WWE NXT – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 04/03/2015

Tyler Breeze def. Adam Rose

This was mostly a popularity contest. The wrestling was very scarce. 90% of the time spent in the ring was a competition for a louder pop.


In the little portion of the match that had actual wrestling in it, Rose was on a roll until he got stopped dead in his tracks by a Beauty Shot, which led to Prince Pretty picking up the victory.

The Rosebuds seem much happier on NXT than on RAW. Even their relationship with Adam Rose is improving.

Wesley Blake & Buddy Murphy def. Angelo Dawkins & Sawyer Fulton

Since Tye Dillinger & Jason Jordan broke up, the WWE decided to give Blake and Murphy another tag team with no chemistry that no one will ever care about.

The champs looked impressive in the match. The level of detail in their team work, paired up with the radiant energy that they have, makes them one of the most exciting teams on NXT at the moment.


Wesley Blake pinned Angelo Dwakins for the win after an impressive frog splash.

I’m not that excited about the feud against Enzo Amore & Big Cass. The storyline, being focused on Carmella instead of the titles doesn’t sound right to me.


We had the usual supportive and overly nice Bayley encourage Charlotte. Nothing new there. However, when Emma appeared, she set up the scene for a possible double heel turn. She suggested that being nice never brings anyone anything good. This is exactly how The Boss converted Becky Lynch to the heel side.

Baron Corbin def. Tony Briggs

This match lasted just under a minute. The reason why it was so long is that Tony Briggs made sure to waste entire 37 seconds by hiding behind the referee to avoid going in the under 20s club.

Kevin Owens/Alex Riley

While Baron was trying to get his hands on Briggs from around the ref, Kevin Owens came out to intimidate Alex Riley. The commentary team was trying to keep Riley in check but when Owens poured water all over him, Riley lost it. Jason Albert had to hold him back while Kevin Owens left with the same blank look on his face.


This is shaping up to be a good feud. I like Riley’s passion. He’s been trying to make this opportunity for himself for months now. I’m glad he’s getting a chance.

CJ Parker/Alex Riley/ William Regal

Riley wanted Owens, Regal was playing the voice of reason and CJ Parker was just mocking Riley for no reason. As a result, Riley challenged CJ Parker to a match next week, thus choosing to become a wrestler again.

I’m excited about Riley’s return. Most of us have probably already seen the photos taken after this match was filmed. Riley wanted this so badly that he teared up. When I see passion like that turning into reality, it just makes me feel good inside. I can’t wait to watch NXT next week.

Sami Zayn

This was a video footage of Sami Zayn in his hometown, shot on a mobile phone. It was simple but real. Just like Sami Zayn. It feels as if Sami doesn’t have a gimmick, that it’s just him talking to the fans. Creating believable reality the way Sami does is a skill that only a few have.

Solomon Crowe def. Bull Dempsey

For the lovers of brawls, this was your fight. Bull Dempsey dominated the match since he was the bigger guy but Solmon Crowe just wouldn’t stay down and when he got his moment, he took it.

Crowe won’t give you beautiful, fancy, athletic wrestling but he’ll surely serve you unorthodox, brutal and unapologetic fighting.

Sasha Banks def. Charlotte (Divas Title Match)

There’s nothing smart to say about this. Not criticism needed. All I can say is: This is wrestling. Plain and simple. It was an amazing display from both women. Watch it, if you haven’t!

What did you think about this week’s NXT? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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