The Implications of Seth Rollins’ Nudes Scandal

A hack, a jealous fiancée and a nude photos leak, all in the same night – that’s definitely not a scenario you want to be a part of. Unfortunately for Seth Rollins, it’s the reality that he has to deal with.

Last nights after RAW, Rollins’ Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts were hacked. A naked photo of WWE NXT talent Zahara Schreiber was uploaded on all of them. The image was deleted shortly-after but the damage was already done.

Although the leak occurred without Seth Rollins’ permission, his fiancée Leighla Schultz went on and tweeted out naked photos of Rollins in a jealousy fit. She confirmed that her accounts were firmly in her control and the publicising of her fiancée’s nudes was her doing.


It could be argued that the tweet above was also due to a hacker’s attack. However, Mrs Schultz also commented the issue publicly with a friend of hers on Facebook. She posted what seemed to be quotes, taken out of a conversation between Seth Rollins and his alleged mistress.


Seeing this, I’m inclined to believe that  the leak of Seth Rollins’ naked photos is an example of  a jealous woman, screwing over her partner. Even if Rollins had been unfaithful, exerting revenge in such a tasteless manner, lowers Mr. Schultz to a level that’s not even worth discussing. Personal issues should stay personal. Dignity, Madame, dignity!

Seth Rollins issued an official apology about the incident on Twitter:

Whether this is a love triangle, a joke gone wrong or a deliberate, malicious attack on Seth Rollins is completely irrelevant. What worries me is the WWE’s reaction. Rollins is on top of the world right now and deservedly so. However, the WWE is very big on public image. A scandal of this scale might have terrible consequences.

I can’t help it but think of Drew McIntyre, who went form being The Chosen One to being a member of 3MB after a martial fight between him and his now ex-wife got on the news. If a heated argument in a hotel room can do this to a man, imagine what a full front view of his private parts, flashed out on the Internet, could cause. I’m truly concerned about Seth Rollins’ future.

Seth Rollins deserves to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion because he’s an amazing wrestler. In fact, I believe he’s one of the best of our time. Rollins has done enough to prove that he’s worthy of being the future of the WWE. Such cheap, pitiful and utterly tasteless scandals should not have the power to change this.

Then again, the Internet is a cruel place. People will not shy away from turning Rollins’ private photos into memes, posters and other running gags. Every time Rollins says he’s the new face of this business and does something incredible in the ring,  there always will be a smart*ss to say : “You can dive off balconies and know how to do a Phoeneix Splash? Not that impressive when I’ve seen your junk, mate!” . Would the WWE want a man, who carries that sort of bad publicity baggage to be the face of the company? I’m scared of answering this question.

Hopefully, the WWE will look the other way and won’t let Rollins’ personal issues hurt his professional life, even though the story’s already on the Internet.

If you were looking for the nudes, I’m sorry but I find it distasteful to share profanity, so here’s something worth watching:

Do you think this issue will affect Seth Rollins’ career in the WWE? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


2 thoughts on “The Implications of Seth Rollins’ Nudes Scandal

  1. It’ll be interesting how this is handled so soon after HHH’s comments about Chyna, the HOF and ‘googling her name’ but in all honesty I think it won’t effect things too much, I was worried he’d be given a smaller role than hoped at WM anyways but expect him to be cashing in and champion post-wrestlemania which will still give this a chance to die down a bit (although i unfortunately can’t say the same for the NXT diva I think she’ll face the punishment for this)


    • I was thinking exactly the same thing about the Chyna situation. Knowing Triple H’s history, It would be terribly hypocritical, if he was to judge Rollins.
      I do hope that you’re right and Seth will be fine. After all, the WWE has invested way too much in him to let it all go to waste, right?
      As for the girl involved, she wasn’t really famous before the incident and she definitely won’t be after. Well ,at least not as a WWE diva. Modelling could be an option though.


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