Discussing Bill DeMott’s Resignation and Who’s Taking His Place

Following the increasing number of abuse allegations against WWE NXTs head coach Bill Demott, he finally submitted his resignation yesterday, 06 March 2015.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s DeMott’s statement on Twitter:

According to WrestlingNews, Matt Bloom aka Tenzai aka Jason Albert will be replacing Bill Demott as a head trainer in the Performance Centre.

Austin’s Matelson’s letter gave a start to an avalanche. The next letter that the WWE thought long forgotten resurfaced less than 24 hours after the first one. And then a number of former WWE developmental stars confirmed the allegations on Twitter – TNA’s Ethan Carter, Lucha Underground’s Ivelisse, Drew Donovan & Ryan Nemeth are just some of the people who spoke up against Bill DeMott. The latest story that was shared on Twitter was Terra Calaway’s account of seeing the coach bully a Middle Eastern wrestler during training. The allegations varied from racial and sexist slurs, through physical abuse to putting talent’s health in jeopardy.

In the beginning, some people had doubts that these stories were spread out of bitterness by talent, who didn’t make it in the WWE. Although it is true that no superstar or diva currently under contract with the company has made a statement on the issue, this is quite understandable. I would imagine that speaking up against the company that employs you is not a smart career move. Despite the fact that Bill DeMott’s still denying the aaccusations, the number of people, who came forward was too high to ignore. After all, it’s hypocritical from the WWE to do anti-bullying campaigns and fight the use of the “R-word” when their head trainer is accused by multiple people of acting in an unprofessional and disrespectful manner.

It’s no secret that at the time Bill DeMott started out, the culture in wrestling was much different. Back in the 80s bullying wasn’t considered a problem. It was taken as part of becoming a man. In a way, this sort of behavior must have been DeMott’s way of testing who’s Tough Enough. However, this is no excuse. I don’t expect a coach to be nice and caring like the fairy godmother but breaking people’s sprit, humiliating them physically in public and spitting on their dignity, while putting their health in danger is not, has never been and never will be an effective and acceptable method of training. Whoever thinks otherwise has no business working in a civilized world.

What’s most disturbing here is that these issues were brought up to the knowledge of the WWE years ago and no action was taken against Bill DeMott. If it hadn’t been for the recent publicity of the situation, the bullying would have been still going on right now. This means that the higher-ups in the company believe that this is an acceptable behavior towards young talent.  That thought makes me think back to the culture of racism in the WWE that manifested itself in the Alberto Del Rio incident last year. What happens behind closed doors in the WWE seems to be much uglier than we’d ever know.

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