WWE NXT’s Solomon Crowe Saves A Woman After A Car Crash

In case you’ve missed it, here’s a positive story we should take notice of.

WWE Superstar Solomon Crowe, currently wrestling on NXT, turned hero this Monday when he pulled out a woman out of a car wreck in Orlando, Fla.

Crowe was shopping at a store, nearby the Performance Centre, when he witnessed a car accident. The vehicle completely flipped over and landed on its ceiling. The airbags had deployed and the access was difficult but Crowe and another man, who was with him, ran to the car and helped the driver get out.

The two saviours sat down with the woman, who drove the vehicle, until the authorities arrived and then Crowe left.

This is how he describes the incident for the official WWE website:

“I didn’t even think. When I saw it, I was wearing sandals, and I just took off in a full sprint toward the car. I knew especially if a car’s upside down like that, it can catch fire very easily, and whoever was in it, we wanted to get them out.”

Crowe himself didn’t find his act heroic. He just hoped that “someone would do the same” for him.

Let’s hope that more people are like Solomon Crowe and act when necessary!

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