake and Murphy managed to pull off another fluke win.

Kalisto didn’t notice the tag made between Blake and Murphy, so he hit the SDS on the wrong person, leading to a surprise win and the crowning of new champions.It happened so fast that Sin Cara & Kalisto probably needed some time to realize what had just happened.

Understandably, Blake and Murphy were overly excited and extremely happy. I was happy for them too. They caught my attention when they debuted as a team because of their energy. They are such a joyful bunch that it’s a pleasure to watch them.

However, neither the Lucha Dragons, nor the Vaudevillains will be happy with this outcome. Both teams lost to Blake & Murphy seemingly out of sheer luck. A triple threat match for the titles might be on the way. If it does happen, Mr. Regal should make it a tag team turmoil.


Adrian Neville vs. Tyson Kidd

Fun & jokes aside, if you wanted a good wrestling match that was the bout you needed to see.

There isn’t much to say about the fight. It was flawless. Kidd and Neville are two of the top technical wrestlers in the WWE and their match was a treat.


It was no surprise that Adrian Neville won. He got some promo time after the match in the ring and that for me is a hint. Neville is viewed as more of a threat than any of the other contenders.

Charlotte & Bayley vs. Sasha Banks & Becky Lynch

After the altercation between these for women last week I don’t think anybody expected the match to go smoothly.

Bayley tried to help her partner but accidentally hit her and Charlotte didn’t take it well. The two of them started fighting, Sasha and Becky Lynch got involved too and the referee had to stop the match.


Interestingly enough, the last two women, trying to viciously pick each other apart were Charlotte and Bayley. The focus will be on them. I think either Bayley or Becky will win this. It won’t be either of the top two divas.

Finn Balor/ Hideo Itami

Finn and Hideo clashed backstage. They’ll have to face each other in the next stage of the #Contender’s Tournament. Despite their friendship, they are ready to fight.

Hideo is still somehow masking the fact that he doesn’t speak English. Finn delivered a promo and Hideo just came in with a punch line, which he could have learnt by heart. Although this might not be such a big issue down at NXT, on the main roster Hideo will be branded as a jobber if he can’t deliver on the mic.


Emma seems to be back on NXT now. She’s wrestling Carmella next week. Why do I have the feeling that Emma’s not going to win?

Baron Corbin vs. Bull Dempsey

It took Baron Corbin about a minute and a half to wrestle Bull in and out of the ring, and to pull off the End of Days for the ending.

Bull didn’t take it well. He hijacked Baron’s post-match promo and tried to threaten him, claiming that those short wins are only based on luck. Baron just pushed his face off as if Bull was the annoying little brother that just won’t leave him alone.

I think Bull will cost Baron Corbin the match against Adrian Neville. It might be Corbin’s first serious match but Dempsey will get involved to ruin it.

Sami Zayn/Kevin Owens Contract Signing

I take my hat off to Sami Zayn for having the patience to deal with Kevin Owens. I know I couldn’t have kept my cool in a situation like that.

Sami was so emotional that his voice cracked at some places. On the other side, Kevin Owens was giving him a dull, empty stare and pulled out some nonsense about being a businessman and working for money. Owens wanted a title match and Sami convinced Mr. Regal to give it to him.

Owens disrespected Zayn not only with his words but with his presence and actions as well. After that pen hit Sami, I don’t know how he held back. I would have exploded much earlier when Owens had that blank look on his face. Oh, well, this will be one match where I’ll have a strong preference, which means I’ll take it even harder when my guy loses.

What did you think of this week’s NXT? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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