WWE NXT – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 11/03/2015

Big Cass & Enzo Amore def. The Lucha Dragons

The Lucha Dragons were too fast for Enzo Amore. They toyed with him throughout the match and he wouldn’t have had the slightest chance for success if it wasn’t for Big Cass.

Big Cass orchestrated the end of this match by sheer power alone. He first pushed Enzo out of the way, taking the entire force of a double dive on the ramp. Then he walked in, disposed of the Lucha Dragons, dragged Enzo to their corner for a tag, tagged himself in, delivered a finisher, tossed Enzo back in and just waited for the three count.

It’s just a matter of time before Big Cass turns on Enzo. I’m surprised he still hasn’t, knowing that Enzo is pretty much useless in the tag team, except on the microphone.  Then, we’ll be expected to periceve Big Cass as a heel, I’m sure, but it’ll be hard for me, since Cass actually would have a point.

Having Carmella in the center of the tag team titles feud was a mistake because it was diminishing the importance of the titles but NXT quickly rectified it.

Not bringing Carmella out was a good choice for Enzo too. Without her, he could shed off the self-depreciating jokes about unsuccessful courting.  Enzo and Big Cass need to be taken seriously if they are to fight for the NXT Tag Team Championship.

Alexa Bliss def. Carmella

On the other hand, not having Enzo and Big Cass around wasn’t so positive from Carmella. It exposed her weaknesses. She can’t talk and I’m not convinced that she can wrestle either. Carmella is just not on the same level as the other girls on NXT.


Alexa was impressive. Her in-ring style is unique for the Women’s Division. She carried the entire match on her back. The part when Carmella was in control has only trash talk, slaps and kicks to offer, while Bliss’ performance was a great display of technical ability and athleticism.

Alexa’s win was a deserved one. She will be the NXT Women’s Champion one day. Carmella, on the other hand, I hope not.

Alex Riley

Let’s take a moment to appreciate this promo. Alex Riley’s passion is contagious. When he put his “locked in a cage” analogy into perspective, it acquired an entirely different meaning.

I’ve seen people mock Riley on Twitter over his Rage tweets. I can confidently sat that all the haters were all wrong.  There isn’t much to explain here. If Riley’s promo didn’t get to you, you have issues. Most exciting mic work I’ve heard in a long time.

Alex Riley def. CJ Parker

The atmosphere was incredible. The emotion, filling the place, was tangible form the moment Riley stepped out. Props to CJ Parker for being able to calmly absorb the situation and stay in character.

I think there was no one in the building who didn’t want to see Riley win. The match wasn’t too long and was too emotionally charged to show a clear view of Riley’s in-ring state but from what we’ve seen he’s doing quite well. He was on point every time.

Kevin Owens came out after the match to mock Riley. He called him “dumb” for having left commentary to fight him. However, it didn’t matter what Owens was going to say or how haughty he was going to be. Riley had his moment and it reduced him to tears. It’s been some time since I rooted for someone that strongly.

Tyler Breeze def. Hideo Itami

Tyler Breeze was buying some time in the beginning. He wasn’t keen on staying in the ring to fight. Hideo was the one, who took the initiative. He was invested in the match and fought with heart.

Breeze countered Hideo’s bravery with smarts. Prince Pretty is impressively ring-savvy. He always knows where he is and uses his surroundings.  Breeze is the type of wrestler, who you’ll recognize even if he’s wrestling with a full morphsuit on. His style is that particular.

The Gorgeous One won, which leaves a sense of fulfillment since he’s been on a losing streak lately. However, I’m not sure where this any of this is leading. There’s no real reason for a feud between Hideo and Tyler to continue. The NXT Championship scene is crowded as it is. I’m curious to find out where the two of them are headed next.

The audience keeps asking for a GTS. Hideo keeps teasing it but it’s yet to happen. I wonder if it will ever happen. The fact that the WWE’s playing with the idea makes me think it will but I won’t be surprised if Hideo saves it for his in-ring debut in the main roster. That will make an impact, regardless if the crowd in the building at the time knows him or not.

What did you think of this week’s NXT? Share your thoughts in the comment section, on FB or Twitter!


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