Divas & WWE Divas Championship In History

In honour of the International Women’s Day, let’s have a look at the Dvias that made the history of the WWE Divas Championship!

1. First Divas Champion


The first diva to ever hold the WWE Divas Championship is Michelle McCool. On 20 June 208 McCool defeated Natalya at the Gream American Bash event to win the title and start a new era in WWE history.

2. Longest Raining Divas Champion


On 16 June 2013 at Payback, AJ Lee won the WWE Divas title and held it for entire 295 days. A not-so-close second is Maryse with her 212 days reign.

3. Shortest Divas Championship Reign


This is not a record ot be proud of but it still is one and it belongs to Jillian Hall. She won her first and last WWE Divas Championship on RAW in October 2012 by defeating Mickie James. However, Jillian immediately lost the title to Melina, which amounted to Jillian’s less than a day long title reign.

4. The Youngest Divas Champion


Paige became the youngest Divas Champion last year in her first ever appearance on RAW, ending AJ’s record-breaking championship run. The Brit was just 21 years old.

5. The Diva With The Most Title Reigns


AJ Lee and Eve Torres share the top spot with 3 title reigns each. However, Eve’s  total number of days as a champion of 260 is far behind AJ’s 406.

What’s your favourite divas’ moment in WWE history? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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