Vince Russo Quits His Own Website

In his long and eventful career Vince Russo has walked out of the biggest companies in pro wrestling – WWE, WCW and TNA. However, no one expected that he’d leave his own website.

A few hours ago, Russo announced his departure from on his official Facebook page. Here’s his message:


As of today I am no longer associated with the website, or brand, in any way, shape, or form. I will not be posting anything—blogs, videos, podcasts, from this point going forward. I am no way any longer associated with the site.

Please know, that if you renew your monthly membership, you will not be getting any content from Vince Russo from this day going forward. I also ask you to not buy any Vince Russo merchandise, as I no longer have access to the orders.

I will keep you all updated of my future endeavors here on my Facebook page.

As always I have been and still am very thankful for all your support.

I’ll keep you posted.


For those, who have paid the monthly subscription fee for the website prior to learning about the changes, Vince Russo promised to looking into the issue:


I am fully aware that some of your monthly subscriptions rolled over today prior to my announcement that I was no longer a part of Pyro & This took place as a function of Paypal being that tomorrow is the first of the month. I want to assure you, that I will be looking into and addressing this matter on your behalf first thing Monday morning.

Nothing at all has changed—the BRAND ALWAYS HAS and ALWAYS WILL come first.


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