WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 29/01/2015

Triple H

Triple H delivered a speech, aimed at showing off how well the WWE is doing. Then he moved on to two strange announcements.

First, The Game seemed to challenge Sting to a match at Fastlane. I find the idea of booking HHH vs. Sting at such a filler pay-per-view odd. I suppose the WWE is trying to sell Fastlane as a top class show, however, it might have the opposite effect and diminish the value of HHHvs. Sting instead.

The second strange point in Triple H’s promo was the fact that he called Roman Reigns’ win a “controversy” and distanced himself from it. He also promised to make an announcement about it on RAW.

I admit, this announcement sparked my interest. Could Triple H take the WM main event away from Reigns? Was this charade planned from the start? Did the WWE factor in the audience’s expected reaction when writing the future storylines or did they adapt to it after the Royal Rumble? I’m excited to see where the story is going.

Big Show vs. Roman Reigns

The focus in the match was less on the action in the ring and more on the audience’s response to Reigns. The crowed seemed to be unsure how to react. The atmosphere was very strange indeed.

Roman Reigns put a lot in the match. He upped his fighting, his selling and added a few new moves to his repertoire.  He seemed to work very hard to get the audience back on his side and respect that.

By the end of the match, the audience seemed to have cautiously warmed up to Reigns. At least, they roared with him before he hit the spear that won the match.

I still believe that the anger of the WWE Universe shouldn’t really have been aimed at Reigns to begin with.  I’m intrigued to find out how the WWE will deal with the issue. I’m starting to think that if they play their cards well, this situation might turn out to be a blessing in disguise for Reigns. Right now, there’re more eyes set on him than he could have ever hoped for.

Seth Rollins/ Team Cena

Seth Rollins came out and spoke about proving himself in the Triple Threat match. The crowd deservingly cheered for him.

Then, Rollins once again decided to issue an open challenge, although it hasn’t worked out well for him even once. Ryback responded and got beaten down by Seth and his security. Erick Roan ran out to help the Big Guy but Rollins somehow managed to keep both of them down. This lead to Ziggler coming to the rescue but Rollins managed to deal with him too, while retreating unharmed.

From where I’m standing, Seth Rollins single-handedly took out the entire Team Cena last night, while securing J&J’s escape.

That was a very strange segment. It felt as if it was thrown so that men involved would have some role on the show and nothing beyond that. The only person benefitting from it was Rollins, who came out looking strong.


We saw Kane backstage, delivering a disturbing promo while standing beside a casket. On one side it’s sad to watch Kane these days because his words don’t have even half the power they used to.

On the other, I am ever so impressed with the Demon. His mic skills are amazing. I doubt that most people would be able to deliver his promos without screwing up somewhere.

Tyson Kidd vs. Jey Uso

Yes, yes, yes! That’s what I have to say on this match. It wasn’t too long and Kidd won after some distraction from Cesaro but it’s the beginning of a great feud.

Kidd, Cesaro & Natalys vs. The Usos & Naomi will be an awesome rivalry. The matches will be great and the addition the women in the trios will make up for some nice diversity.


The Royal Rumble messed up the WWE Universe so badly that the crowd almost seemed inclined to agree with Rusev, who claimed he should have won the Rumble. The fans did start a USA chant but why too late.

Rusev called Cena “a loser”, “not a challenge”
and lacking spark for a fight. It must have pushed some buttons because Cena came out on fire.

Cena wanted a fight, Rusev wanted a fight but Lana stopped it.

This would have been a promising rivalry if we didn’t already know that there’s no way Cena will lose. It’s sad to see Rusev’s end coming.

Paige/The Bellas

Paige now has a championship match at FastLane. This came a bit out of the blue but I don’t mind. This should be a good rivalry because it gives Paige the opportunity to be the anti-diva she was always meant to be.

For now, The Bellas are picking on Paige’s looks and she’s not backing down. The numbers’ game is playing part and it might turn Paige face.

Gold & Stardust vs. The Ascension

The Ascension won, due to the issues between Gold & Stardust.

This match didn’t excite me the slightest and the crowd didn’t sound any livelier than I was. This is bad. It means that The Cosmic Brothers have lost steam, while the Ascension haven’t gained any. One team is falling apart, the other – not emerging at all. What have you done, WWE?!

Bray Wyatt

We heard another mysterious and sadistic promo from Bray Wyatt.

As beautiful as it was, it didn’t give any information. We still have no idea what he’ll do next. I just hope the WWE knows.

Kane vs. Daniel Bryan

Throughout the match Daniel Bryan fell in the casket more than once. He was constantly trying to survive, which fits the story arch. No matter how exciting Bryan was, he kept coming short when it came to sheer power.

A highlight for me was when Bryan YES-locked Kane into the casket. That was novel. It wasn’t the move that won the match for Bryan but it was the best spot in the fight.

Daniel Bryan put Kane in a coffin and I believe that the WWE Universe will agree with me when I say that this entire feud should be put to rest as well.

What did you think of this week’s SmackDown? Share your thoughts in the comment section ,on FB or Twitter!


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