WWE SmackDown – Review, Highlights & Analysis From 12/03/15

IC Title – Stage Complete

I thought that R-Truth would have to get eliminated from the title picture for both Stardust and Daniel Bryan to get in but apparently it wasn’t necessary. Bryan’s officially in the Ladder match and it’s now a 7-man match.

It’s ironic that we now have three faces, three heels and R-Truth, who’s simply out there but who also happens to have the actual belt. The again, no one is bothered to go after Truth. Maybe it’s exactly because he’s neutral. When BNB tried to take his “bloody title” back, Ziggler and Bryan stopped him. Perhaps, R-Truth with his potato bag will be the safe-keeper till Mania.

Everyone involved exchanged a few one-liners but Luke Harper came off the weakest in terms of promos. I think the WWE’s taking it too far with the weird non-talkative characters. Both Harper and Rowan suffer from this. Bray Wyatt’s crazy but he’s a master promo-cutter why not give some more mic time to his ex-family members.

As for credibility, even R-Truth looked more convincing that BNB. Barrett’s been reduced to a fool and I don’t appreciate it.

Tyson Kidd & Cesaro and Los Matadores def. The New Day & The Usos

With 4 tag teams, each of which had a third wheel hanging by at ringside, this was a notably overcrowded match. Also, both sides had very dysfunctional combinations on them. Kofi and Xavier Woods were desperately trying not to get outshined by Jimmy and Jey, thus ended up harming the Usos’ momentum. On the other side, Kidd and Cesaro couldn’t care less about Los Matadotes but Diego and Fernando weren’t bothered at all.

Los Matadores are so irrelevant to the tag team division that I would have sworn they were face a week ago but when they tagged with the heels last night, it didn’t really bother me. The WWE didn’t find it necessary to provide an explanation, so a switch of sides for Diego and Fernando is expected to go unnoticed and quietly accepted.

Then again, Los Matadores won the match. I’m confident that the best exchanges came out of Tyson Kidd and Cesaro vs The Usos but it doesn’t change the facts. With a little bit of twin magic, Los Matadores took the victory and it seems that they’re up for a title shot. This, paired up with what I said in the previous paragraph, makes me feel uncomfortable.

Ryback def. Miz

Before the match Miz sent some offenses towards Ryback and told Mizdow to stay in the back, although all Mizdow was trying to do was be the voice of reason.

In the ring, surprisingly, Ryback and the Miz had a competitive match. It wasn’t exceptional but it was much better than expected. The crowd was very vocal throughout. The WWE Universe hates the Miz passionately.

The result was easily predictable. Ryback hit the Shell Shock and won. Even the commentators were unimpressed. They didn’t even pretend to be excited when calling the final seconds.

We’re all waiting for Miz vs. Mizdow to happen, so the A-lister is guaranteed a feud. I can’t say the same for Ryback. The Big Guy might get some pops but he’s levitating in space with nothing to do.

Roman Reigns/ Mark Henry

Roman Reigns was out there to address Brock and Paul Heyman. I thought this was unfair.  Brock has Heyman and Roman has to do the talking on his own. Everyone’s complaining about Reigns’ mic skills and he’s then throw under the bus by being asked to display his promo skills in an open battle against Paul Heyman. How many superstars do you know that can do that and come out looking good?

Roman was doing alright when Mark Henry interrupted him. Reigns’ puzzled facial expression corresponded with the way the fans felt about this. Henry had absolutely no business meddling in this. Yet, he came out and gave Reigns the “oh, you young bucks nowadays, you always think you know everything” speech. Roman was about to ignore the whole absurd story when Mark Henry shoved him. Then Reigns snapped and broke Mark Henry.

It was a smart move. One, the fans can relate to Reigns’ feelings. I can imagine most people would be frustrated if they were constantly told that they can’t do something that no one’s even given them a chance to try doing. I know I would. Also, Reigns is not supposed to be a talker. He’s a fighter. He’ll never have a chance in a promo battle against Heyman but he surly can break in half anybody, who’s in his way and it’s enough. Let’s not forget this is wrestling not a talk show.

Paige & AJ def. Summer Rae & Cameron

The outcome of this match was impossible to get wrong. AJ played the victim, Paige made the hot tag and quickly got Summer to tap out to the PTO.

The Bella Twins were on commentary although they didn’t really say much. After the match Nikki started throwing her clothes at Paige, so AJ & Brie had to hold back their partners.

I’m not into this feud. It’s badly stitched together and it leads nowhere. Why is the title not being defended at Mania? Because the WWE can’t decide how to handle both AJ & Paige?

And are we pretending that if Eva’s hanging around at ringside, we’re giving her a chance? A chance to do what?!  She can’t wrestle. She can’t even announce. Remember “Ginger” Mahal? I wonder why she’s still employed…

Randy Orton

In Cole’s weekly interview Randy said he enjoyed beating Seth Rollins and that he was ready for any punishment that he had to receive for putting his hands on Seth. Orton also said that he wanted Rollins at Mania.

I want to see how Seth responds. Randy’s already hyped enough. I don’t want to see him face a cowardly Rollins. I want a sober and determined Rollins.

Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler & Dean Ambrose def. Bad News Barrett, Stardust & Luke Harper

The heels helped each other throughout the match. The face team, on the other hand, was painfully dysfunctional. Ambrose faced all three of them at one point and was doing well until the numbers’ game caught up to him. Where his partners were at this time is a mystery.

In the beginning, the match was very contained but 5-6 min in, it got heated and then it was chaos. Dolph and Luke Harper have awesome energy together. Ambrose was doing perfectly fine on his own. Ziggler and Bryan were pretending to be friends but then Dolph wasn’t ecstatic about Bryan tagging himself in and stealing the victory.

The talk after the match was strange. Ambrose suddenly decided to make a psychological portrait of Dolph Ziggler. He said Dolph had an “inferiority complex” and was jealous of Bryan’s success. According to Ambrose Bryan was a “turd”. Ziggler, who denied being jealous, seconded that. It was all very bizarre. DB smiled awkwardly, not knowing how to respond. I wonder if this has any meaning whatsoever or if it was just thrown as a curve ball.

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