A Quick Look At Cesaro And The Twitter Hacker

It’s only Monday but the WWE’s been struck by another Twitter mishap. After Seth Rollins’ social media accounts were hacked a few days ago, now Cesaro’s Twitter was overtaken by a very strange hacker. This time around the posts made without the owner’s approval showed no malicious intent, in fact it was entirely the opposite. The intruder was a fan, who wanted to get #PushCesaro trending.


The anonymous fan tweeted out a number of angry comments, regarding the way Cesaro’s been treated by the WWE. Some were more aggressive and personal towards Vince Mcmahon and some – just valid points. Without wishing Vince terminal illnesses, we can all agree that the Swiss Superman’s gold in the ring and that his ambulance theme is a terrible choice.

After he was done with his rant, the hacker gave the real Cesaro his twitter back in a rather cheeky way.


In the end of the whole fiasco, the hacker got what he wanted – #PushCesaro was trending worldwide. However, that didn’t last too long. It’s not even RAW time yet and the top trends list on Twitter has long shaken Cesaro’s name off. Regardless of how much noise the story might have created today it will be forgotten tomorrow.

Scandals happen every day on the Internet and this is far from being the biggest one. How correct the hacker was in his criticism, is also irrelevant. I doubt that the WWE cares about Twitter ruckus any more. They are probably irritated but that’s just about it. Sadly, I don’t think that the noble deed this cyber fan tried to do will have any long-term impact on Cesaro’s life, if any at all.

Do you think that the hack and #PushCesaro will help the Swiss Superman rise to the top? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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