WWE RAW – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 02/02/2015

The Announcement

Quite frankly, I expected more from this segment. It was hyped so much but fell flat.

The way both Reigns and Rollins wrote DB off, it was obvious that Bryan will come out victorious later in the night. However, we all know that there’s no way DB will steal Roman’s Wrestle Mania. This entire situation was artificially created, so that the WWE can fill up the card for Fast Lane, which still is a very unexciting pay-per-view.

I’m not convinced that this was the best move when it comes to building up Roman Reigns. As Booker T so eloquently said “Roman just got screwed, guys”. This is should direct some sympathy towards Reigns, however, once he defeats Bryan at Fast Lane, the crowd will hate him even more.

Big Show vs. Roman Reigns

Screwing Roman once wasn’t enough for the Authority. They just had to throw him into a match against the Big Show, right after ripping his dream  out of his grasp.

Obviously, Seth Rollins and J&J security made sure that this was a 4 on 1 match and despite Regins’ best efforts to overcome all odds, he lost.

If the WWE was aiming for sympathy, they made it. Roman’s expression after the match was the embodiment of despair. Imagine if he loses at Fast Lane… Although I only see him losing some fans, due to this stunt. I’m actually concerned about Reigns.

The Authority

Triple H and Stephanie were discussing how easy it was to manipulate Roman Reigns. They would have never been able to put him in a situation where he could lose his spot at Wrestle Mania, if he hadn’t agreed to it.

Curtis Axel/ Dean Ambrose

Curtis Axel came to the ring, frustrated, claiming that he was never eliminated from the Royal Rumble match, so he wanted Brock Lesnar at Mania. The notion of this match happening made the commentary team laugh out loud. Poor Axel.

Then Ambrose stormed out, tossed Axel over the top rope and said “Now, you’re eliminated”. Then the Lunatic Fringe made all his fans go wild by declaring the hunting season for the IC title open.

Axel tried to ambush Ambrose but the Lunatic Fringe came on top, sending a strong message to BNB.

I’m all in for Ambrose as an IC champion. The man deserves a push.

Gold & Stardust vs. The Ascension

The Ascension won again because of the misunderstandings in the Cosmic Brothers team.

The Stardust gimmick seems to be jeopardy. Goldust tried bringing his brother back to his senses by calling him by his real name. Stardust forbade him to use the name “Cody” ever again.  There must be a reason why this identity issue is being brought up and it spells trouble for the Stardust character.

John Cena Welcomes Ziggler, Rowan and Harper Back

It was Daniel Bryan on SmackDown and now it’s John Cena on RAW. How many welcoming parties do these guys need?

Stephanie cut the celebration short (thank God!) and set up matches for all three returning superstars. This shouldn’t be a reason to complain. After all, that’s their job, right?

Ryback vs. Luke Harper

Luke Harper made the match worth watching. He carried Ryback through it but the fans still cheered for the Big Guy. What is it that the fans see in Ryback? I’m failing to see it myself.

Anyway, Ryback still won and got to celebrate, while Harper fell back into oblivion. The Wyatt Family break up really didn’t do anything good for neither Rowan, nor Harper.

Jimmy Uso vs. Cesaro

This wasn’t a tag team match but it felt like one. There was more teamwork here than in half of the actual tag team matches we get to watch these days.

Both men were impressive in the ring and the assists were well-placed and perfectly timed. It was a pleasure to watch.

Cesaro won and left the threat hanging over the Tag Team Champions’ heads. There’s a match I want to see at Fast Lane.


Miz made the worst mistake in his life. He fired Mizdow as a stunt double and demoted him to an assistant. Bad move, Miz, bad move.

John Cena/Erick Rowan

Rowan went to Cena’s locker room to thank him for standing up for him and making him a better, more “gracious” man. What on Earth am I watching?! This could hardly get any cheesier.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Bray Wyatt

That was, by far, the best match of the night. It’s impossible to just pinpoint a few spots and say – that’s the best part. It was all equally awesome. The action kept the audience on the edge of their seats. Simply put, Ziggler and Wyatt stole the show.

Bray won with a Siter Abigail out of nowhere.

The problem is that Ziggler is now lost. There’s nothing meaningful for him to do. He deserves better.


The Authority/ Seth Rollins

Seth came to test the waters. He wanted to know if the Authority still believed in him but then the talk moved onto Randy Orton.

The moment Orton’s name got mentioned I knew there was no way Rollins would have won against Bryan.

Paige vs. Alicia Fox

Again, the Bellas were on commentary, attracting attention to themselves. However, they made a valid point. How can anyone claim that she’s an anti-diva if she comes out wearing fake eyelashes and tons of make-up?

In the ring, Paige and Alicia delivered an average match. Paige won but Alicia attacked her afterwards and held her while the Bellas sprayed her with some fake tan.

The whole divas bullying the odd girl story can be really good for Paige if it’s not overdone. The anti-diva gimmick is what she does best but we can’t have her painted like a victim. Paige is strong and that’s what her fans love about her.


The Miz vs. Sin Cara

This match was so focused on the Miz/Mizdow issue that I completely forgot Sin Cara was in it. Miz did too, which led to Sin Cara winning.

Can we just go to the Miz vs. Mizdow feud already? Although, I don’t think the WWE knows what to do with Sandow and the Miz after the split…We’ll see, I hope I’m wrong.

Bray Wyatt

If there was some doubt about the subject of Bray’s promos, I think it got very clear this week. He can only be talking to The Undertaker.

I’m as excited about this match, as I’m concerned. The two characters are made to collide with each other but after losing his streak to Lesnar last year the Undertaker can’t lose again if he wants to keep his credibility, but a loss would hurt Bray and he’s the one who’ll stay in the WWE for the foreseeable future.   The WWE needs to tread lightly here.

Erick Rowan vs. Rusev

That match never happened.  Rusev attacked Rowan before the bell rang and destroyed him.

Here we go with Rowan being buried once again. I wonder if the WWE ever had any plans for him after the Wyatt Family split.

Roman Reigns/ Daniel Bryan

DB tried to be friendly with Roman Reigns, but Reigns was in a bad mood. I can see why Reigns feels as if everyone is against him. Even the fans turned their backs on him. How Roman’s not a heel yet with all this happening to him is a mystery to me.

Daniel Bryan vs. Seth Rollins

This could have been a good match if we didn’t have both J&J Security and Big Show lurking at ringside, getting involved every chance they had.

The end, however, was awesome. Roman Reigns flew in with one hell of a spear and took out the Big Show. He then took out Seth Rollins and gave the win to Bryan on a silver platter.

I wasn’t happy about Rollins losing but I knew it was going to happen, so at least I approved of the spectacular fashion in which it played out.

What do you think about this week’s RAW? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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