WWE NXT – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 04/02/2015

Carmella vs. Emma

Every time I hear Carmella deliver a promo, I think she should leave the talking to Enzo & Big Cass. It just doesn’t sound natural when she speaks.

For once, someone gave Carmella a wrestling match. It was short but Emma was definitely more of a challenge than Blue Pants.


Emma was more aggressive than the usual. It’s kind of strange seeing her like this. It somewhat feels as if she’s denying the clumsy, bubbly persona she has to play. Her little dance seemed more of an obligatory element, rather than something she actually enjoyed doing.

Carmella won with her one and only move – her submission. I guess she needed some redemption after losing to Blue Pants.

A loss for Emma could trigger more anger in her. She would benefit from being hungrier for success because it would make her a threat.

Baron Corbin vs. Adrian Neville

I was overly hyped for this match. I wanted to see Corbin face real competition and I wasn’t disappointed.

That was a strange match to watch. The entire atmosphere was built on the difference in speed of the two competitors. Many times Baron Corbin looked too slow, even clumsy, compared to Adrian Neville. But next thing you know, Baron would intercept Adrian mid-motion and with that same cold demeanor would slowly deliver maximum impact of a perfectly executed move. It was almost like watching an anime battle.

Corbin and Neville were very evenly matched but Bull Dempsey ambushed Baron and cost him the match.

Although I had predicted that outcome last week, I still found myself wishing for it to turn out differently. However, this is NXT. They don’t rush things. As over as Corbin is, it’s not his time yet.

Becky Lynch vs. Bailey

For some reason, Becky Lynch’s attempts to come off looking like a crazy rock chick felt slightly over the top last night.

Becky led the offense almost throughout the entire match. Bailey only put in a few counters and delivered some attacks only in the very end of the fight.

It was Sasha Banks’ involvement that cost Becky the match. The Boss did it on purpose and Becky knew it. That’s how the last alliance between the women in the 4 Way match was broken.

The break-up was a bit forced. It would have been more logical if Sasha had used Becky to defend her in the title match until the moment was right to stab her in the back. Now, the Boss lost all the advantage she had.

Tyler Breeze

Tyler Breeze cut a promo on not being affected by being eliminated out of the NXT Championship Tournament. He added that he’ll be watching the rest of the tournament closely.

That really didn’t give us anything. It only made me think that Prince Pretty is lost in limbo – he doesn’t have a rival and he’s nowhere near the title picture but he’s still way too awesome to be used as a jobber like CJ Parker.

Then this changed everything:

Hideo Itami vs. Finn Balor

The quality of this fight doesn’t need a description. The match had two friends facing each other for a shot at the biggest prize out there. Adding that these two are world-class athletes and you get the awesome result we saw last night.

The crowd was teased with a GTS and was disappointed once again. When Hideo finally hits it, it will be for a very memorable win.  I’m not surprised that the WWE didn’t was that move on a match that Itami was booked to lose.

Finn Balor was the expected winner. He shook hands both with Hideo and Adrian Neville. Everyone in the NXT title picture seems to be all about respect, except Kevin Owens. He’s in for the money.

It’s a bit concerning how predictable Balor’s win was. It comes to show the difference in the way he and Itami have been presented. They were both booked roughly the same way with the same amount of wins, mostly as a tag team. Still, we all believed that Hideo had no chance of advancing against Finn. My worries about Itami’s future in the WWE are becoming disturbingly real.

What did you think of this week’s NXT episode? Share your thoughts in the comment section ,on FB or Twitter!


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