Discussing Alberto El Patron’s Lucha Underground Debut

Today, I wanted to share with you one of the highlights of the past week that I didn’t get to cover earlier. If you haven’t had the chance to see it yet – here’s Alberto El Patron’s debut in Lucha Underground:

As you can see, Alberto is welcomed as a hero in the Temple. His promo is much different than what we used to see in the WWE. This sounds much more…real.

I remember just before Del Rio’s scandalous exit from company, he cut a promo in Spanish to warm up a largely Hispanic audience. I don’t speak the language but the emotion and the passion in his words were so tangible that I didn’t need a translation to get fired up.  I saw a different side of Del Rio and it made me think that he wouldn’t last much longer in the WWE. I believe that if a performer is that good and has that much heart but is given ridiculous stereotypical gimmicks and then made to job on weekly basis, a time when he boils over and leaves is bound to come.

As much as I love the WWE, it wasn’t the right place for Alberto. Getting fired in the fashion he did, was probably the best thing that could have happened to him. It simply turned Alberto into an icon not only in wrestling, but for the Hispanic community as a whole. Alberto El Patron became a symbol of pride, honour and dignity. All doors opened for him.  But as great as being able to chose almost any wrestling or even MMA promotion is, I think that the biggest positive for Alberto was that the he can now be himself, almost stripped of a gimmick. Blurring the line between real and keyfabe creates irresistible magnetism. Just think of CM Punk’s pipebomb.

Seeing Alberto’s first appearance in Lucha Undergorund’s Temple makes me feel good about the future. Alberto seems to have finally found his rightful place.

What do you think of Alberto’s first promo in Lucha Underground? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


2 thoughts on “Discussing Alberto El Patron’s Lucha Underground Debut

  1. What is the wwe doing with eric rowan and luke harper. These two are incredibly athletic for big men. They really should of kept them as tag teams. Tired of seeing them lose to older big guys like big show. I respect all what big show has done but come on he is no longer exciting to watch. I want to see some new big men. Not the big show all the time.


    • I see your point. The break-up of the Wyatt Family was a missed opportunity to begin with. It was never explored. Had it been looked into in more detail, Rowan and Harper would have been much more developed as characters.


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