WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights and Analysis From 20/02/2015

Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz

Bryan could have easily taken a night off and he would have had roughly the same amount of physical activity.  The Yes Lock came so fast that the audience didn’t have the time to lose the bad taste left by the interaction between Miz and Mizdow before the match.

Miz has unveiled the worst we’ve seen of his character. He used to be irritating but ridiculous enough to be amusing. Now, Miz has become a mean, hateful tiran. So much so that watching him degrade Mizdow feels wrong.

Ryback vs. Kane

Ryback had a few burst of energy in a match dominated by Kane and yet, The Big Guy still won. This outcome was far from surprising. The way the match unfolded wasn’t something we haven’t seen dozens of times before. However, I have to give it to Ryback, the power with which he picked Kane up for the Shell Shock was absolutely impressive.

This is the type of a match that leaves a sad and empty feeling. Kane is probably one of the hardest workers in the WWE at the moment. If there’s a guy you can call Mr. No Days Off it’s Kane. He’s everywhere, all the time. Unfortuantely this degrades him more than it helps. He’s supposed to be perceived as a threat but he’s had too many losses for this to work. And Ryback is just the face Kane but with less prestige to lose. He’s supposed to be a strong face but his only victories are irrelevant.

Bad News Barrett vs. R-Truth

Dean Ambrose was on commentary and without even laying a finger on Barrett, he played a bigger role in the match than R-Truth.

Throughout the entire fight Barrett was trying to impress and intimidate Ambrose by punishing Truth. Ambrose, however, didn’t care. When Bad News was about to hit the Bull Hammer, Dean turned his back to the ring, Barrett got distracted and got pinned by Truth.

This reminds me a bit of the feud between Ambrose and Regal on NXT, just not as good. Ambrose doesn’t see Barrett as a threat and Wade is too cowardly as a champion to make the rivalry exciting.

The New Day vs. The Ascension

Xavier Woods and Big E from the New Day faced the Ascension and quickly lost to the Fall of Man. This was yet another unexciting match that calls for sad conclusions.

Both the New Day and the Ascnesion have turned into failed projects on the main roster. The New Day’s gimmick is so out of touch that they never had the chance to catch on. The Ascnesion,on the other hand, had a fascinating dark gimmick at their NXT debut and the WWE decided to trade it for the worn-out, rubbish idea of “We’re young and we’re better than the old teams”. I can’t believe there are still going ahead with this!

Roman Reigns vs. Luke Harper

I like this pairing. The match wasn’t too long but it was action-packed. A good word to describe it is physical. The final exchange showed great timing as well. Roman went for a Superman Punch. Harper intercepted him with a Super Kick and then Reigns flew in with a spear out of nowhere. It all flowed nicely.

Roman was on fire.  An angry Reigns is a much better Reigns. The intensity he brings to the fight makes me want to see more.

Harper brought character to the table. He has a unique set of reactions. Harper gets hit and instead of crawling in pain, he sits up with a blank look. His insane persona is so believable. I wish he was given more attention.

Big Show vs. Erick Rowan

Big Show jumped Rowan before the match started, gave him a proper beating, which continued after the bell rang. The match ended as badly for Rowan as it started. He got KOed and lost.

Sadly, that was yet another recycled match between two superstars with no real importance on the roster at the moment. I don’t know what is worse – the fact that there were too many of these matches in on show, or that there were enough underused superstars to make them happen.

Paige vs. Cameron

Paige wrestled a minor heel and won with the PTO, while the Bellas were talking way too slowly on commentary AGAIN.

The WWE writers literally couldn’t have been any lazier with this feud. Disgraceful!

Goldust/ Stardust

Goldust spoke to Renee about losing his brother to the dark side. He called Stardust more than a persona, a cancer that was eating Cody alive. Then Stardust appeared on the screen behind him and threatened to make the WWE Universe forget the name of Goldust.

The promos were brilliant. There’s more passion, emotion and a generally richer backstory in this feud than in most other feuds that are going to FastLane. And to think it revolved in the week of the event! Incredible!

Jimmy Usos vs. Tyson Kidd 

This wasn’t going to be much more than an average match but it had barely started when Rusev barged in and turned it into an awesome segment.

The Bulgarian Brute decimated all four men with ease. Rusev was like a wild animal last night. The raw emotion and sheer power he displayed made my heart race. When Rusev first came to the main roster I doubted his gimmick and his future in the company but he just keeps getting better and better. You don’t need to understand the language to feel the threat in his words.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Seth Rollins

Rollins and Ziggler could make golden matches if they are allowed to wrestle each other one on one. Unfortunately, that never happens. Although J&J Security were banned from ringside, Kane, Big Show, Rowan & Ryback were all there.

The only good that came out of having so many people around was that Rollins had his moment of bravery. He found himself in between Ryback and Rowan. Instead of running, he had the nerve to punch both of them. Supposedly off of a distraction by Kane, Rollins hit the Curb Stomp and ended the match.

Then, he was joined by Mercury and Noble and orchestrated a 5 on 3 attack on Ziggler and his friends. The night closed with all three members of Team Cena, being taken out with a curb stomp. Rollins might not have a feud going in Fast Lane but he’s still reigning at the top.

What did you think of this week’s SmackDown? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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