Brad Maddox Works YouTube Once Again

If you haven’t heard yet, WWE superstar Brad Maddox has recently started a new you tube shown and it’s awesome!

Brad’s been off TV since he got “fired” as a RAW GM, 8 months ago. He’s tried quite a few things on YouTube, starting with the controversial Cave Incident,  through a show, the co-host of which was a little girl and now…this.

If you’ve seen Brad’s new project you’ll know that there’s no easy way of describing this. Even the title itself reflects the confusing nature of the show. It’s called The Show Brad Made and nothing could define it better. It’s just that creative.

The first episode starts and ends with no explanation. It features Brad talking to himself and it keeps you guessing. You just can’t stop watching because you want to know what happens next.

The second episode got me. I won’t spoil anything for you but you won’t see the plot twist coming. Also, I’m ever so impressed with Brad Maddox’s ability to naturally express emotion. It’s astonishing that the WWE is not utilising this sort of talent.

You were impressed by Brad Maddox managing to have a convincing conversation with himself in ep1?  Now try watching him quadruple himself and keep that talk flowing.

I’ve talked about Brad Maddox’s acting skills before. He’s simply amazing, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to convince hundreds of people that he was dying in a cave. I believe that the WWE needs to put Maddox back on TV and give him the chance he deserves!

What do you think about Brad and his new show? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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