Does Bo Dallas Have A Place In The Current WWE Scene?

The ever so positive Bo Dallas resurfaced today on WWE’s official Instagram page with a message to the Seattle Seahawks. Excluding the beard, it’s the same old Bo with his unforgettable BOlieve movement.

Bo has been off WWE programming since the beginning of November when he sustained an injury to his foot. The recovery period was estimated to be between 6-8 weeks, which means that the Inspirational One should have been back long time ago. The Royal Rumble seemed to be the perfect opportunity but those plans got scrapped.

The most likely reason for the WWE’s reluctance to bring Bo back is that there’s no obvious gap on the roster, which he could fill in at the moment. First, we can all agree that the World Heavyweight Championship is out of the question. The midcard scene is quite strong as well. The undefeated Rusev holds the US title and is feuding with Cena. Bad News Barrett has the Lunatic Fringe on his hands. Guys like Ziggler, Harper, Rowan, Bray Wyatt and Ryback are just waiting to get involved and they are all way ahead in line than Bo Dallas. It seems like Bo just doesn’t fit anywhere.

Currently, Bo Dallas is sitting on the bench alongside Darren Young, Heath Slater, Brad Maddox, Mark Henry and Zack Ryder (who at least had the honour to participate in the Royal Rumble). This doesn’t sound promising at all. Unlike some people on this list, Bo is a unique character that deserves developing. A heel that truly believes he’s a face – Bo Dallas is a reverse tweener. He does/says everything a face would but he comes off as a heel in the process. His character is a very smartly designed, satirical image of everything that a true baby-face like John Cena is. I think it would be a shame to let the Inspirational Bo Dallas fall into oblivion.

Then again, the current WWE roster is so well-selected that it’s hard to find not just a gap, through which to slide Bo back in, but a niche, which he could comfortably claim as his own. With the IC Title feud yet to properly start and the US title still firmly in Rusev’s grip, there’s no meaningful championship-related rivalry Bo could hijack in the next few months.The only way that could work for Bo is through a well-thought tag team.

As crazy as it sounds, my pick for his partner would be Stardust. The Cosmic Brothers are falling apart in front of our very eyes. Goldust, being the more reasonable one (!), is struggling to keep up with his bother’s personality dissociation. People are telling Stardust that he’s Cody and he doesn’t want to be. He’s losing a match after a match and with every loss, he’s losing pieces of his remaining,  fragile mental stability.  Imagine Stardust losing it and going on a rampage. Nobody’s able to control him, even his brother. Stardust’s vicious and angry but also sad and hysterical. He decimates Goldust in his frustration and it only fuels his confusion. Then, Bo Dallas comes out and tells him that it could all go away, the only thing Stardust would need to do is BOlieve. The unstable Stardust would actually perceive Bo’s talk as inspirational and a new bizarre team would be born.

That’s my fantasy booking for Bo Dallas in the current WWE scene. What’s your suggestion? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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