WWE FastLane 2015 – Review, Results & Analysis

Miz TV

I wanted to laugh at the Miz when he said that he turned down presenting the Oscars, so the Rock was asked to cover for him. However, I felt too uncomfortable, looking at Mizdow being bullied into sitting in the corner, to be able to enjoy the segment.


Paul Heyman didn’t say much. He endorsed the Miz and furthered the abuse on Mizdow. Then he said that Lesnar would defeat Bryan, or Reigns, so it didn’t matter who was going to come on top that night.

Lesnar vs. Reigns will be interesting plot-wise. Heyman will make a good story out of it.

Seth Rollins, Kane & Big Show def. Dolph Ziggler, Erick Rowan & Ryback

As predicted, this match wasn’t much more exciting than a usual SmackDown main event.

Ryback had the most momentum and got the biggest pop out of the face team, although Ziggler and Rowan did much more and much better.


Rollins carried the match for his team. The only memorable moment for his teammates was when the Big Show delivered a flying/jumping KO punch to Dolph Ziggler from outside the ring.

It was a surprise that Kane was chosen to pin Ziggler. The normal choice would have been Rollins pins Rowan but it didn’t really matter.

The post-match exchange was exactly the same as on SmackDown with Seth Rollisn delivering curb stomps everywhere. That’s until Randi Orton ran out and RKO half of Rollins’ team mates.


I wasn’t particularly excited about Orton’s return. It was a surprise to anybody, which ruined the moment. Also, it felt like he was a bit too slow, knowing that he allowed both Ziggler and Rowan to be curb stomped before he intervened. Either that, or Randy’s friends with Ryback, which I doubt very much.

The feud between Rollins and Orton won’t go past WM, since Rollins will be busy with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. I hope that this filler rivalry will be worth watching. I don’t want to see Seth Rollins running scared once again.

Goldust def. Stardust

Dusty Rhodes had asked Godlsut to win, without hurting his brother and he did it.

The crowd was dead. I had the feeling that if it had been any quieter, I’d hear the sound of critters in an empty field. The match deserved a much better reaction. The storyline behind it was really good.

Goldust’s win was a surprise. And it came in a very indecisive way – with a roll-up. I guess the big show down will happen at Mania.


After the match, backstage Stardust attacked Goldust and told Dusty that he had killed Cody. It was an emotional scene, although only thanks to Cody himself.

Tyson Kidd & Cesaro def. The Usos

The match was good but it felt short. It took time for the two teams to warm up and when the action got really heated, it was already time to finish the match.


It was expected that the Usos would lose. As I said in my predictions, the tag team division needs a change. Kidd and Cesaro are novel characters with great in-ring skills, which makes them the perfect choice for new champions.


It’s a shame that Natalya and Naomi are not utilized at all. In the old days, a woman in a faction would play an important role outside the ring, at least.

Triple H Faces To Face With Sting

This segment didn’t get nearly as much heat as it should have. The crowd was silent (as they were most of the time really).

I wasn’t into the segment too much, either. Triple H is a great talker and listening to him speculating about Sting’s reasoning was interesting, but I still wanted to hear Sting say something.

I know the feud has good roots in the past but it needs more energy nowadays. The younger fans will never be on board otherwise.


Still, the bat and the hammer will most definitely meet at WM and I expect the match to be No Holds Barred.

Nikki Bella def. Paige

This was a pathetic excuse for a match. It was about 5 min long and it was very unimpressive.Nikki won with a roll up, aided by a little tights grabbing.

The spots looked badly timed and the execution was clumsy.


I don’t know about Nikki, but I’m sure that Paige can do better. If only we could have the NXT women’s matches on the main roster, it would have been a dream come true.

Bad News Barrett def. Dean Ambrose

This match, or more likely its outcome, was a travesty! BNB was trying to run away from Ambrose, Ambrose got mad after the 3rd time he had to pull Barrett back in the ring, Ambrose started pounding ton him. The ref decided for some reason that the Lunatic Fringe was uncontrollable and DQed him.


Is Ambrose EVER going to be given a PPV win?! I want to believe the answer to this is “Yes, at WM31 when he’ll leave as the IC Champion”.

In the meantime The Lunatic Fringe stole the IC title and left with it. BNB will have trouble getting it back. Ambrose will probably make him agree to a rematch in exchange for the belt.

Bray Wyatt

The Undertaker’s music hit and the whole spooky entrance with the cloaked men and the coffin slowly unfolded. I knew something was up and when Bray Wyatt sat up in the coffin, I wasn’t surprised but I was glad.


The promo that followed was an instant classic.

“I am not afraid of you anymore because I am pain. I am suffering. I am Bray Wyatt and I am the new face of fear”. This haunting line will go down in history as the words that defined Bray Wyatt’s career.

Rusev def. John Cena

This was, by far, the most exciting match of the night. It was unpredictable. The two men brought out the best out of each other.

Every time you’d think the match was about to be over, it wasn’t. Rusev kicked out of the AA and broke the STF. Cena got out of the Accolade and survived a superkick. The counters kept coming. It was an amazing match. Too bad the audience didn’t appreciate it too much.


Rusev won with the Accolade after kicking Cena below the belt and then in the head. The referee ruled that Cena was out and Rusev retained.

It would have been too optimistic to think that Rusev would have gotten a clean win. However, this match was proved that The Bulgarian Brute is a forced to be reckoned with.

Roman Reigns def. Daniel Bryan

A lot of fans would be upset after this match. Reigns won and the crowd won’t be happy. The truth is, we all knew that Reigns would win. It wasn’t a question of “if” but “how”.


I have to say that Roman did quite well. He countered with power everything that Bryan threw at him. I just don’t know how this approach will work on Brock Lesnar. The Beast is not going to be that easy to toss around and since Reigns relies on sheer strength most of the time, he’ll struggle.

What did you think of WWE Fastlane? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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