WWE RAW – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 09/03/2015

The Authority/Randy Orton

That was over 20 minutes of the Authority sucking up to Randy Orton, only to get picked apart by the Viper, who presented Everything Wrong With The Authority in 5 min or less.

The only people who had the brains to doubt the Viper were J&J Security. This comes to show how low the Authority has fallen. Until recently Seth Rollins was the most cunning mastermind the WWE had to offer and now he’s buying into Randy’s games. The only way this can turn out good for Rollins is, if the entire situation makes him sober up, split from the Authority and become great again.

Daniel Bryan def. Bad News Barrett

This match was good. Similarly to last week, DB and BNB delivered an outstanding performance. However, Barrett lost once again. I don’t remember when the last time he actually won a match was. What kind of a champion is the WWE giving us?

It’s true that BNB attacked DB after the match but this doesn’t really help his credibility. Dean Ambrose, on the other hand, is consistently dominant. He blasted Barrett on his way to the ring just to show that he means business.

Dean Ambrose def. Stardust

Stardust draws a lot of heat. The CODY chants started right off the bat. Also, he has high attention to detail. Stroking the title every time he got close to it during the match was a nice touch.

Ambrose’s knee got hurt again but he hit the Dirty Deeds and won.

The exciting part came after the match when every single man involved in the fight for the IC title ran to the ring to join a beautifully chaotic brawl. Meanwhile Truth stole the belt and put it in a cotton bag. BNB was made a fool of when Truth handed him a replica in a different bag and ran off with the real title.

My main issue with the storyline is BNB’s booking. Everyone else look strong/important in their own way. Barrett, on the other hand, has turned into the laughing stock of the WWE.  

Paul Heyman

Heyman delivered yet another outstanding promo, this time with Brock Lesnar, standing by his side. Heyman took it to another level when he openly talked about The Beast leaving the WWE with the title and unifying it with the UFC title. We all know it won’t happen picturing that possibility was exciting.

I want to know where Reigns was throughout this segment. Lesnar challenged anybody who wanted a shot at him to come out but Roman was nowhere to be found. I guess the WWE’s saving it for Mania but still, this doesn’t look good for the Samoan

Erick Rowan & Ryback vs. Kane & Big Show

The Authority was doing well until Big Show somehow managed to accidentally KO Kane, leading to a win for Rowan.

First of all, Big Show has terrible aim because Rowan didn’t even try to dodge this.  Second, Stephanie telling two grown men off like small children and then sending them home was an embarrassing scene. At this point though, the one person, who should have been worried, was Rollins.

Wiz Kalifa

I’m not here to judge musical performances but it’s worth mentioning that Mizdow, or Wizdow if you wish, entered the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle. Miz vs. Mizdow will finally happen and it will be at Mania!

If you still want to listen to Wiz’s performance:

AJ def. Summer Rae

AJ had a short match against Summer and defeated her with the Black Widdow. Meanwhile Paige was standing at ringside cheering awkwardly.

I want to know why Paige turned into AJ’s sidekick. Paige was the #1 Contender and Nikki obviously cheated to retain, so Paige could have asked for a rematch. Instead, she’s cheering AJ.

Rusev def. Axel

Cena threatened Rusev before the match that if he speaks against America, he would get hurt. The Big Russian just smirked.

Rusev attacked Axel before the match and then disposed him within a couple of minutes of the first bell.

Then Rusev disregarded Lana’s warnings and cut an anti USA promo as a direct challenge to Cena. Cena was happy to accept the challenge. He went out and locked Rusev in the STF until Rusev passed out. Then Cena brought Rusev back by pouring cold water all over him just to lock him in the STF again. Lana wanted to save Rusev and promised Cena a match at Mania.

In a backstage segment, Rusev told Lana to leave him alone. As a proud warrior, Rusev won’t forgive her for giving Cena what he wanted. Also, this way Lana can go film her movie with Edge.

The segment was strong. John Cena displaying ruthless aggression is something the fans have been wanting for years. Rusev is building his character too. He’ll leave Lana behind to stand on his own and this is an exciting prospect. I just hope the WWE knows how to handle him after the inevitable loss to Cena. Rusev is too good to fall into obscurity.

Xavier Woods & Big E def. Tyson Kidd & Cesaro

Natalya caused Tyson Kidd the match. I don’t even know what she was doing on the ropes but she distracted him.

Naomi def. Natalya

Here Tyson Kidd and Cesaro got involved with the Usos and caused a distraction. Naomi won. Natty was mad at Tyson so she took his championship and claimed it as hers. That’s some strange character development for Natalya.

Otherwise, I have to mention that the girls showed a good effort. Naomi’s counter to the Sharp Shooter was innovative.

Los Matadores def. The Usos

Los Matadores defeating the Usos was a travesty. As any other win for Diego and Fernando, it was all thanks to El Torrito. And then Los Matadores asked for a title shot. Seriously?

I can think of a few other tag teams that are better suited for a title shot than Los MAtadores..No, actually I can’t think of a team that’s less worthy of a shot.

Bray Wyatt

This segment was thrilling. Looking at Bray, standing in the middle of the ring, watching as a lighting strike and burn Sister Abigail’s chair that has just materialized in front of him, I realized something – Bray Wyatt has risen higher than anybody on the roster. Bray’s dancing with legends now and he’s doing it with such an ease!

Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins & Randy Orton

I was questioning how this match could possibly follow the previous outstanding segment but it did.

The match itself wasn’t a masterpiece. It was a storytelling tool. Reigns barely had any involvement in it. J&J Security picked a fight with Randy Orton and Seth chased them off, leaving himself completely exposed. Then the Viper waved not one but two middle fingers at Rollins when he was looking for a tag, leading to a win for Reigns.

What followed afterwards was brutal. The Viper decimated Rollins. I know the word “decimate” is arguably overused in wrestling commentary but this time it lived up to its meaning. Randy looked legitimately infuriated while he was breaking Rollins into pieces. The beating was so bad that I actually felt sorry for Seth, although I wanted to see more of this.

The feud between Randy and Seth is yet another amazing rivalry to hit WrestleMania. It brought the Viper back and I sure hope it will call out the daredevil Seth Rollins we loved seeing in the Shield.

What did you think of this week’s RAW? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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